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PCPRaidio Noid the Droid V5.0_MegaGaff

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A show from December, when I was joined by Noid the Droid for a set, before we headed off to a crimbo party. I’ll hassle him to send me the tracklist for his half then add my contributions, where we jammed at the end, is that enough commas for ya?( in Sarah Palin voice)



There’s a an issue with the player on this file so just use the link below.

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1. Clams Casino Kissing on My Syrup [Squadda B] Instrumental Mixtape 2
2. Bomb the Bass 02 – Bug Powder Dust [La Funk Mob Remix] Bug Powder Dust
3. Danny Brown -Grown Up-Scion A/V Scion A/V Presents: Danny Brown – Grown Up
4. AOKI Takamasa-RN4-09-Raster Noton Raster Noton
5. Seeed-Dancehall caballeros-?-Seeed
6. Emptyset-Armature-Raster Noton Ununhexium / Collapsed
7. Death Grips-Bass rattle stars out the sky-Self Released NO LOVE DEEP WEB

Noid The Droid on yon wheels

8. Ricardo Donoso – Empathy Gap (Digitalis)
9. Ricardo Donoso – Chemical Structures (Digitalis)
10. Lee Gamble – Razor (PAN)
11. FIS – DMT Usher (Samurai Horo)
12. Mark Fell – SOA 4 (Editions Mego)
13. Cyrus – Presence (Basic Channel)
14. Raime – The Walker In Blast And Bottle (Blackest Ever Black)
15. Abdullah Rashim – Endisalasie 1

Back to back noid then me etc

16. Directional Force – One Thousand (Sonic Groove)
17. Grischa Lichtenberger -12_11_13_lv_1_c –Raster Noton
18. Liaisons Dangereuse – Los Nino Del Parque (Edit) (Kalamita)
19. Joe – Twice
20. Gesloten Cirkel – Twisted Balloon (Murder Capital)
21. Dj Sprinkles and Mark Fell – Say it Slowly- (N.U,U.M)
22. Container – Application (Spectrum Spools)
23. Pepe Deluxe – Girl! – Catskills
24. Container – Refract (Spectrum Spools)