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Douster – Triassic – zzk

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From Ghetto BassquakeDouster with Triassic

Mash of the week 24# Osh in Red

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 chris de burch - crusader

In all the talk and theory about Micheal Jackson, one thing that has been missed is the genius of Chis De Burgh. He was also in the charts at the same time as thriller and is played at weddings just as much.

And, like how many music greats(Jackson included, even though he’s dead) can claim to have fathered a miss world(a miss world!) and to have survived the sultry temptations of worldwide fame and bad staff in order to hold their families together. No mean achievement.

16hrtz  and Oshroom are Irish producers who get the genius of Chris and understanding his Argentinian links, they gives him a beats and bass mash/update worthy of Cumbia’s best rich kid exploiters scenters while avoiding the risks of exploitation associated with working with such delicate and great  material .

Here’s 16 Hertz and Oshroom’s Osh in Red

Being a Mash of Sandsnake by Skream and Cluekid and Chris’ master work.



Terror Danjah -This is Lucky me mix +Scratcha DVA

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More quality music from This is lucky me



Grimmmm – D.O.K – Zip Files Vol 2
untitled – Big-E-D Zip – Files Vol 2
Dirt Bag – Dj Silencer – Wow Bass
Jeeper Creeper – Terror Danjah & Scratcha DVA
Morph – Terror Danjah – Zip Files vol 2
Zumpi Huntah – Terror Danjah – Industry Standard 4 – Planet Mu
Trojah – Terror Danjah – Zip Files Vol 1
Suck Out – Loudmouth Melvin – Zip Files Vol !
Code Morse – Terror Danjah & D.O.K – Gremlinz – Planet Mu
Scotch Bonnet – Terror Danjah – Zip Files Vol 2
Jack Daniels – Rude Kid – Are U Ready Vol !
Big Man Ting – Terror Danjah ft Frisco, Jammer, Tempa T – Hardrive Vol 2
Do It – Joker – Purple City
Just Realised Terror Danjah ft Fumin (Splash) – Hardrive Vol
Splash – Terror Danjah – Gremlinz – Planet Mu
Menace – Terror Danjah – Zip Files Vol 2
Sidechain – Terror Danjah – Industry Standard – Planet Mu
Untiltled – Terror Danjah – Zip Files Vol 2
Creepy Crawler – Terror Danjah – Zip Files Vol 2
Buzz Light Year – DaVinChe – Paperchase
Stop Start – Terror Danjah – Zip Files Vol 1
We Told U – Terror Danjah (Original Dub Mix) – Zip Files Vol 2
Zumpi Huntah (Swindle Remix) – Zip Files vol 1 – Planet Mu
Space – Treble Clef – Zip Files vol 2
Teleport – D.O.K – Zip Files Vol !
Warning – D.O.K – Dokument Chapter !
sense – Macabre unit
???? – P Jam – Dice Recordings
Nissi – TNT
N95 – Dj Sir Spyro
Jam Hot – Geenus – Dump Valve
Best Crawler – Terror Danjah & Rude Kid – Are U Ready EP/Zip files Vol 2
Golly Gosh (Re rub) – Sticky – Sticky Situation
???? – J Sweet – Sweet Beats
Blackberry Hype – maxwell D (Terror Danjah special)
Buss It – Dj Perempay
Reloadz – Terror Danjah – Gremlinz – Planet Mu
War Head – Dj Krust – V Recordings
Bambattaa – Shy Fx – Ebony Records
Cash Till Roni Size – Dope Dragon
Burial Letivcus – Philly Blunt/ V Recordings
Code Red
Special Decication – Dj Nut Nut

Scratcha DVA – Crazy legs mix



Scratcha didn’t publish a tracklist of mix but here‘s an interview with him about producing and workin’ with Terror.

Nite Jewel – Artificial Intelligence

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This is Lucky me

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In the absense of a mash of the week(back on it soon), here’s a quality bundle of 10 tunes(320) from this is lucky me , Glaswegian label/management for the likes Hudson Mohawk, Irish boy done good, Mike Slott and Rustie. They play with other Glasgow hard nails at the Ballers social club ….. Enjoy the lazers, jazz kits and bleary synths and sit back and imagine you could pull off a mullet.

Claude Speeed -Don’t ever antagonize the horn



The Blessings – Go Girl



Mike Slott – 23 Halfs



Get the full bundle