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Mika /Marta Nowakowska Bartosik/ – The Trap – Sculpture The idea comes from the question what triggers the change in our lives? As humans we resist the change , we are afraid of letting go , refusing to acknowledge mortality ..Doing so we are getting trapped in illusions , emotions , resentment , suffering .. we are chasing the bite don’t even realizing what exactly the bite is…. until we reach the end of the line … the ‘cul the sac’ and the change happens by itself … as we are the trap , we are the bite and we are the force which triggers the trap.. we are the change itself ….


Image of human mouse trap sculpture  


Miranda Blennerhassett, ‘Two Shapes Three Colours’, stop motion animation, 3’21”, sound credit: Keith Harvey ‘Two Shapes Three Colours’ is a stop motion animation that investigates the potential of limited materials within a limited space to create new forms continuously.  This piece is about the mechanics of pattern formation and, rather than aiming to make a perfect finished image, it is more interested in exploring the possibilities for change, flux and renewal that can take place through creative action. ztp://



Daragh Cassidy – Untitled – Max4live Audio Reactive Piece

This audio-visual installation uses a combination of Ableton Live and Max For Live to visually represent an audible source through the medium of abstract visuals. These visuals react to frequency and amplitude thus creating unique animations as audio is fed into the Max For Live plugin within Ableton Live.


screen shot of albeton/max4live daragh cassidy


Ralph Croly – Mariomosh- Interactive Kinect Sensor Piece



Eva Daly – Drop Dead Cute

Drop Dead Cute is an Interactive Installation that draws inspiration from a contemporary Japanese style of art known as SUPERFLAT. This seemingly outlandish and adorable style of art is not quite what meets the eye. The artwork will titillate the audience’s curiosity as they transition from spectator to performer and useful body movements to reveal SUPERFLAT’s dark and violent undercurrent. Drop Dead Cute will provoke the viewer to think feelingly about the artwork and engage in the installation.  

Drop Dead Cute in actoin 
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Ruan McGloughlin –  Circular –  Photography
I think the circle is the most basic, captivating and perfect shape. But somewhere along the line we became conditioned to viewing images in the rectangular. That’s not how our eyes see the world. Each image in Circular asks the viewer to imagine the start, middle and end of a story by stepping through three concentric circles.
Mark Hearne / Le Tissier - Corneille Fontaine
A mix of motion graphics, sculpture and music, Le Tissier mash it all together to make corneille fontaine a four and a half minute audio visual installation and performance piece. When the hardlines of the man made world and soft curves of nature meet, both worlds find a way to unite with sound and light. The sculpture is an adapted version of an installation from English artist Antony Clarkson called “Murder of Crows” with a soundtrack from Kuma Hana (Neil Adams, Cast of cheers).
corneille fontaine image from projection mapping le tessier project
James Kirwan – Photography
Simplicity is the key a lot of the time. This is one is about venturing into the unknown. Being Brave. Looking Forward. Staying Positive photo collage
Cian McLysaght – Social Vibes  – Musical Instrument/Sculpture/Code/ Micro Controllers
“The ‘Social Vibes’ project, renders collective human emotional states, mined from the Twitter network, as 12 musical tones on a physical artifact. The physical artifact, known as the ‘VIBE’, presents itself as both sound sculpture and musical instrument. While it mines Twitter’s Streaming Application Programming Interface (API), it exists as an ambient sound sculpture, expressing the collective emotional state of unsolicited Twitter users, as musical expression. The Vibe can exist as a musical instrument when it is solicited and taken over by a Twitter follower. It can be ‘played’ directly by a Twitter follower, using the same musical mapping, inherent to the system. This affords the user an environment of playfulness, artistic exploration and mischief. The Vibe mimics human characteristics by both enticing people to come and play with it, and deliberating on the current emotional status of the collective, by posting tweets to its own Twitter account (@vibe_experiment), through computer appropriated messages. The musical mapping is as follows: hate – B(6th Octave) | anger – F(6th Octave) | anxiety – B(5th Octave) | fear – A(5th Octave) | love – F#(5th Octave) | hope – C(5th Octave) | happy – A#(4th Octave) | surprise- G(4th Octave) | ashamed- D#(4th Octave) | desire – B(3rd Octave) | sad – G#(3rd Octave) | despair – F#(3rd Octave)
front view of vibes musical instrument sculpure
Mabos Group Piece 
“There is nothing more wearisome than thinking, no task which human beings, old and young, will make such an effort to avoid. They will do anything rather than think….” Aldous Huxley.

Clear thinking determines quality of choices you make, this determines the actions, actions determine your quality of life. It requires real effort to think.
Now more than ever we’re constantly bombarded with sensory triggers and imputs that lead us down mindless paths of constant consumption. These are dangerous paths in increasingly testing times.
Your ability to think is your greatest gift. The more thought you give the better your decisions will be.
Take your time to think.


robot projection mapping still




AsWeMaySink – Sweetie (2013) -Mixed Digital Media This work consists of a series of glitches taken from a still image of a computer generated model. This model, called Sweetie, was developed by a Child Protection Agency (Terre des Hommes) as part of an online sting operation to ensnare peadophiles.By manipulating the original image through various databending techniques, the artist is attempting to highlight the digital origins of a virtual being. Furthermore, due to the subject matter attached to the original project, this work seeks to remind the viewer of the continuing exploitation of children both on and offline.
still image from Sweetie

Colm Olwill – Scenesthesia – Audio Reactive Projection /Audio collage Inspired by Cymatics, Fluxus film and and contemporary artists Carsten Nicolai and Ryoji ikeda.  Scenesthesia is an audio reactive patch

still from scenesthesia audio reactive piece by colm olwill

Qpop  – Folding Space and Time – The endless loop.
We are all parts of re-evolution, passing through an imaginary revolving door, a vortex in which time becomes an illusion. There is no end and no beginning……………..

The process of folding in two senses of the word, in one way it is the medium itself,  projection mapped origami structures which represent portals taking the viewer through space and time. An infinite loop of life in space, time without end, backwards and forwards at the same time. The art of paper folding combined with video mapping and looped audio. Using techniques which are a combination of the old and the new, the concept is to evoke a sense of harmony and intrigue, an audiovisual experiment with the aim of creating a visual illusion. 

projection mapping on origami by qpop

Jeff O’Riordan and Sharon O’Neill - Homo Erectus; Version 1.6180…Φ –  Digital interactive sculpture, mixed media 2014. Squaring the circle of life. The end of the production line is merely the beginning of our journey on the conveyor belt of time. Falling through space this neo-terrestrial locomotion leads us into the expansion of the human psyche and thus to the translation of all our collective infinite vibrations.


photo of homo erectus 3d model


Scintilla – audio/visual kinect sensor

Scintilla’s installation is a gestural interactive audio/visual piece that allows the user to take control of a/v FX. A sensor is used to translate hand movements into music and graphics. Dance becomes music Have a go and see what immersive environments you can come up with.

Screen shot 2012-07-31


 Dee O’Shea- Show me the way to go home – Video /3D animation

This piece, entitled ‘Show me the way to go home’ is created from a childhood memory of an empty room. Pieced together by a fragmented recollection, it eludes to the notion of a labyrinthine space, moving, shifting, repeating but never leaving, always trying to find a way out. The music, created by Nipper, is a play on a wound up jewellery box, playing a surreal and unsettling but familiar tune, playing on the jovial and the repressed .



Lydia Smolin – The end of the line – video and audio

still from end of the line