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PCPRaidio Home Improvements

Posted by homoludo on Feb 18 2010 Posted by homoludo on February 18th, 2010 filed in free music, radio shows
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First time I’ve prerecorded my show in ages and did it at home for the first time. Highlights include crystalline psych bass from James Blake’s Harmonimix project, some of the most blasting and interesting music I’ve heard in ages from Franck Vigroux, which to me points to a way of making music without trying to sound like you’re from London, Bristol or Brighton(much as I love em all). Other faves are Thrill Kill Kults’ paean to drugs and booze, some nasty upcoming releases from !kaboogie and more psych bass from Kelpe and Slugabed. Linked tunes downloadable.



1.       Destiny’s child- Bills -Harmonomix bootleg

2.       Rafferty-String Theory

3.       Little Jinder- Youth Blood (Bok Bok Remix)  

4.       DeVille ft Violet -Click

5.       Skillioso – Hard Back

6.       Harmonomix Amilli

7.       Get_Wild_feat__Big_Daddy_Kane_Bassbin_Twins_Remix

8.       MCs_Can_Kiss_Starkey_Bootleg

9.       Kelpe_Shipwreck Glue (Architeq Version)

10.   Smashing_Your_System__feat__Sensational__Original_Mix

11.   Feadz and Uffie Pop_The_Glock_Original_Mix

12.   Cheasleauen – Off The Glass

13.   Cheasleauen – Off The Glass (Slugabed RMX)

14.   Mike_Slott_-_Gardening

15.   El Guincho -Antillas -Prins Thomas mix

16.   Franck Vigroux – jon jo

17.   The Thrill Kill kult – A Daisy chain 4 Satan

18.   Franck vigroux    80808

19.   Mad EP -Bass Crunchers forthcoming on !Kaboogie

20.   Kansas City Prophets -Cams feat Linton Kwesi Johnston – forthcoming on !Kaboogie

21.   Space_Boots_Slugabed_Remix

22.   Rafferty – 7th_Dimension (excerpt)

23.   Toddla T- Boom DJ From The Steel City 

Also we are moving the !k club to the Cavern from tonight on – bigger system, later bar, curvy roof!.