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The Near Side

Posted by homoludo on Dec 21 2011 Posted by homoludo on December 21st, 2011 filed in art, video
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Wow. Came across the below video by video artist Ryan Trecartinon on Ubuweb while reading this piece  by Andy Battalgia about James Ferraro’s Far Side Virtual which just got album of the year in The Wire magazine. Flick through it a bit, gets kinda amazing, and the audio is brilliantly done.

The Re’Search (Re’Search Wait’S) -Ryan Trecartin

Crimbo party tonight

Posted by homoludo on Dec 17 2011 Posted by homoludo on December 17th, 2011 filed in !Kaboogie, flyers, gigs
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In Crimbo fasion, two nights ago, me getting drunk with officer Lahey out of Trailer Park Boys

PCPRaido Happy Menace

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artist – song – album – label
1. Oneohtrix Point Never Replica Replica Software / V2
2. Dam Mantle Not_A_Word We GET ME!
3. Radiohead Separator_Anstam_RMX_II TKOL RMX8 TICKER TAPE
4. Radiohead Morning_Mr_Magpie_Nathan_Fake_Harshdub_RMX TKOL RMX8 TICKER TAPE
5. Pariah Left Unsaid IOTDXI R&S
6. Cloaks Detritus_Version Versions Grain 3BY3
7. Cloaks Against_Devilman_Remix Versions Grain 3BY3
8. Cloaks Against_Legion_Of_Two_Remake Versions Grain 3BY3
9. Cloaks 00148_Dead_Fader_Remix Versions Grain 3BY3
10. Cloaks Rust_On_Metal_JK_Flesh_Remix Versions Grain 3BY3
11. Cloaks Sixmenace_One Versions Grain 3BY3
12. Sewnleather- blazingbabylon Free DL
13. Sewnleather- Smoke_Ov_The_Pvnk_ The big pink / various k7
14. LIGHT ASYLUM Shallow_Tears – The Big pink / various k7
15. John Maus Believer We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves UPSET THE RHYTHM

1. STEREOTYP – Juke My Name (from Stereotyp’s soundcloud site)
2. COCO BRYCE – Stuntin (from ‘Royal Bootlegs’ on Myor Records)
3. RIHANNA – Rudeboy (STEREOTYP Remix) (from Stereotyp’s soundcloud site)
4. WAGAWAGA – Sleepwalker (from ‘Jinjajoon Bus’ on Acroplane Records) IRE
5. BANTUM – New String (feat OWENSIE) (from ‘Lay Lay EP’ on Bantum’s bandcamp site) IRE
6. COCO BRYCE – Ginormous Bliss (from ‘Polaroid Sunset EP’ on Myor Records)
7. SLEPCY – With Charles Bukowski On The Ride (from ‘We Are The Newest Battle Models’ on Cock Rock Disco Records)
8. MACHINEDRUM – Let It (SOVEREIGN SECT Remix) (from Sovereign Sect’s soundcloud site)
9. LUPE FIASCO – I Gotcha (KRADDY Remix) (from ‘The Illegal Album’ on Refiner Records)
10. RUBBERBANDITS – Bag Of Glue (unreleased) IRE
11. BANTUM – An Introduction (from ‘Lay Lay EP’ on Bantum bandcamp site) IRE