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Gramophone Disco – Wellies Warning !

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I’m off to the Electric picnic in morning to put on a venue called the Gramophone Disco.Having been there on Tuesday and Wednesday, I can relate to you that the site is in shite and it’s cold there. If your going bring warm clothes and wellies or waders or a boat…

This track catches the vibe of what we do there.

James Luther Dickinson- O How She Dances


This is what I said about it last year ————–
Hank Penny with String Band- Blood Shot Eyes


This tune being something of an anthem at a Gramophone disco thing I do with some pals.

Gramophone disco being an all night bar with a 78’s , normal records and a pre sixties music policy. The Gramophone disco has a nice carny feel with various diversions including-

<strong>Smash hits gramophone disco.</strong>

This is where the crowd listen to a record and vote whether to smash it or whether it’s a hit and a keepy. It’s  fun for a various reasons

1. Smashing records(particularly brittle shellac) is very satisfying fun.

2. It has the added bonus of being a kind of anarchist history smashing theatre.

3. When I have a enough smashed 78’s, I’m going to make a time machine out of them.

4. It’s good to crate dig in public and share the pleasure of finding an unknown great record- makes a surprisingly good entertainment.

5. It’s a way of getting people to actually listen and pay attention to old 78’s.

6. It’s a good antidote to the whole po-faced worship of the past, old records etc.

We’re doing the Electric picnic this weekend so drop in if your around and here’s another 78/tune to listen to on the drive there.


Mash of the week 23# Killers Arms

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Being a mash of Nosaj Thing – ‘Coat of Arms’ and Bounty Killer – ‘Murderer’

Eomac this week with a mash that manages to be tripped out and speaker shreddingly aggressive at the same time.

‘Eomac – Killers Arms