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PCPRadio Brightside

Posted by homoludo on Apr 18 2008 Posted by homoludo on April 18th, 2008 filed in music, radio shows
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Hi, this weeks show(actually from a couple of weeks ago:a new system in the station and my own time traveling— causing some delays). Split into three parts.

Solen ten inch image

Part one starting off with an old Tenor Fly track to put some spring in your step, followd by a paen to sex and solvent abuse in Limerick from the Rubberbandits.

Part two is a few tracks from Japenese band – The Polysics who sound like the Ramones making cartoon theme tunes – with added 8bits. Makes perfect sense. And the videos are great too.

Part three starts with some pressure from Prince Kong (recently getting play from the BBC’s Mary Anne Hobbs and MTV 2) feat Jah Balance. Two new excellent new dubs, the second of which ‘Stamina’ gets under your skin like lice(coming out on twelve soon). Next in this section a dub from Bombaman followed by the A side of the new double A ten inch from Solen, the epic ‘Lord’ , coming out on Dublin’s Alphabet set label. The cover image (above) is one of the best pictures I’ve seen of Ballymun, the place where I learnt my nasty Dublin Irish .

Part one
1. Tenor Fly – The Brightside of life
2. The Rubberbandits – Bags of Glue
3. The South rawkus crew – Hotter den them
4. Tenor Fly – Invincible
5. Daleduro – Bombon Asesino
6. Sabres of paradise – Haunted Dance hall(red snapper remix)
7. Santo Gold – Creator
8. Young mc – Know how – Gutter remix

Part two
9. The Polysics – Get Back to 8bit
10. The Polysics – Electric surfin’ go go
11. The Polysics – You you you

Part three
12. Prince Kong – (dub)
13. Prince Kong – Stamina(dub)
14. Bombaman – speculum – nympho _mowgli remix (dub)
15. Solen – Lord (dub)
16. ???
17. MIA – Paper planes- Holy Fuck remix
18. Starkey/Sizzla/mathead -Let your system go (homoludo deck mash)
19. Kerb – B1(white)
20. Various Pruductions – Pintman( massive)
21. Rusko – Betamax
22. Quatra 330 – Sunset dub
23. Trim – Thief – Radioclit mix
24. One self- Bluebird
part one


part two


part three


Mash of the Week #1

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bye bye betie

our leader



A mix of two Irish tunes –
Captain Moonlight – Dutty C**nts and Naphta- Soundclash I