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Tonight – Kyber punk.

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kode 9 various productions flyer

Some background on the tonight’s bass science.

My understanding is that Mr 9 went to college with K-punk. Where they were in a krew called Ccru (Cybernetic Culture Research Unit). Based in Birmingham and founded by Sadie Plant and abetted by Nick Land(“professor of delirial engineering” ).

Here’s an excerpt from a ten year old interview about them re-uped by K-punk.

Still nominally affiliated to the famously poststructuralist Philosophy Department of Warwick University, England, the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit is a rogue unit. It’s the academic equivalent of Kurtz: the general in Apocalypse Now who used unorthodox methods to achieve superior results compared with the tradition-bound US military. Blurring the borders between traditional scholarship, cyberpunk sci-fi and music journalism, the CRRU are striving to achieve a kind of nomadic thought that to use the Deleuze & Guattari term—“deterritorializes” itself every which way: theory melded with fiction, philosophy cross-contaminated by natural sciences (neurology, bacteriology, thermodynamics, metallurgy, chaos and complexity theory, connectionism), academic writing that aspires to the future-shock intensity of jungle and other forms of post-rave music.

They used of K’s as in kyber punk as opposed to cyber punk, Kode in place of code. This usage of K was to distinguish themselves from the US version of Cyber, tainted by the suspicion that it’s all just a cover for building an infinite world in which to play with an infinitely real Barbie playmate . Tainted also by the psychedelic light movement, Necropronte, Wired etc. They were into numerology and a practice called hyperstition(hyperdub?).

Kode 9 is long rumored to be writing a book on sound as weapon, though no doubt distracted by his success at the moment. The track that contains the most hints as to this is ‘Backwards’, available in one of my back shows. This vid is also worth checking out.

This is scribbled while cooking dinner and getting ready to go the the gig – the rice is roiling so see you later ….

Happy birthday hardcore Jungle!

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Dj C noticed this recently.
Had been feelin’ the stuff recently (see earlier) so thought I’d do a show and a post. All the tracks below are from 93 which makes this year its 15th birthday. A good chunk of them are from Hardleaders III on Kickin’.

front sleeve of Hardleaders 3

This style kind of suits cheesy compilations and to my knowledge this is the best one. It’s at the point where hardcore and rave are becoming jungle proper, so I’m mixing up the whole album for y’all.Followed by more tunes from the period.
It’s my favourite time in the music, it’s lost the frivolousness of rave, but the rules and patterns that eventually became so predictable and boring have yet to set. Anything goes – four fours, bagpipes, processed euphoric vocals reaching to other skies – as long as it’s in the service of a serious dance. It still feels futuristic, a potential future I’m nostalgic for.

From the back sleeve – The sound of Urban Jungle of the 90’s is now firmly set in a complex mixture of breakbeats, atmospheric keyboards and ethnic/tribal samples. UK ‘rave’ music has reached a level of sophistication that puts it on a par with the most advanced sounds. Every drumbeat is designed to fire the pleasure transmitters of the brain, providing the disillusioned youth of today with relief from the drudgery of everyday life in the urban wasteland.

1. Bay-b-kane – Hello Darkness(rmx)
2. Andy c – Something new pt 2
3. Rhythm for reasons – Music in search of light
4. Dj distroi & boykz – Darkside
5. Tango – Timebomb
6. Dj solo – Darkage
7. Dj Hype – Weird energy (hells bells mix)
8. Q bass -hype the funk (dj hype rmx)
9. Tango and ratty – Final conflict
10. Bay-b-kane – Bagpipes in effect
11. Acen – Window in the Sky
12. Omni Trio – Mainline (techno mix)
13. 4Hero – The element(highnoon)
14. Skanna – The greatest thing
15. 4Hero – The power
16. The FBD project- The core
17. 4Hero – In the shadow(sunrise remix)
18. Rude Boyz – Paragone (rmx)
19. The Undergraduates- into the future
20. Omni tiro – Renegade snares
21. Bash street kids – Fuzzy felt
22. N.r.g – He never lost his hardcore
23. Bash street kids – power of darkness
24. Subsonic legacy – revolution (bring the noise)
25. Midas – Imperial march (stars wars mix)

26. J-sweet – Kerb
27. 2562 -Circulate



Dispatch from the hardcore continuum(link)

It’s kind of the birthday of my dj’ing also.
This was around the time rave went over ground in Ireland (outside Sides and the Assylum). Multi media was a new buzz word (the Ormond multi media centre anybody?). Everybody who hadn’t already, was discovering being ‘on one’. Cyber lit. and systems ideas were currency, and their associated images were common.
example;I had a bee in my bonnet at time about the word ‘buzz’, swarm theory and hive behaviour; dance as communication etc.

illustrative of the hive mind

The previous year I was playing a mid week night downstairs in Fibber McGees called RadioCrush(in aid of radioactive with Crudden, Krossie and others), it was impossible not to notice that when I departed from the hip hop, punk, industrial and indie and dropped house and rave tunes the place went mental. Within a few weeks the set was all dance(all my dole and club wages going on dance wax). The crowd was full of dole punks and refugees from the weekend clubs looking to keep the buzz going. Open minded,they would go for a set starting with hip hop into Italian trance into house then techno up-to jungle, finishing with fast proto tekno. That was my first taste of ‘baleric’, as in playing anything to keep the energy going. The punk nature of it appealed to me- diy music in small runs by anonymous producers with an a communal, euphoric and anti system ethos. This felt completely new and some how right on the beat to somebody immersed in William Gibson, K. Dick etc. This experience made me decide that dj’ing was for me. As did the night when, shy kid that I was, I mistook the whoops, cheers and pointing of the crowd; I looked behind me, thinking ‘where’s the fire?’, turning back around and thinking ‘oh’ was a good feeling.
The night became two nights, but this open mindedness did not last and within a couple years playing a set like that was impossible as people chose styles to match their trainers and developed firm opinions about what music they liked. The splits were pronounced, even techno had sub genres where the crowds were mostly exclusive: Detroit, acid,idm, techhouse etc etc. I spent the next few years often getting into trouble playing the wrong music. It was serious business – house heads didn’t want any techno(‘cept flash) ruining their buzz and the same went for every crew. It was hard to resist the temptation to drop something other- for me the fun and challenge was always in the creative, even incongruous mix. But fair enough, most people had spent a lot of money and effort on their buzz and didn’t want it messed with, no matter how creatively(and it must be admitted my skills didn’t always match my ambition and that kind of thing must be done right). Also, half the time, I did it just to f**k things up a bit;) [This was why Dj’s like Irish dj Rowen and Rupture were such a breath. They kind of legitamised that style, while raising it a couple of levels. The decrease in the popularity of dance a few years ago was good, in that in allowed a return to shitty clubs and open minds as exemplified by !Kaboogie in dublin and crews around the country].

Anyway the euphoria died off, dj’s became superstars and history ended with the Third way as the disappointing permanent future(this is why I’m building a time machine out of broken 78 records).

What I took from it all is that dj’ing and the music is a process. Something you do for the moment, the feeling and the dance. Notions of success in the culture industry miss the point . Not that I’ve anything against playing the game, but the real game is just to keep getting better and to keep doing it. Fire. Mos Def.

Zizek, Cumbia. Some surplus enjoyment.

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Here’s a couple of tracks. They feel second gen cumbia( given that gens come now in six monthly installs, everybody ADHD now), all digi-ed up and sheeny.

zizek the movie poster

They’re both from people in the Zizek crew, who a while back, I was delighted to see existed just for the name alone(see earlier post on Dj’s with degrees). It’s a pleasure to realise they’re music is so good.

This is a re-up from word the cat

Daleduro – Bombon Asesino



The ep is on vinyl and can be got with streams of the other tunes on it here.

For those of you who don’t know Zizek; he’s the bad boy fun guy who explicates lacanian theory with classic sf, movies and both Marxes. He’s got surplus, He’s like the real ting. ref:#329 backlash immanent.

Zizek crew gig poster

The second tune I heard on Rupture’s show(genius steals). He’s interviewing Ghislain Poirier, who I’m playing with in May. I was checking it in between listening to Prince Kongs new tune(!) and making uilleann pipe tracks (be afraid). Rupture finished with this-

Cumbia Bichera by El Remolon



It’s nice as you can hear and even more nice is that the ep it’s on is available free in Hi-fi  on this cool creative commons site.
The Label hosting the ep – Pueblo Nuevo are worth checking also.

Later – The Bad boy Badiou beats crew Vs. The Cuture industry.

The Dream of the ridiculous man

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Thinking about complicity and “more bigger snacks now!” etc. I remembered this animation, seen as a teenager on late night Channel 4, when they used to show a lot of animation from around the world as opposed to plastic surgery and diets . I googled my memory of it(see earlier post on Google and memory), which was that it was a Dostoevsky story and painted on glass , and hey presto here it is –

by Alexander Petrov

link to the Ridiculous

While feeling animation; dark but light – the work of David Firth – here’s a link to the brilliant Salad fingers. Great sound design as well.

If you don’t know him Check him out, really.

link to salad finger animation

And Ryan by Chris Landreth. A technically amazing film about a down and out animator. Brings to mind the talented ravers I knew who didn’t find a better life through chemistry.

link to chris landreth's animation Ryan

PCPRadio Spedupstep

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This weeks show is based around the fact that one can mix pretty much anything with Dubstep. This elasiticity is what I like about it. So it’s a mix of one dubstep tune followed be something that isn’t and it doesn’t get more not dubstep then Kirsty McCall. It’s also about messing it up. In the last part I’m playing dubstep at 45, which I started doing ’cause it’s hard to buy good tunes in the 200bpm region. I’ve grown to like the sound and the idea that it’s a way out of the orthodoxy that can quickly grow up around a genre. It’s Ok most of the way, but there are some slips as I was tired from a six O’Clock start, college, and a beery evening with the lesbians after the International womens day march.



1. Conquest – Forever
2. Kirsty McCall – Mambo de luna -Mint royal remix (breakbeat pop)
3. G Squad – Assumptions -Skream remix
4. Luck and Neat – Irie – Beatfreaks remix(Speed garage)
5. Forsaken – Erstwhile rythym
6. Robert Hood -Minus(techno)
7. Skream -Chest Boxing
8. On Demand – Controlling remix(old hardcore)
9. I Don’t give a Dub
10. Tango and Ratty – Final Conflict(old hardcore)
11. Aaron Spectre- Music is a weapon
12. 4 hero – Journey to the light(old hardcore)
13. Trc – I need love ft Zoe(bassline)
14. Warrior Queen – Poison Dart – Skream remix
15. Various productions – Pitman(???)
16. Various productions – Monster(Electro Bassline/??)
17. Warrior Queen – Almighty father(dubstep)
18. Sticky ft Miss Dynamite – Boo!(Speed Garage)

SpedUpStep Section

19. Mundo & Lifted Mc – We bring murder
20. Movado -Dying (version)
21. Matt Green – True Lies
22. Dj Blaqstar – Shake it to the Ground (screwed)
23. Skream – Lightning (was skipping and couldn’t get it in)
24. Dizzy Rascal – Sirens Chase and Status remix
25. Vex’d – Fire
26. Vex’d – Pop Pop
27. Scuba – Respirator
28. Missy Eliot- Work it -instrumental
29. U-Roy and Francois keravokian- Rootsman

Gary does this.

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Here’s a video my mate Gary tells me he knocked up in a couple of hours. He’s singer and lead guitar in top punk/garage/pub rock band Moutpiece.

PCPRadio Dropping Bombs! 1 March 08

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New Dubstep Dj Gon is this week’s guest. Great set of fresh tunes.

sxxet listxtoxxxfollowxxtomorrow.

Saturdays show starts off with a great tune biggin’ up Ghana and it’s expat dj’s/producers and peeps. Check out the great soccer qoute a minute or so in (available from word the cats blog). Then a mini bassline set – For which I learnt ableton. Took about forty minutes to learn and do. Scarily easy(cept for a couple of skips from the render – nerds , how is this avoided?). Then Gom starts dropping bombs. Check out the Santo gold tune amongst others.

1. Sway – Blackstar

2. Mini Bassline set feat fourTunes from EJ
a) Haters vox.
b) UFO
c) Temperature Vox.
d) Temperature inst.

Gon kicks off

3. Bird Peterson- Wu tang ain’t

4. Mike Lennon -When science fails rusko remiix

5. Rob Sparx- resc remix

6. Mark Ashton – roots dyed dark -skream rmx

7. compound – One ting

8. The seafront -Quest

9. Kromestar-Hungry bully ep

10. Santogold -Creator

11. Ghislain Poirier -Blazen’ – Modeselector remix

12. Sarantis feat taurus – 3 course meal

13. Dubchild -mount Zion -protocol remix

14. Unknown- war vol 2

15. Unknown
We start two on two off, with me first.
16. Solvent – Think like us – Bombaman remix

17. Soundcorp -Toll remix(1992)

18. Juju – red dot

19. Hijack – Dalek

20. Unknow white -Funk dub

21. Luck and Neat – Irie –beatfreaks remix

22. nyiabeny -bionical

23. Digital – riffle riddim

24. Smiley Culture vs White Boi and komonasmuck -Bless Roots – Homoludo blend