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PCPRadio Subone

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 Here’s a good set from young Dj Subone who joined me  on Saturday. Also of note is Twoc’s new tune near the end of the set, the launch for which is tonight. More info on that below.

1.    Esau Mwamwaya, Santogold, M.I.A and Northern Cree – Get it Up-Radioclit remix-
Get it Up
2.    Trim and Radioclit – Thief in the night
3.    Benga vs JME – Break it/shut up and dance/ ( homoludo mash)
4.    Cotti Vs party featuring Jammer  – Dem fi know
5.    DMZ- anti war dub
6.    DMZ Blue notz
7.    Luke Envoy – Muggaz
8.    Skream – Percussion
9.    HeadHunters – Quarta
10.    Headhunter – ???
11.    Pervelist –
12.    Ikonika
13.    Landslide vs sloughtermob Splurt
14.    Gemmy – BK 2 The Future
15.    Joker – 80’s
16.    Joker – Freedom
17.    unknown – Exodus
18.    Dark angel- Cool and humble
19.    Joker – Hollybrook lane
20.    ???
21.    Skepta / Frisco / Trim. – A yia Napa Story
22.    ???
23.    Dexorcist – “Fatcap” (D Exe feat Kruie mix)
24.    ??????

25.    Twoc – test press– A side  comes in at 1.27.30
26.    Terror Danjah – “Give It To Em” (feat Mr Bratt & Bruza))



Tonight at the !Kaboogie K club

k space

*MURDERBOT (mashit / dead homies / clash / USA)

*T-WOC (wobble / abc)


*CIGNOL (abc)


Downstairs in Thomas Reads,
Dame Street, Dublin 2.

free admission

9pm – 2:30am

Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit mixtape

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tin tinradioclit

A few from the  new Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit mixtape.  Good mixtape despite detours into Peter Gabriel teritory. Irony seems to be in recession- there was too much, now I’m missing it aready. Good to hear it released on 320kbs – means it can be played out but also means might take a minute to load in you player.

The first track is still loading up

Get it Up (The Very Best Remix)
Esau Mwamwaya, Santogold, M.I.A and Northern Cree
music : Radioclit
[audio:/14 Get It Up.mp3]

Esau Mwamwaya
music : Architecture In Helsinki ‘Heart it races’
[audio:/01 01 Kamphopo.mp3]

Hide and Seek
Esau Mwamwaya and Teki Latex
music : TTC ‘Batards Sensibles’ -prod Para One

Esau Mwamwaya
music : M.I.A ‘Paper planes’ (prod : Diplo)
[audio:/03 Tengazako.mp3]

Download the full mixtape

Could be worse

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Could be worse- if this chap hadn’t saved all our lives.

PCPRadio Killer Circle

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Not many posts over last week or so as mucusoid like, I keep dropping mucus on the keyboard and can’t find the firefox plug in to fix this.

heralds of change cover

This show from the Saturday before last – starts of with a selection of tunes from amazing Irish/Scottish Heralds of Change- quality tunes with loads bass and crunch. Couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard more. Had the Ooops remix since the start of the summer but hadn’t sussed the celtic connection ’till I realised that Heralds of change(Mike Slott and Hudson Hawke) are on Dublin label All City. I was struck by their in tuneness with Rustie and sure enough they work in a crew with Rustie and others- info here– running a club etc. They are getting lots of attention from the likes of Mary Anne hobbs, Starkey and others and are just finishing a US tour. Lots of their mixes can be found here. Hope to maybe feature some of these guys at an upcoming !Kaboogie gig- am on it. It shouldn’t go unremarked that local talent and a local label are making such  a splash with such quality tunes. It’s really well made – check out the flow and arrangement on Trip fall.

Squelch house in the middle with an great track off the (not so) new Matmos album and  the amazing township riddim by Dj Mujava out of South Africa.

Finishing up with a highspeed grime,dubstep and bassline mix that follows the circle of fifths fact fans.

1.    Hudmo remix – Tweet – Ooops
2.    Heralds of change – Bopgunn
3.    Heralds of change – A muse
4.    Hudmo- Come get it
5.    Heralds of change – Trip fall
6.    Heralds of change -Work that
7.    New Jack hustle – All city anthem

Squelchy housey bit
8.    Matmos  – Mister mouth
9.    DJ Mujava-Township riddim
10.    Dj Pierre – My car
11.    Kid sister – control -  jfk remix
12.    Crytstal castles -Health -Keith remix
13.    crookers- Il broto

Grimey, dubby 4x4y Humvee bit.
14.    Zomby – Mush
15.    Benga and Cottie feat Rubidan Cottie -Night
16.    EJ – UFO
17.    Penis Vs. Vagina- Partyshank
18.    EJ – Temperature feat Sean Paul
19.    Rustie – Spiral Shaped Bacterium
20.    Mc Beezy feat Aorah- Can u Dance?

20 b.Punjabi hit squad- Hai hai – Kingdon refix feat 702
21.    Wizzbit- Poppadoms
22.    Zomby – Float
23.    T Star – Biryani riddim
24.    JME – 96 bars of JME
25.    Dj Q- Dutty wine
26.    Roll Deep feat Flowdan, Riko, Wiley, Scratchy– Babylon burner
27.    Starkey – Kick it
28.    Syntonics – Rock tonight –Bombaman’s remix
29.    Dexplicit –What them a do _refix of movada
30.    Giggs – Ting dem –Word the cat license mashup
31.    Terror danjah/ Durrty Goodz – Reloadz

Hudmo- Ooops remix (oops forgot press record at the start of the show)
PCPRaidio_KillerCircle – full show

second half of the show here for those who want to cut straight to  Bassey  Duby grimeyness
[audio:/PCPRadio_M_mix.mp3 ]

Drugzilla – They should be ashamed

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Had a great time during the last recession meself – didn’t pay alot of tax…

The modern major general

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Reading the papers the last few days, it really feels like history has restarted, what?

Speaking of history(ouch.) I’m going to ask these guys tonight if they’ll play my fortieth, which is in like, ages….

The amazing The Hansom brothers (including members of No Means No) they play 70’s power rock style punk, think The Ramones playing ‘Angel is a centre fold’.Playing tonight Oct 8 in Andrews lane theatre

Supporting are Moutpiece –

Mantua fundraiser

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 Dubliners – A fundraiser tonight for the Mantua festival – with lots of people – Alphabet set heads, !Kaboogie heads, the young and the beautiful, me, others…

mantua flyer

Mantua Rob Mclean

Mantua  – Rob Mclean

Speaking of Fluffy grey skies

PCPRadio Barney in Blackface

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Mighty sparrow

Starting with some calypso from the occasionally maligned Harry Belafonte,( the line being that he exploited ‘real’ calypso- I don’t have much time for the keepers of ‘tradition’) this sounds like Barney McKenna of the Dubliners was playing tenor banjo in Trinidad(picture him in blackface) . Check king of calypsonians Mighty Sparrow’s Erasmus B Black as possibly the best tune ever. Those who know me can guess the extra reason for my current fascination with this tune.

Other highlights Ed Devane and Judas the bimboy’s remixes on the forthcoming Super extra bonus party remix album (launching in Andrew’s lane next weekend for those in Dublin) and a half hour prog synth work out from the new Matmos product. I’ll try to fix up the tracklist later.

  1. Harry Belafonte – When the yankees are gone
  2. Mighty Sparrow -The yankee way
  3. Mighty Sparrow-Erasmus b black
  4. Roots manuva – Again and again – moody boys remix
  5. heavy art –0
  6. cotti v mr parti feat jammer dem fi know
  7. A&e Dept -  The rabbit’s  name was (mixed on top of the last one)
  8. Zomby -Liquid dance hall
  9. drums
  10. zomby
  11. Bass junkie
  12. computer people
  13. Bass junike – circuitry
  14. Matmos -supreme balloon  – Half hour track to the new album
  15. Girl
  1. Ed Devane -Super extra bonus party remix
  2. Judas de Bimboy -  Super extra bonus party remix
  3. Postal Service- The district sleep alone tonight – DJ Downfall remix


Capitalism gone mad calypso

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golden calf

Mighty Sparrow – Capitalism gone mad