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Da ta da da da da daaaah! -Kaboogie Records 3!

Posted by homoludo on Sep 23 2010 Posted by homoludo on September 23rd, 2010 filed in !Kaboogie, !Kaboogie Records

Lots going on. Should have posted this on monday. But here ya go KGB03 is out! Here are kind words from Wayne&Wax and and Harmless noise.

!Kaboogie Record’s third release is out this week (20th) with tracks from Mad EP, Ed Devane, Sarsparilla and the Banker…

KBG003 A2 Mad EP – Bass Crunchers (Rapidfirebuzzer EP) by kaboogiemusic
KBG003 A1 Ed Devane – Playtime (Rapidfirebuzzer EP) by kaboogiemusic  Check out the other 2 tracks here.

GHT002 Eomac – Shufflesteppa / A-Force – Orere3000 (clip) by Ghetto QuietlyOut now, pick up a copy here
And the third installment of T-Woc‘s Delayed Responses series is out the week after (27th) UK and Worldwide or available now in Dublin stores (pick up a copy here).
the window Delayed Responses Vol 3 (clip) by t-woc
Dirtdigger – Delayed Responses Vol 3 (Clip) by t-woc

PCPRaidio Monsoon Funky n’ Bass

Posted by homoludo on Sep 18 2010 Posted by homoludo on September 18th, 2010 filed in radio shows
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Last weeks show; Starting off with some hauntology from belbury poly, into some jerky white boy punk funk from the Jellies and then into a mix of tropical uk funky  inspired by last weekend monsoon weather, featuring lots of f”$Ckd up stuff from the excellent Actress, the most dancey Autechre in a while, new Lorn and Dj Nate.



1.    Belbury Poly -The_Young_People
2.    Jellies -Jive_Baby_On_A_Saturday_Night_Original
3.    Jellies-Jive_Baby_On_A_Saturday_Night_

4.    Oriol_-_Memories
5.    Oriol_-_LW
6.    Pariah-Railroad
7.    Pariah -The slump
8.    The Martin Brothers – Steal Drums – Julio Bashmore mix
9.    Breach- Fatherles
10.    The Martin Brothers Steal_Drums_Riva_Starr_Dub
11.    Cooly g-Phat_Si
12.    Kode9_-_You_Don’t_Wash_(DJ-Kicks_Actress’s_Negril_mix_dub)
13.    DJ_Naughty_-_Goosebumps_(original_mix)
14.    Actress GIT IT
15.    justin martin -Get Low (Original Mix)
17.    Make My Day (Actress remix)
18.    unknown
19.    Zinc_-_Bounce_Up
20.    Spooky -Murderer
21.    Autechre_-_Y7.
22. Meljoann – Historical Exhibit (Plastic Artefact Mix) (irl)
23. Lorn Never_Enough
24.    DJ_Nate_-_Let_Da_Beat_Build

Night and Day

Posted by homoludo on Sep 10 2010 Posted by homoludo on September 10th, 2010 filed in !Kaboogie, Ghettoquietly
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Today – Giving a Serato Scratch Live workshop at 4pm the Panama Scout hall at this – Phizzfest

Tonight –

Busy busy – proper post coming soon.