PCPRaidio Monsoon Funky n’ Bass

Posted by homoludo on September 18th, 2010 filed in radio shows

Last weeks show; Starting off with some hauntology from belbury poly, into some jerky white boy punk funk from the Jellies and then into a mix of tropical uk funky  inspired by last weekend monsoon weather, featuring lots of f”$Ckd up stuff from the excellent Actress, the most dancey Autechre in a while, new Lorn and Dj Nate.



1.    Belbury Poly -The_Young_People
2.    Jellies -Jive_Baby_On_A_Saturday_Night_Original
3.    Jellies-Jive_Baby_On_A_Saturday_Night_

4.    Oriol_-_Memories
5.    Oriol_-_LW
6.    Pariah-Railroad
7.    Pariah -The slump
8.    The Martin Brothers – Steal Drums – Julio Bashmore mix
9.    Breach- Fatherles
10.    The Martin Brothers Steal_Drums_Riva_Starr_Dub
11.    Cooly g-Phat_Si
12.    Kode9_-_You_Don’t_Wash_(DJ-Kicks_Actress’s_Negril_mix_dub)
13.    DJ_Naughty_-_Goosebumps_(original_mix)
14.    Actress GIT IT
15.    justin martin -Get Low (Original Mix)
17.    Make My Day (Actress remix)
18.    unknown
19.    Zinc_-_Bounce_Up
20.    Spooky -Murderer
21.    Autechre_-_Y7.
22. Meljoann – Historical Exhibit (Plastic Artefact Mix) (irl)
23. Lorn Never_Enough
24.    DJ_Nate_-_Let_Da_Beat_Build

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