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un lun dun

Sixfoot apprentice starts off the show with a great Irish led mash up set including; Manus Goan’s excellent ‘Party and Bullshit’ the pretty ‘Shook’ from Emancipator, which using a Sigur rós sample could be too sweet , but saves itself with a great acapella , a Pixies journey, the nasty and amazing ‘Twisted’ from Scary Eire which I had forgotten about and haven’t heard since in came out about. My set follows and  doesn’t know if it’s mash up or linear beats. It includes a mad disturbing/fun piece from Jennifer Walshe (she’s this months cover artist in the Wire) , Meljoann, warpo backwards Micheal Jackson biznezz from 1l and Don Daneeka’s ‘Like a fool’ exemplifying some uk funky’s turn to classic house basslines . Enjoy.

Also you may have noticed a lot more Irish tunes in these shows. Had begun to try and play 25% Irish tunes and Sixfoot plays lots of Irish so since he’s got onboard we’ll be hitting that easy.

PCPRaidio – Your name Here


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Sixfoot Apprentice
1.    ONRA – ‘The Anthem’ (from ‘Chinoiseries’ on Favourite Recordings)
2.    MANUS GOAN – ‘Woke Up’ (from ‘!Kaboogie Sampler Volume 3’ on !Kaboogie Records) (IRE)
3.    RUBBERBANDITS – ‘The Greyhound Shuffle’ (unreleased) (IRE)
4.    RI-RA – ’25 O’Clock In The Morning’ (from ‘Horses Work For Donkeys Wages’ on Maddaxxe Records) (IRE)
5.    PRINCE KONG – ‘Fugue’ (from ‘I Make Me Rigid’ on Middle Management Records) (IRE)
6.    MELODICA DEATHSHIP – ‘Bang Out Cannons’ (from ‘Doom Your Cities Doom Your Towns’ self-released) (IRE)
7.    EMANCIPATOR – ‘Shook’ (unreleased)
8.    WHITE ZOMBIE – ‘More Human Than Human’ (LORN Remix) (unreleased)
9.    SCARY EIRE – ‘Twisted’ (from ‘The Scary Era’ on Scare Raid Records) (IRE)
10.    RAS G – ‘Untitled’ (from ‘Secondhand Sureshots’ on Dublab Records)
11.    MANUS GOAN – ‘Party n’ Bullshit’ (unreleased) (IRE)
12.    SQUIRE OF GOTHOS – ‘Sum’a Dat Gangsta Shit’ (unreleased)
13.    RI-RA – ‘Front Bar’ (from ‘Horses Work For Donkeys Wages’ on Maddaxxe Records) (IRE)
14.    DJ C – ‘Abc Traffic Jam’ (from ‘MasHits’ on Mashit Records)
15.    THE PIXIES – ‘Where Is My Mind?’ (from ‘Surfer Rosa’ on 4AD Records)
16.    PASTA MASTA – ‘Pixie P’ (unreleased) (IRE)
17.    DJ ZEBRA – ‘Get It On My Mind’ (unreleased)
18.    TRICKY – ‘Murder Weapon’ (from ‘Mixed Race’ on Domino Recordings)

PCP in a Shuí
19.    MUNCHI – Shottas_feat_Mr_Lexx_Club_Edit -Murdasound – T&A records
20.    1L-Wanna be startin’ somethin’-Das Nonstop-Programm-Res Freq
21.    RICHIE HAWTIN – Spastik -plastikman
22.    JENNIFER WALSHE- (your name here 4)-Nature Data-Interval Recordings(IRE)
23.    MELJOANNE-So Academic-Squick- Boyscout audio (IRE)
24.    CLOSER MUSIK-Closer Dancer-14 tracks deep inside Matias Aguayo -14tracks
25.    IMAGINATION- Changes-Dimitri_From_Paris_Nightdubbin_Instrumental-Nightdubblin ep – BBE
26.    SARSPIRRILA – The Count (Digital Wav)- Rappid fire buzzer ep – !Kaboogie records 03(Ire)
27.    SALEM- Killer- King Night- I am sound records
28.    GEENUS- Night- Volumes One- Rinse FM
29.    PRINCE -When Doves cry – Purple Rain -Warner Brothers
30.    THE MARTIN BROTHERS-Steal_Drums-The steal drums ep- dirty bird
31.    DOC DANEEKA- Like A Fool- Television EP -Pattern
32.    JULIO BASHMORE- Footsteppin-untitled -Ten thousand yen


If you’re in Dublin join us in the Kclub tonight with Gifted and Blessed(all city) Frakie Bingo and Defect + residents, more info here

kclub flyer november 2010

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