PCPRadio Barney in Blackface

Posted by homoludo on October 4th, 2008 filed in calypso, Irish bands, radio shows

Mighty sparrow

Starting with some calypso from the occasionally maligned Harry Belafonte,( the line being that he exploited ‘real’ calypso- I don’t have much time for the keepers of ‘tradition’) this sounds like Barney McKenna of the Dubliners was playing tenor banjo in Trinidad(picture him in blackface) . Check king of calypsonians Mighty Sparrow’s Erasmus B Black as possibly the best tune ever. Those who know me can guess the extra reason for my current fascination with this tune.

Other highlights Ed Devane and Judas the bimboy’s remixes on the forthcoming Super extra bonus party remix album (launching in Andrew’s lane next weekend for those in Dublin) and a half hour prog synth work out from the new Matmos product. I’ll try to fix up the tracklist later.

  1. Harry Belafonte – When the yankees are gone
  2. Mighty Sparrow -The yankee way
  3. Mighty Sparrow-Erasmus b black
  4. Roots manuva – Again and again – moody boys remix
  5. heavy art –0
  6. cotti v mr parti feat jammer dem fi know
  7. A&e Dept -  The rabbit’s  name was (mixed on top of the last one)
  8. Zomby -Liquid dance hall
  9. drums
  10. zomby
  11. Bass junkie
  12. computer people
  13. Bass junike – circuitry
  14. Matmos -supreme balloon  – Half hour track to the new album
  15. Girl
  1. Ed Devane -Super extra bonus party remix
  2. Judas de Bimboy -  Super extra bonus party remix
  3. Postal Service- The district sleep alone tonight – DJ Downfall remix


3 Responses to “PCPRadio Barney in Blackface”

  1. krossie Says:

    Lovely as always – but by the by me and watts been playin that matmos toon since about last May!
    Strong contender for sqelchy synth track of the year!

    Phader x

  2. homoludo » PCPRadio Killer Circle Says:

    […] house in the middle with an great track off the (not so) new Matmos album and  the amazing township riddim by Dj Mujava out of South […]

  3. krossie Says:


    That Ed Devane mix is the funniest ting I’ve heard in yonks!!


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