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PCPRaidio Secret Wars

Posted by homoludo on May 14 2010 Posted by homoludo on May 14th, 2010 filed in radio shows
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secret wars Dublin v Barcelona
Show from two weeks ago – begining with some summer psych from Gold Panda, Robot Koch and Slugabed, ending with some top tunes from Dublin boy done good, Twoc(available from Allcity) and all sorts in between. I Didn’t have time to top and tail the show so short excerpts of the Standard crews and Twoc show before and after.


1.    Gold Panda -You
2.    Robot koch- true short edit
3.    Starkey -Stars (feat Anneka – Slugabed Did A remix)
4.    African hitech – The Sound Of Tomorrow
5.    Instra Mental – Futurist
6.    Hate – Hello Darkness
7.    Aaliya – We need a resolution
8.    Instra Mental – Tramma
9.    Africa hitech -Blen Rmx
10.    Africa Hitech -Blen Instrumental
11.    Africa Hitech – Blen
12.    Bug feat Flow Dan – Skeng – Kode 9 remix
13.    Rudi Zygadlo – Filthy Logic (Raffertie remix)
14.    Seiji -Elevator
15.    Seiji Yesman
16.    Seiji -Elevator
17.    Zed Bias feat MC Rumpus & Nicky Prince – Neighbourhood 09 (Zed Bias club mix)
18.    Florence And The Machine     You’ve Got the Love (The XX Remix) (abandoned)
19.    The Rubberbandits  Too Many Gee
20.    Instra Mental – Thugtronik
21.    Eprom – Bubble
22.    Kelpe Shipwreck Glue (Architeq Version)
23.   Rustie & 215 tfk just for kicks
24.    NoChexxx -Smashing Your System  feat  Sensational  Original Mix
25.    Loops Haunt – Dusk Mechanics (Samoyed mix
26.   T woc – Dub Father
27.  T woc – Good Father
28.  T Woc – White label

Also get a bellyful of playfullness at this tonight. I’m Playing there is June at a Dubstep vs Chiptune night so busily listening to old favs, nintendo midi files and chip metal.

and finally,  tune smith of the year James Blake, after his set in Dublin last week – great tunes , really bad dj’ing, like bad bad. But anyway main thing what amazing tunes! No attack on anything , everything slips in slick and full of presence.- from Dubstepfriday -lots of good mixes. And check out Simon Rynolds take on emo step, funny-

Biggin up the sniffles crew

The Kleenex crew

Wipe it on your sleeve crew

Get mizzy crew

The boo hoo crew

You know the coo

Absolutely rollin

Tears down your face

X-Amount of Snot

Boo hoo selecta! Reeeeeeeegret, weep and come again

James Blake – Is The Future (Mixed By Preacha)

01 – Airhead & James Blake – Lock In The Lion
02 – James Blake – Sparing The Horse
03 – Lil Wayne – A Milli (Harmonimix)
04 – James Blake – Air & Lack Thereof
05 – James Blake – Buzzard & Kestrel
06 – Airhead & James Blake – Pembroke
07 – Mount Kimbie – Maybes (James Blake Remix)
08 – James Blake – Postpone
09 – James Blake – CMYK
10 – James Blake – I’ll Stay
11 – Destiny’s Child – Bills Bills Bills (Harmonimix)
12 – James Blake – Footnotes
13 – James Blake – Give A Man A Rod
14 – James Blake – The Bells Sketch
15 – Untold – Stop What You’re Doing (James Blake Remix)

download @ mediafire

Ikonika mix for xlr8

Posted by homoludo on May 13 2010 Posted by homoludo on May 13th, 2010 filed in mixtapes
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Go and check this mix Ikonika is very much super killing it right now.

01 Jahcoozi ­ “Read the Books (Ikonika Remix)” (BPitch Control)
02 Martyn ­ “MiniLuv”
03 Braiden ­ “The Alps”
04 Optimum ­ “Storm Riddim”
05 Ikonika ­ “Dckhdbtch”
06 DVA ­ “New World Order” (DVA)
07 Kingdom ­ “Pathfinder” (Scion)
08 Endgames ­ “Ecstasy (Jam City Refix)” (Night Slugs)
09 Lil Silva ­ “A Million” (Night Slugs)
10. Blondes ­ “Spanish Fly (Brenmar Remix)”
11. Ikonika ­ “Aqueous Cream” (Hum&Buzz)
12. Ramadanman ­ “Glut” (Hemlock)
13. Optimum ­ “Chaos”
14. Ikonika ­ “Psoriasis” (Hyperdub)
15. Pony Pony Run Run ­ “Walking On A Line (French Fries Dub)”
16. Caribou ­ “Leave House (Ikonika Remix)” (City Slang)
17. Guido ­ “Mad Sax” (Punch Drunk)
18. Girl Unit ­ “Wut”
19. Addison Groove ­ “Nautilus”
20. J.O.H vs. The-Dream ­ “J.O.H Is A 10”

No more Benzedrine in Mrs Murphy’s Ovaltine.

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R.I.P cheap legal highs in Ireland. Back to the gangsters arms kids. And what will Mrs Murphy do now?

Harry the ‘Hipster’ Gibson- Who put the Benzedrine in Mrs Murphy’s Ovaltine?

Civilization, in fact, grows more and more maudlin and hysterical; especially under democracy it tends to degenerate into a mere combat of crazes; the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.

H.L. Mencken, In Defense of Women (1918)