Tonight – Kyber punk.

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kode 9 various productions flyer

Some background on the tonight’s bass science.

My understanding is that Mr 9 went to college with K-punk. Where they were in a krew called Ccru (Cybernetic Culture Research Unit). Based in Birmingham and founded by Sadie Plant and abetted by Nick Land(“professor of delirial engineering” ).

Here’s an excerpt from a ten year old interview about them re-uped by K-punk.

Still nominally affiliated to the famously poststructuralist Philosophy Department of Warwick University, England, the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit is a rogue unit. It’s the academic equivalent of Kurtz: the general in Apocalypse Now who used unorthodox methods to achieve superior results compared with the tradition-bound US military. Blurring the borders between traditional scholarship, cyberpunk sci-fi and music journalism, the CRRU are striving to achieve a kind of nomadic thought that to use the Deleuze & Guattari term—“deterritorializes” itself every which way: theory melded with fiction, philosophy cross-contaminated by natural sciences (neurology, bacteriology, thermodynamics, metallurgy, chaos and complexity theory, connectionism), academic writing that aspires to the future-shock intensity of jungle and other forms of post-rave music.

They used of K’s as in kyber punk as opposed to cyber punk, Kode in place of code. This usage of K was to distinguish themselves from the US version of Cyber, tainted by the suspicion that it’s all just a cover for building an infinite world in which to play with an infinitely real Barbie playmate . Tainted also by the psychedelic light movement, Necropronte, Wired etc. They were into numerology and a practice called hyperstition(hyperdub?).

Kode 9 is long rumored to be writing a book on sound as weapon, though no doubt distracted by his success at the moment. The track that contains the most hints as to this is ‘Backwards’, available in one of my back shows. This vid is also worth checking out.

This is scribbled while cooking dinner and getting ready to go the the gig – the rice is roiling so see you later ….

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  1. Waldo's brain Says:

    Sounds like some noise merchant trying to come across as some sorta academic and intellectualize his music for all all ye musos, who fancy yerselves as being more intelligent than those around ye. They only thing this c**t is doing is changing ‘c’ to ‘k’ – Jaysus – this is his offering to 21st Century philosophical discourse. Dj Spooky – there’s another idiot who tried the whole intellectual Dj thing (before disappearing up his own pseudo intellecto anus). Any how Cyber = kyber
    (not kyper…) But that’s not cool – follow this link, Baudrillard wanabees..

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