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Dubs- Playing tunes on the turntable behind the counter in Freebird records(behind the central bank) today at three pm. Hope I get some time off to make people feel bad about their musical shopping choices…

Prince Kong Rising

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Lady Grew (all pictures by Aoife from the !Kaboogie records 01 Squidge ep launch  last friday)

A big couple of weeks in Irish Bass/dance music. Two releases from Irish artists on Irish labels, on vinyl. One on Alphabet set the other the first release on !Kaboogie, lauched two weeks ago and last week.

Prince Kong blazing on both. Here’s how Boomkat put it (who have sold out of their first order all ready)-
Good Lord! What the hell is this?!?…-Prince Kong and T-woc have just shocked our afternoon to the core with a blinding pair of future Dub cuts seemingly beamed from another planet. Prince Kong’s ‘Crossroads’ sounds like The Bug inna deep war with Babylon, sending hordes of dreadlocked bass disciples armed with industrial kickdrums and razor-edged rave signals to bring down any System that tries it, only better.
For me Prince Kong is a totally original Irish producer with a transnational sound. Bringing on MC driven bass and barbed wire riddims to scarify while avoiding the usual traps of imitating Detroit, London, Aphex bloody twin or whatever.

Mc Rodrigo

He’s had a power and originality from the first time I heard him in Eustace St a few years ago(first dublin gig I think) This has come to the fore at a series of gigs over the last two years. The sound getting weightier and skankier with every gig. Dancing to it you’re caught between the bass rooting you to the floor and the high end jerking you up.The show is now a Tour de force with MCs chatting and chanting over shuddering sounds.

Working with MCs like Warrior Queen and Jah balance and legends like Eccleton Jarrett and more recently focusing on local talent like Lady grew and MC Rodrigo. Occaisionally I’ve been asked by local bass younglings to recount the history of Irish beats but that story is of depressing failure so I’ve avoided writing about it. Refreshingly, this feels like success. And with Alphabet set and the launch of !Kaboogie records hopefully more to follow.

Here are a couple of exclusives. The first a 4×4 stomper with a bass hovering like a UFO over bouncy loops. The second unashamed breakcore with soul.

Prince Kong feat Lady Grew  – Whatcha



Prince kong feat Jah Balance and Eccleton jarrett
– Bloodwar



The live set sounds amazing, sounding vinyl mastered which is something for a live set. A good sound track to the Irish Babylon crisis.



Prince Kong and Lady Grew

There are upcoming releases on !Kaboogie and Middlemanagement . With !Kaboogie 002 a full Prince Kong ep.

Lady Grew

Also more on T woc soon.

Skepta Ft Giggs- Look Out

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Maybe not as good as Gigg’s best(Walk in da Park is large), but still nice n’  nasty low slung biznizz.


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k-Punk on responsibility and it’s lack at institutional, corporate and individual levels. VERY worth reading if you’re watching and experiencing the various power networks in Ireland justify, plan and entrench their survival.

New Homoludos

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Mash of the Week 20# Fighter Finess – The Prodigy vs Lord Finess (Teishi-1)

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Being Teishi-1’s mash of the Prodigy’s Fighter Beat from their lost beats ep with Lord Finess’ vocal from the old school classic Check The Method.

Fighter Finess -The Prodigy vs Lord Finess (Teishi-1)



Irish fact or science fiction?- WALLETS FULL OF BLOOD: ZOMBIE BANKER BLUES

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More zombie banker madness.

This time- The  auditor tells the tale. He’s hiding out in one of the few sanctuaries which remain, he spills the beans on the inhuman practices which led to the collapse, how- Scientists, troops and more auditors arrive from abroad to investigate the total collapse of a small Republic.

They’re looking for ‘Fingers’. His actions had hastened the spiral of the country into a bottomless liquidity trap. They want to interrogate him.
Large screen here.

Alone in the bunker the Auditor dances a zombie jig –

Zombie Sex Fiend mix


Mash of the Week 19# Ted’s Bibiolon Boy

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babylon art

Being Lakker‘s mash of  Clark’s -Ted Vs. Baby Cham’s-Babylon Bwoy Vs. Clark’s-Ted (Bibio Remix)

Like an icecream cone with sand in it -a gritty mix of the rough, the smooth and the sweet from Lakker who has a track on the upcoming !Kaboogie ep.

Lakker – Ted’s Bibiolon Boy



Mash of the Week 18# Gutterspliff

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GutterSpliff – being The Bankers mash of

Gutter Music – Starkey
Spliff Dub – Zomby (Rustie Rmx)
Shit Daddy – Neil Landstrumm ft. Carlton Killawatt
If Ya Cant Beat Em – Reso

The Banker -GutterSpliff

[audio:/Gutter%20Spliff.mp3 ]


The Banker is also a tasty producer. Here’s a mix of his own dubstep productions.

No Introducion mix

1. Bun Dat – The Banker
2. Screwz – The Banker
3. Early Dub – The Banker
4. Voices – The Banker
5. Nightmare – The Banker
6. Capital – The Banker
7. Skint – The Banker
8. The Fat Goose – The Banker
9. Ghosts – The Banker
10.Goldfish – The Banker
11.Wump – The Banker
12.Python – The Banker
13.Dinky – The Banker
14.Ripper – The Banker