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Posted by homoludo on May 20 2011 Posted by homoludo on May 20th, 2011 filed in Irish producers, radio shows
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 Last weeks show with,  amongst others, top Irish grime from Major Grave, Lil Silva’s weird remix of Tyler the creator, Wicklow boy Batam’s nu-hip hop, Death Grip’s Hardcore fusioin hip hop and civilised sine noise from Alvo Noto and other Raster Norton artists.

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Artist name Album Label
Alva_Noto_and_Ryuichi_Sakamoto by_this_river summvs Raster Norton
Major Grave R.I.P. (marger FT. Badness)IRE Unreleased Unreleased
Scratcha DVA Kill All A’ Dem (VIP Mix) Rinse 15th Birthday Rinse fm
J Beatz – Tazer (Major Grave Remix)IRE Unreleased Unreleased
Dark Sky Armour High Rise BLUNTED ROBOTS
Lil Silva Cheese_and_Bun Patience EP Good Years
Tyler Yonkers Silva Tyler project Mix Fact download
Funkystepz Caution Face off EP FOREVER LIVE YOUNG
Dj C Blaze Umani Forthcoming
Kanding Ray PRUITT_IGOE PRUITT_IGOE Raster Norton
alva_noto_remodelGillette II Gillette 100% Silk
NHKyx 257 yx_aka_1ch_aka_Solo Raster Norton
Cooly G Last_Night Dub Organiser Vol 6 Dub Organiser

Sixfoot Apprentice – 14/05/2011

DEATH GRIPS – “Beware” (from ‘Exmilitary’ on Third Worlds Records)
NUCENTZ & TERAWRIZT – “Had Enough” (from ‘Sense The Terror 2’ on Class A’z Records) IRE
DZA – “Eskimo – MONTGOMERY CLUNK Remix” (from ‘Five Finger Remixes’ on Error Broadcast Records)
OWENSIE – “Dark Place – BANTUM Remix” (from Owensie’s Soundcloud) IRE
NOSAJ THING – “Fog – cover by AGES” (from Ages Soundcloud)
DEATH GRIPS – “Lord Of The Game feat Mexican Girl” (from ‘Exmilitary’ on Third Worlds Records)
BEASTIE BOYS – “Tadlocks Glasses” (from ‘Hot Sauce Committee Part 2’ on Capitol Records)
BANTUM – “Slide” (from ‘Slide EP’ on Bantum’s Bandcamp) IRE
LORN & ILLUMSPHERE – “Pure Red” (from ‘Self Confidence Volume 2’ – Self-Released)
TEN PAST SEVEN – “Johnsons Cows – TOBY KAAR Remix” (from Toby Kaar’s Soundcloud) IRE
JIMMY EDGAR – “Turn You Inside Out – BACONHEAD Remix” (unreleased)
BEASTIE BOYS – “Don’t Play No Game feat. Santigold” (from ‘Hot Sauce Committee Part 2’ on Capitol Records)
SLEPCY – “With Charles Bukowski On The Ride” (from ‘We Are The Newest Battle Models’ on Cock Rock Disco Records)
FM BELFAST – “I Can Feel Love” (from ‘How To Make Friends’ on World Champion Records)