PCPRaidio Dance-bloc-black-mania-red-menace

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Hip hop start then (balls) deep (ghetto and ballroom) house from Dance mania, after some Kudoro styles from Dj Nigga fox and others.


1.Follow Me by Red Astaire
2.Express Yourself by Charles Wright
3.Express Yourself (Extended Mix) by N.W.A.
4.B⚠NNED 3D by Flosstradamus
5.Tackle ‘em Head On by CLERK 5 X DEVIANT & NAIVE TED
6.Powerr by Dj Nigga Fox
7.Weed by Dj Nigga Fox
8.YYVH by Deadboy
9.Hwwambo by Dj Nigga Fox
10.House The Groove by DJ Funk
11.The Bitch (feat. Miss Jay) by MikeQ & DJ Sliink
12.Hit It From The Back by Traxmen & Eric Martin
13.Da Bomb by DJ Deeon
14.Vibes (Original Mix) by Mikix The Cat, MikeQ
15.Black Women (Club) by Jammin’ The House Gerald
16.Catwalk (Original Mix) by Mikix The Cat, MikeQ
17.Say It Slowly (N.U.M. Mix) by DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell
18.7 Ways (Vocal) by Hercules
19.3XG Anthem by Alias G
20.Edges of a Vortex by Vin Sol
21.Love Thang by First Choice
22.Fuckin The DJ (Feat. Le1f) by Mykki Blanco
23.Let’s Talk by Instra:mental
24.Don’t Call by Desire
25.Girl! by Pepe Deluxe
26.Mi Mujer by Nicholas Jaar
27.Vibes by Mikix The Cat, MikeQ
28.Imma Read by Zebra Katz / Njena Reddd Foxxx -Tricky Gangsta boo mix
29.In The Dark We Live (Dave Clarke’s 312 Mix) by Aphrohead AKA Felix Da Housecat

PCPRaidio Mudlarks v Lord Longford – Gives me the horn

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1.Fog by Nosaj Thing
2.Work Work (Featuring Cocc Pistol Cree) by Clipping.
3.Faking The Books by Lali Puna
4.O Superman (For Massenet) by Laurie Anderson
5.Marshall Law by Kate Tempest
6.Laughable Butane Bob by AFX
7.The Horn by Derek And Clive
8.Disperse by Yves De Mey
9.Rocky by Byetone
10.Chatters by Gesloten Cirkel
11.Bow#1 by AnD
12.Zombie Machine (Acid) by Gesloten Cirkel
13.Zombie Machine by Gesloten Cirkel
14.Kool FM (Container remix) by Four Tet
15.House The Groove by DJ Funk
16.This Blank Action by Diamond Version, Leslie Winer
17.Black Acid by Blackasteroid
18.Erotic Discourse (Kowton Remix) by Paul Woolford
19.Da Foxtrot by Bok Bok
20.No Feels by Nadus
21.Marriage Proposal by Nadus
22.Beat and Break by DJ Marfox
23.Noise by DJ Marfox
24.Standard by God Knows + mynameisjOhn
25.No Love by God Knows + mynameisjOhn
26.Moy by The Mistys
27.Pushhh by The Mistys
28.A Birds Name by The Mistys

PCPRaidio polymorphobased

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1.Dying Breed byLil B ‘The BasedGod’
2.Personal Computer Music byA. G. Cook
3.Journey To Kepler byFrench Fries
4.Fist Fuck by Furfriend
5.Full House byBen Pest
6.Shepherd byFurfriend
7.San couchi slumber party by slutcore
8.Black Dick by Xiu Xiu
9.- Bela Lugosi’s Dead (Full length version) by BAUHAUS
10.Beyond The Darkness by Secret Boyfriend
11.Collision by Demdike Stare
12.Don’t Come Around Here No More by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
13.Glaze by Container
14.Beatsslave by SSLEEPERHOLD
15.I’m God [Lil B] by Clams Casino
16.From The Bay by Lil B ‘The BasedGod’
17.Andreja 4-Ever by Elite Gymnastics
18.Twurk Sum by Lil B ‘The BasedGod’
19.Cashout On Me BASED FREESTYLE by Lil B
20.Stab You When Dead by Lil B
21.Built To Survive by Lil B ‘The BasedGod’
22.Just A Lil Bit by Lil B
23.Act Right by Lil B ‘The BasedGod’
24.Vamp by Trentemøller
25.Botanica De Los Angeles by Xiu Xiu
26.Stupid In The Dark by Xiu Xiu

PCPRaidio TLC for Tielsie

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Mad Manga rave, juke and mutant pop flavours from Tielsie. Heard her via Adam Harper a couple of weeks ago, woke me the f*#ck up!  Also with jpop from Perfume, j hardcore from Melt Banana and lots more. Catching up on shows and stuff after a v busy couple of months. Put this show on with the MABOS heads , it was an out growth of BASED, vid fx, mapping,  coding fun etc info and upcoming workshops etc here.
Also had our !kaboogie b’day gig, with Jam City, Young Fathers, Flying Buttresess and God know and Mynameijohn who stole the show and generally kicked the shit out of it in best ever Irish rapping style. More BASED stuff coming up next week, Diamond Version booked for May, their giving a talk on art,  av etc. also (tickets), buying fairground lights and the starting PCPTV here. Stay tuned etc.


1.The Opening by Perfume
2.Défilé (WIP!) by Tielsie
3.Bipp (Tielsie remix) by Sophie
4.Huewave by Tielsie
5.レーザービーム(sorry jpn text) by Perfume
6.later by Perfume
7.Bipp by Sophie
8.Call me by Dux Content
9.Righteous Signals by Gay Against You
10.Candy Gun by Melt Bannana
11.Fashion Monster by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
12.Pink and Blue by Hannah Diamond
13.Hot Love by Frieland
14.Press Play by Joey Anderson
15.Blue Monday by Dattasette
16.I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley mix) by Donna Summer
17.Two Tribes Anihalation mix by Frankie Goes To Hollywood


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A show sixfoot did for our birthday gig last month. Just catching up on our back cases. More on that in the next post.

PCPRaidio – Ponzischeme (01-02-2014)

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PCPRaidio - Ponzischeme

Download, yo

Last weeks show, yo.
The big news this week is our boys Lakker , with their release ‘Containing A Thousand’ on R&S Records (home of Energy Flash, Horsepower, Digereedoo and, like, everything) next month.
Irish exclusives by VOIDS, Replete, and Rubberbandits from Sixfoot Apprentice in his part of the show.

1.After Party by Bangladesh
2.This Why Im Hot (Feat. Mims & Baby Cham) by Junior Reid
3.Love Thru The Speaker by Bangladesh
4.Buy by Bangladesh
5.Dance Ghost by Helado Negro -
6. oixu by 18+
7.Every_Little_Thing_Remix_feat__Cam_ron__Irfane___Tekilatex by Para one_
8.No More by L-VIS 1990 Presents Dance System
9.So Sick by Bangladesh
10.Containing A Thousand by LAKKER(forthcoming R&S!!!)
11.Street Corp by Actress
12.Put It Down by Bangladesh
1. VOIDS – ‘Begin’ (unreleased) IRE.
2. FLUME & CHET FAKER – ‘Drop The Game’ (from ‘Lockjaw EP’ on Future Classic Records).
3. BIG KRIT – ‘The Vent (SWORDFIGHT remix)’ (from ‘Disciples Remixes Vol 1′ on Headtron Records).
4. CLIPPING – ‘Guns Up (BIZARRE RITUALS remix)’ (unreleased).
5. FEADZ – ‘Eastside (BIG DOPE P remix)’ (from ‘Instant Alpha’ on Ed Banger Records).
6. ICKIS MIROLO – ‘Bloated Float Corpse’ (from First Second Dublin’s soundcloud site) IRE.
7. REPLETE – ‘Hold Me’ (unreleased) IRE.
8. RUBBERBANDITS – ‘Dad’s Best Friend’ (unreleased) IRE.
9. VAMPIRE WEEKEND – ‘Step (remix feat. DANNY BROWN, DESPOT & HEEMS) (from The Fader site).
10. JINX LENNON – ‘Far Too Cosy’ (from ‘Hungry Bastard Hibernia’ on Jinx Lennon’s bandcamp site) IRE.
11. MOSCHOPS & COSTELLO – ‘Inca Curse’ (from ‘CosMos’ on Synapsid Studios bandcamp site) IRE.
12. COSTELLO – ‘See The Signs (feat. JAMBO)’ (from ‘Illosophical’ on Costello’s bandcamp site) IRE.

PCPRaidio Sixfoot Apprentice 2013 Likes

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PCPRaidio Sixfoot Apprentice 2013 Likes


A rake of tunes that blew SIXFOOT APPRENTICE’s mind from 2013.

1. BLUE DAISY – ‘Used To Give A Fuck’ (from ‘Used To Give A Fuck EP’ on Black Acre Records).
2. K.FLAY & DANNY BROWN – ‘Hail Mary’ (from K.Flay’s soundcloud site).
3. BONDE DO ROLE vs BRITNEY SPEARS – ‘Marina Drop Dead (RICHARD L mashup)’ (from RICHARD L’s soundcloud).
4. SIRIUSMO – ‘Itchy’ (from ‘Enthusiast’ on Monkeytown Records).
5. DJ NOBODY – ‘Hurry Up And Wait’ (from ‘Spare Time Mixtape’ self-released).
6. YOUNG FATHERS – ‘Only Child’ (from ‘Tape Two’ on Anticon Records).
7. JEE4CE – ‘Be Alright’ (from ‘My Friend Jack’ on Jee4ce’s bandcamp site) IRE.
8. RUSTIE – ‘Slasherr’ (from ‘Slasherr EP’ on LuckyMe Records).
9. DANNY BROWN – ‘Smokin’ & Drinkin’ (from ‘Old’ on Fools Gold Records).
10. SOPHIE – ‘Bipp’ (from ‘Bipp’ on LuckyMe Records).
11. GRAEME S & MYNAMEISJOHN & GODKNOWS – ‘Struggle’ (from ‘Struggle EP’ on their bandcamp) IRE.
12. RUN THE JEWELS – ‘Run The Jewels’ (from ‘Run The Jewels’ on Fools Gold Records).
13. LADY GREW – ‘Kenny Fuckin’ Powers’ (from ‘Put Tha Pink Up’ on Lady Grew’s bandcamp site) IRE.
14. BIG DOPE P – ‘Moveitlife’ (from ‘Diggity Two’ on Moveltrax Records).
15. LETHAL DIALECT – ’13 Til Infinity’ (from Lethal Dialect’s soundcloud site) IRE.
16. JAMBO & WILLA LEE – ‘The Habitat’ (from ‘Intervention’ on Jambo’s bandcamp site) IRE.
17. JOHN WIZARDS – ‘Lusaka By Night’ (from ‘John Wizards’ on Planet Mu Records).
18. LETHAL DIALECT – ‘Keep It Real (DEVIANT remix) (from Deviant’s soundcloud site) IRE.
19. PUSHA T – ‘Numbers On The Board’ (from ‘My Name Is My Name’ on Def Jam Records).
20. DIPLO feat. ACTION BRONSON, RIFF-RAFF, MR MFKN EXQUIRE – ‘Rock Steady’ (from ‘Revolution’ on Mad Decent Records).
21. KARA KARA – ‘Lets Sue Teenagers’ (from ‘Ill Eagle’ on Kara Kara’s bandcamp site) IRE.
22. CHANCE THE RAPPER – ‘Everybody’s Something’ (from ‘Acidrap’ self-released).
23. YOUNG FATHERS – ‘I Heard’ (from ‘Tape Two’ on Anticon Records).
24. YOUNG FATHERS – ‘Queen Is Dead’ (from ‘Tape Two’ on Anticon Records).
25. DIAMOND DAGGER & MELJOANN – ‘What’s Your Friends Name’ (from Diamond Dagger’s bandcamp site) IRE.
26. HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF – ‘Ode To John & Yoko (ODDLOGIC remix) (from Oddlogic’s bandcamp site).

PCPRaidio – SeX Wars

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Step right up step right up, check -18+ – The best thing since slashed fiction. word. and Missing Fundemental – Class new Irish act. Kitty Pryde = Superflat. Data mosh to the video for Spectrum analyzer, large. and the one for Gessalfelstein – Teutonic, watch the homoludo mash new Orleans civil war ballad, the lakes of Pontchartrain and much, much more , step right up, yo.


1.A face without eyes
5.No Offense
6.Say Nothin’ (Rockwell Remix)
byJubei feat Flowdan
7.Spectrum Analyser
byHigh Contrast
8.Music Killer (Machinedrum Remix)
bySherwood & Pinch
9.Street Cleaner
byGraham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet
10.Joane Skyler ‘orz’ Side B
byJoane Skyler
11.Missing Fundamental
byLike you
12.Stab Variation
byTim hecker
14.Right Thurr (Radio Edit)
15.70s 80s (Up Bringing Mix) (feat. Roots Manuva, LSK, Rodney P + Tozz 180)
byNightmares On Wax
16.Started From The Bottom
17.A Hundred Million Roses
byASAP Ferg
19.Jagos (Original Mix)
byChristian S
20.Shabba (Remix) feat. Shabba Ranks, Busta Rhymes, Migos
byA$AP Ferg
22.Lake Of Pontchartrain
byTangerine Dream
23.North Louth Moustache Man bootleg
byJinx Lennon
25.06_crow ft. c powers
26.Q.U.E.E.N. feat. Erykah Badu
byJanelle Monae
27.Leaving Hollywood
28.Drank, kush, barz (feat. spinn)
byDJ Rashad
29.I’m Too Hi (feat Earl)
byDJ Rashad
30.Ay Shawty 3.0 (feat. Lakutis)

PCPRaidio – Dynzer The Scaldy Madonna

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PCPRaidio -  Dynzer The Scaldy Madona

First half – hip hop and ting warmin’ up for Dynzer the Scaldy Madonna’s vicious selection of mutant trap, twerk and skits


artist song album

1. DJ D-Sharp -Intro -Missing Michael
2. Etienne De Cracy- Scratched (Radio Edit) -Scratched (CDM)
3. Busta Rhymes -Thank You (feat. Q-Tip) -Thank You -Single
4. Kowton - Shuffle Good  - Shuffle Good
5. Red Astaire – The Get Down
6. Ms. Tee & Magnolia Shorty – Fuck Me to the Sun Come Up –  Gutta Girls, Vol. 1
7. Ll Cool J – Going Back to Cali
8. kitty - ay shawty 3.0 (feat. lakutis)-  D.A.I.S.Y. rage
9. Baauer - Good 2 U – Luck me Advent 13 / 14
10. Sadat & Alaa Fifty Cent – Sadat & Alaa Fifty Cent – The Mixing Secret Sadat & Alaa Fifty Cent – The Best Of…
11. Silent Servant-  Lust Abandon (Powell Reconstruction) – Jealous God 03
12. Juvenile-  LL Cool-  Single
13. Starlito - Again-  Fried Turkey
14. ASAP Ferg A Hundred Million Roses
15. Galcher Lustwerk-  100% GALCHER Blowing Up The Workshop free mix dl

Dynzer The Scaldy Madonna

1. Srzapaslilim shit
2. Wally world- 6 block remix
3. Most dangerous 3 – crnkn remix

4. 2 live crew- we want some pussy (Ruen & mr grey remix)
5. Missy Elliot – Work it (R4  remix)
6. Look at me now (Rl grime remix)
7. OG Bobby Johnson (HPNTK Remix)
8. Bassline Junkie (DJ Godfather remix)
9.  Malibus Most wanted (Original)
10. Bounce by Jackel
11 .Bubblegum (feat CRNKN)
12. Bubblebutt – Deville remix
13. Vpple Bottom -(Original Mix)
13.Timba Twerk – Deville
14. Thunderbird Juicebox – Trunk pop
15. Dr Oro – Flexxin
15. Carnage & Tony Junior – Michael Jordan (Ookay Remix)
16 Mendez Vs Big Wronged
17. Twerk -Bandinga
18. Busta Rymes – Twerk it (Mendez ReMIX)
19. Baauer – Rasberry
20. When thelast time(jayceeoh , ruen & mister grey)
21. Bassline Junkie (DJ Godfather remix)
22. Ice Dicks – Pigeon Hole
23. ODB – Goin Down (Cobra Krames remix)
24. Dj Zimmy – Stupid ass Hoe
25. Pop lock and drop it (Nu track & the mash up king)
26 Work- Shan the don
27. Teach me how to dougie ( Shan the Don remix)

PCPRaidio Imperialist Pop Garden Party

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PCPRaidio Imperialist Pop Garden Party 04/01/2014


artist song album

1. Atom TM – Stop (Imperialist Pop) – HD
2. Coni- My Secret Diving – My Secret Diving EP
3. AyGeeTee – Pleasure Warrior – Fools
4. Joe – Punters Step Out – Punters Step Out / Club Scared
5. Alight- Iridis – Iridis EP
6. Boards Of Canada – Sick Times – Tomorrow’s Harvest
7. 18+ – Allineed – MIXTA2E
8. 18+ – Jets – MIXTA2E
9. Alight – Darqa – Iridis EP
10. AyGeeTee – Vagaries- Fools
11. patten- Sixth seven – EOLIAN INSTATE
12. kitty – ay shawty 3.0 (feat. lakutis) – D.A.I.S.Y. rage
13. 18+ – Bisex – MIXTA2E
14. Demdike Stare – Null Results – Testpressing#004: Fail / Null Results
15. Atom TM – The Sound of Decay – HD
16. Earl Sweatshirt – Hoarse – Doris
17. Dabrye – Air (feat_Doom_-_Kode_9_remix)
18. Ricky Nelson – Garden Party – Greatest Hits
19. VARIOUS_PRODUCTION – Monster – Monster
20. Ravesignal – Horsepower (Original Mix) – Horsepower Remix
21. Objekt – Agnes Demise – Objekt #3
22. Ravesignal – Horsepower (Original Mix) – Horsepower Remix
23. Four Tet – Kool FM (Container remix) – Kool FM (Remixes)
24. DJ Rashad – I Don’t Give a Fuck – Double Cup
25. Demdike Stare – Collision – Testpressing #001
26. High contrast- Spectrum analyser – Spectrum analyser
27. Danny Brown – Red 2 Go – Old
28. Jon Brion – Resolution – ParaNorman
29. SS/S – Siglo 1 – Sicario De Dios