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PCPRaidio Free Vortex state

Posted by homoludo on Mar 01 2015 Posted by homoludo on March 1st, 2015 filed in radio shows
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1.Wound by Arca
2.Fish by Arca
3.First Witness by Objekt
4.One Fell Swoop by Objekt
5.Bound State by Ueno Masaaki
6.Dont Stop The Beat by Anthony Rother
7.Chain by Moleskin
8.Free Access Zone 7 by Shinichi Atobe
9.Butterfly Effect by Shinichi Atobe
10.Par Amour by Stellar OM Source
11.Polarity by Stellar OM Source
12.We Are Here (Clap! Clap! RMX) by Bunty void
13.PCPRaidio _ mudlarks 5_may_214 excerpt
15.Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) (Feat. Zack De La Rocha) by Run The Jewels
16.Blockbuster Night Part 1 by Run The Jewels
17.More Than Human by Damscray
18.Whats your name by Jimmy Penguin & Djackulate
19.Butterflies by Spekulativ Fiktion X Deviant & Naive Ted
20.Double Diamond by Sleaford Mods
21.Dirty South by Monto
22.Rock and Rap by Oddateee
23.PCP again – Ain’t Got No Panties On by Wax-A-Million