Mash of the week 24# Osh in Red

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 chris de burch - crusader

In all the talk and theory about Micheal Jackson, one thing that has been missed is the genius of Chis De Burgh. He was also in the charts at the same time as thriller and is played at weddings just as much.

And, like how many music greats(Jackson included, even though he’s dead) can claim to have fathered a miss world(a miss world!) and to have survived the sultry temptations of worldwide fame and bad staff in order to hold their families together. No mean achievement.

16hrtz  and Oshroom are Irish producers who get the genius of Chris and understanding his Argentinian links, they gives him a beats and bass mash/update worthy of Cumbia’s best rich kid exploiters scenters while avoiding the risks of exploitation associated with working with such delicate and great  material .

Here’s 16 Hertz and Oshroom’s Osh in Red

Being a Mash of Sandsnake by Skream and Cluekid and Chris’ master work.



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