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PCPRaidio with noid the droid- v6 engine

Posted by homoludo on Mar 23 2017 Posted by homoludo on March 23rd, 2017 filed in Noid the Droid, radio shows
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PCPRaidio Noid the Droid V5.0_MegaGaff

Posted by homoludo on Jan 26 2013 Posted by homoludo on January 26th, 2013 filed in Noid the Droid, radio shows
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A show from December, when I was joined by Noid the Droid for a set, before we headed off to a crimbo party. I’ll hassle him to send me the tracklist for his half then add my contributions, where we jammed at the end, is that enough commas for ya?( in Sarah Palin voice)



There’s a an issue with the player on this file so just use the link below.

Download or click for mobile play


1. Clams Casino Kissing on My Syrup [Squadda B] Instrumental Mixtape 2
2. Bomb the Bass 02 – Bug Powder Dust [La Funk Mob Remix] Bug Powder Dust
3. Danny Brown -Grown Up-Scion A/V Scion A/V Presents: Danny Brown – Grown Up
4. AOKI Takamasa-RN4-09-Raster Noton Raster Noton
5. Seeed-Dancehall caballeros-?-Seeed
6. Emptyset-Armature-Raster Noton Ununhexium / Collapsed
7. Death Grips-Bass rattle stars out the sky-Self Released NO LOVE DEEP WEB

Noid The Droid on yon wheels

8. Ricardo Donoso – Empathy Gap (Digitalis)
9. Ricardo Donoso – Chemical Structures (Digitalis)
10. Lee Gamble – Razor (PAN)
11. FIS – DMT Usher (Samurai Horo)
12. Mark Fell – SOA 4 (Editions Mego)
13. Cyrus – Presence (Basic Channel)
14. Raime – The Walker In Blast And Bottle (Blackest Ever Black)
15. Abdullah Rashim – Endisalasie 1

Back to back noid then me etc

16. Directional Force – One Thousand (Sonic Groove)
17. Grischa Lichtenberger -12_11_13_lv_1_c –Raster Noton
18. Liaisons Dangereuse – Los Nino Del Parque (Edit) (Kalamita)
19. Joe – Twice
20. Gesloten Cirkel – Twisted Balloon (Murder Capital)
21. Dj Sprinkles and Mark Fell – Say it Slowly- (N.U,U.M)
22. Container – Application (Spectrum Spools)
23. Pepe Deluxe – Girl! – Catskills
24. Container – Refract (Spectrum Spools)

PCPRaidio Noid the Droid Verson 4.0

Posted by homoludo on Nov 19 2012 Posted by homoludo on November 19th, 2012 filed in Noid the Droid, radio shows, Uncategorized
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Noid the Droid in the second half,  back from Unsound with a haul of goodies and a bit of a Lakker megamix at one

point in my half as the lads just sent me some great material that is out or coming out around now.


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artist song label album
1. iTAL tEK Human Version Nebula Dance
2. Main Attrakionz On Tour Bossalinis & Fooliyones
3. DJ Q Will I Ever Be Free All Junglist EP
4. DJ Q All Junglist All Junglist EP
5. DJ Q Unit 50 Q Recordings The Archive
6. Lakker Preset NUMB Deathmask EP [LOVWAX001]
7. Lakker Mustard Crying BP037
8. Lakker Deathmask Deathmask EP [LOVWAX001]
9. Lakker Ciar BP037
10. Andy Stott Luxury Problems Luxury Problems
11. My Disco All I Can Do (Justin K Broadrick’s Warmer Mix) Wrapped Coast (Single)
12. Gillette 1-I
13. Alva Noto &Anne-James Chaton Barack Obama

Noid the Droid

14. Thought Broadcast – Breaking Test (Editions Mego)
15. J.T Stewart – SWFYSU (Indische Buurt)
16. Metasplice – Decant (Forthcoming Morphine Records)#
17. Silent Sevant – Invocation of Lust – Extended 12″ Mix (Hospital Productions)
18. KPLR – cirkuit.rn 1 (Digitalis)
19. Pete Swanson – Pro Style (Type)
20. Theo Parrish – Any Other Styles (Sound Signature)
21. Willie Burns – The Overlord (Trilogy Tapes)
22. Mix Mup – Transitions (Mikrodisko)
23. Pete Swanson – Remote View (Type)
24. Metasplice – Thermite Jack (Morphine Records)
25. Pomassl – Surplus Ships (Laton)
26. Ike Yard – Loss – Regis Version (Blackest Ever Black)

PCPRaidio Noid the Droid 3.0

Posted by homoludo on Dec 16 2010 Posted by homoludo on December 16th, 2010 filed in Noid the Droid, radio shows

noid the droid

As the world travels on down the skull road, Noid the Droid joins me for some darkswing moves.

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Download or click for mobiles

Noid the Droid
1.    Downliners Sekt – Negative Green (Disboot)
2.    Lone – Let The Music Play On (Hoya Hoya)
3.    Equalized – EQD 003 A1 (Equalized)
4.    Headhunter – Chasing Dragons (Idle Hands)
5.    Spatial – 100402 (Infrasonics)
6.    Norman Nodge – NN 8.0 (MDR)
7.    Pinch – Croydon House (Swamp81)
8.    Illum Sphere – Sweat The Descent (Hoya Hoya)
9.    Pearson Sound – Blanked (Hessle Audio)

10.    Pariah – The Slump (R&S)
11.    Kassem Mosse – Untitled_A1 (Workshop)
12.    The Revolting Cocks    Linger Ficken’ Good (Music For Nations
13.    )
14.    Plastikman – spastik (plus8)
15.    Shed –    Another_Wdged_Chicken(Ostgut ton)
16.    Raime –    If Anywhere_was_here_he_would_know_where_we_are(BLACKEST EVER BLACK)
17.    Raime/Regis – This_Foundry_Regis_Version (BLACKEST EVER BLACK)

Noid the Droid
18.    A Crash Course In Science – Flying Turns (Stone’s Throw)
19.    Hyetal – Phoenix (Orca)
20.    Mala – Education (DMZ)
21.    Vince Mack Mahon – Why Is It So Damn Relevant? (Community Skratch Music)
22.    Brandy – Full Moon(K Warren Vox) (White)
23.    TNT – Grimey (Left Records)
24.    Bass Clef – 23 Tunnel Chords (Blank Tapes)
25.    Letherette – Cherryade (Ho Tep)
26.    Kassem Mosse – We Speak For those (Nonplus)
27.    Abstract Elements – Abysmal Depths (Exit)
28.    Rockwell – Reverse Engineering (Darkestral)

PCPRaidio Noid the Droid 2

Posted by homoludo on Oct 11 2010 Posted by homoludo on October 11th, 2010 filed in Noid the Droid, radio shows
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some text

PCPRaidio Noid the Droid 2

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


1.    Tropics – Soft Vision(Planet Mu)
2.    Automatic Tasty – We were Robots (Forthcoming D1) [Irl]

**Noid The Droid**
3.    XX – Do You Mind (Young Turks)
4.    Instra:mental – Let’s Talk ([nakedlunch]) [Irl Label]
5.    Bun B feat. The Ying Yang Twins – Git it (Rap-A-Lot 4 Life)
6.    Dorian Concept – Trilingual Dance Sexperience (Affine Records)
7.    Andy Stott – Choke (Modern Love)
8.    Babe Rainbow – Pop Common (Warp)
9.    Kowton – Basic Music Knowledge (Idle Hands)
10.    Kassem. Mosse & M. Mup – We Beat This Thing (Mikrodisko)
11.    Actress – Machine and Voice (Nonplus)
12.    Knxwledge – Bibibamp (All City) (Irl Label)
13.    Factory Floor – A Wooden Box (Blast First)
14.    Maching Drum – Let Me F*ck It (Lucky Me)
15.    Wajeed – The Dragon (Fat City)

**Back 2 Back-me first**
16.    Julio Bashmore – Footsteppin’(Ten Thousand Yen)
17.    Skudge – Convolution (Aardvarck Remix) (Skudge)
18.    Doc Daneeka – Copz(PTN)
19.    Funkineven – Heartpound (Eglo)
20.    Seiji –Weedkiller(Seiji Music)
21.    Nochexxx – Ritalin Love (Ramp)
22.    Marcus Price and Carli – Var E Naaakan (Girl Unit remix)
23.    Kowton – Countryman (Keysound)
24.    Alex Smoke –Make my day (Actress remix)
25.    Mount Kimble – Carbonated(Hotflush Recordings)
26.    Blackout – Blackout (Blackout)
27.    Naphta – Soundclash1 (Ghost relick)(Ruff Revival)[IRL}