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PCPRaidio_Two Shows

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Two shows, last week and one from a month back. The first one contains a  lot of the set from the unlock nama gig a couple of weeks ago. Heavy on distorted bass from NHK(who’s joining us for a gig in May) and Deadfader. More clinical bass n’ beats from Monolake’s new product-Ghosts and Indie breakcore from Leila. Some hardcore stylings also from Prince Kong remixing Hands up who wants to die.  Also more metal and noise influenced beats from Mika Vainio and Prurient. Anybody noticing the return to ‘core’ influenced styles, be it hardcore, breakcore or doomcore ? Great, as UK bass as well made and interesting as it is, is getting boring.

PCPRaidio -The Core is Back

artist – song – album – label
1. NHK  -Hydra
2. Mika Vainio – Open up and bleed svreca edit
3. Leila – Welcome To Your Life (feat. Mt. Sims)
4. Monolake -  Ghosts- Ghosts
5. Death Grips -Lord of the Game (ft. Mexican Girl)- Exmilitary
6. Monolake- Lilith – Ghosts
7. Dead Fader-  Busy Beea – Luckeeey
8. NHK -  Mogra
9. Paratio – The fuck You mixtape 2011 – made with distortion only. Mix
10. Hands Up Who Wants To Die-Wompy (Karl Kong Remix)
11. PRURIENT – Many Jewels Surround The Crown
12. Dead Fader -Luckeeey- Luckeeey
13. Sewnleather -Blazingbabylon
14. Julia Holter – In the Same Room- Ekstasis
15. Mouse On Mars -Chordblocker, Cinnamon Toasted- Parastrophics

1. MS DYNAMITE – Danger (RICHIE !KABOOGIE Remix) (from !Kaboogie site) IRE
2. MOSCOW – Waves (from ‘Hyaline EP’ on Donky Pitch Records)
3. 813 – Bluebirds (from ‘Spectrum Riff EP’ on Donky Pitch Records)
4. MEXICANS WITH GUNS – Highway To Hell (from Mexicans With Guns’ bandcamp site)
5. COCO BRYCE – Stuntin (from ‘Royal Bootlegs’ on Myor Records)
6. FANCY MIKE – Hipster Crack (from ‘Madison Square Gardener’ on King Deluxe Records)
7. LAZER SWORD – Stilettos (from ‘Blapfuture Megamix’ on Briefcase Rockers site)
8. COCO BRYCE – Dis Cam Belie/ Ginormous Bliss/ Milk (from Coco Bryce bandcamp site)
9. MOSCOW – Crystaal (from ‘Hyaline EP’ on Donky Pitch Records)
10. HANDS UP WHO WANTS TO DIE – Sailor (LEGION OF TWO Remix) (from Richter Collective bandcamp site) IRE
11. COCO BRYCE – Boesoek (from ‘Boesoek’ on Myor Records)
12. RETROSPECT – 1990 (from Mad-Hop Vol.4 on Mad-Hop bandcamp site)


And this show on  a similar buzz ,  a lot of the set I played supporting Eprom, though more straight garage and grime at that. This featured a lot of videos(via serato video) live, thus the inclusion of Die Antword and Nicki Manaj, who’s tunes, though great, work really well live as videos and the Streethawk v Ghostrider video mix has to be seen to be believed. Ending with a pieace of producer Yasutaka Nakata’s work for fun Japanese pop girl band Perfume.

PCPRaidio  Drink Static



artist – song – album – label
1. E40-Got it
2. Emptyset- Tangent
3. Bassnectar -Boombox_(Bassnectar_remix)
4. Kouhei Matsunaga -235- Self VA.
5. Nicki Manaj -stupid hoe
6. Prurient – A Meal Can Be Made
7. Kyoka- ROMOOne iSH
8. Holy Other -We Over
9. Evol – Raveslime
10. Die Antword -I Fink U Freeky
11. Emptyset – Point
12. Pinch- Retribution
13. Kyoka HADue iSH
14. Kouhei Matsunaga- 92 -Self VA.
15. Preditah -Circles -Circles – EP
16. Preditah- Overdose -Circles – EP
17. Wikluh Sky -Pazi sta radis Srpski film
18. Trailer park boys exerpt Shit wind shit pressure trailerpark boys
19. Kodial Kodiak -Spreo Superbus
20. Distal 1-Boss_of_the_South
21. Perfume -The Opening- JPN

1. THATBOYTIM – Hopes & Fears (A-FORCE Remix) (from ‘Hopes & Fears EP’ on Takeover Records) IRE
2. BLUEFOOD – Lume (from Bluefood’s soundcloud site) IRE
3. MS DYNAMITE – Danger (RICHIE !KABOOGIE Remix) (from !Kaboogie site) IRE
4. T-WOC – Logan’s Run Part 2 (from ‘Logan Systems EP’ on Alphabet Set Records) IRE
5. MONTO – Strays (from Monto’s soundcloud site) IRE
6. LETHAL DIALECT – Do You Believe (from ‘LD50’ on Lethal Dialect’s bandcamp site) IRE
7. SKETCH NINE – King feat. NUGGET (from ‘Expenses Of Living Free EP’ on Melted Music) IRE
8. HANDS UP WHO WANTS TO DIE – Sailor (LEGION OF TWO Remix) (from Richter Collective bandcamp site) IRE
9. HANDS UP WHO WANTS TO DIE – Into The Forest (MELODICA DEATHSHIP Remix) (from Richter Collective bandcamp site) IRE
10. MYNAMEISJOHN – The Cumulative Recorder (from Stress Debt Chest Pains bandcamp site) IRE


Seapunk? Yes, Seapunk.

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Great blog –

Where I found these (edit Just copped the first one is Ayshay).

Oh yeah and the  seapunk.

Unlock nama

Posted by homoludo on Mar 10 2012 Posted by homoludo on March 10th, 2012 filed in flyers, gigs
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Playing at this tonight and during and after my set projecting images of ghost esates and nama sky scrapers as a gateways for Cthulhu into our world. Full line up etc here.

unlock nama fundraiser flyer