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PCPRaidio TLC for Tielsie

Posted by homoludo on Mar 24 2014 Posted by homoludo on March 24th, 2014 filed in radio shows
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Mad Manga rave, juke and mutant pop flavours from Tielsie. Heard her via Adam Harper a couple of weeks ago, woke me the f*#ck up!  Also with jpop from Perfume, j hardcore from Melt Banana and lots more. Catching up on shows and stuff after a v busy couple of months. Put this show on with the MABOS heads , it was an out growth of BASED, vid fx, mapping,  coding fun etc info and upcoming workshops etc here.
Also had our !kaboogie b’day gig, with Jam City, Young Fathers, Flying Buttresess and God know and Mynameijohn who stole the show and generally kicked the shit out of it in best ever Irish rapping style. More BASED stuff coming up next week, Diamond Version booked for May, their giving a talk on art,  av etc. also (tickets), buying fairground lights and the starting PCPTV here. Stay tuned etc.


1.The Opening by Perfume
2.Défilé (WIP!) by Tielsie
3.Bipp (Tielsie remix) by Sophie
4.Huewave by Tielsie
5.レーザービーム(sorry jpn text) by Perfume
6.later by Perfume
7.Bipp by Sophie
8.Call me by Dux Content
9.Righteous Signals by Gay Against You
10.Candy Gun by Melt Bannana
11.Fashion Monster by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
12.Pink and Blue by Hannah Diamond
13.Hot Love by Frieland
14.Press Play by Joey Anderson
15.Blue Monday by Dattasette
16.I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley mix) by Donna Summer
17.Two Tribes Anihalation mix by Frankie Goes To Hollywood


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A show sixfoot did for our birthday gig last month. Just catching up on our back cases. More on that in the next post.