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Sydney Samson – Riverside (Breakage Remix)

Posted by homoludo on Dec 06 2009 Posted by homoludo on December 6th, 2009 filed in dubstep, free music, scenexscience
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and here’s a 192 version-

Sydney Samon -Riverside (Breakage Remix)



via the ever on the money Scenexscience

PCPRadio Right on

Posted by homoludo on Nov 15 2008 Posted by homoludo on November 15th, 2008 filed in Bassline, dubstep, grime, Irish bands, music, radio shows
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Jimmy Sabater

This weeks show – starts ofwith some celebratory soul for the times that are in it. Other tunes of note – Irish bleepness and dubness from Mike Slott and 2bit. A mash of Panda bear, lots of crunky mashes, grime, bassline and the haunting ‘nightmares keep me awake’ from Jinder.

  1. Jimmy Sabater – The times are changin
  2. The voices of east harlem – Right on be free
  3. Mike Slott- Three deluxe


  1. Panda Bear/ Starkey mash – Listen In/ Good Girl/Carrots
  2. 2BiT- Ancient Archive
  4. MIKIX THE CAT- Freeze (Starkey remix)
  5. Starkey- Just A freind
  6. Dj murk – datz me
  7. Dev 97 – Real talk
  8. Peter Gunn and Small change- Pacman’s on some syrup 
  9. The Moutain
  10. Peter Gunn and Small change- shut up creep
  11. Dj murks -baby bvoy
  12. Midnight Kryptonite
  13. Dj murks- Dark and grey
  14. Smasher – back in the day – vocal
  15. Dabrye – Air feat mf doom -kode 9 remix
  16. Dev 79 – yes siirr


  1. Little Jinder – Eat my fears – Drop the lime remix
  2. Drop the lime _I_Love_NY
  3. Mikix the cat- Outlaw
  4. Starkey -  blow your  mind
  5. Slimthug bang bang

Tonight – Kyber punk.

Posted by homoludo on Mar 28 2008 Posted by homoludo on March 28th, 2008 filed in dubstep, gigs, history, K
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kode 9 various productions flyer

Some background on the tonight’s bass science.

My understanding is that Mr 9 went to college with K-punk. Where they were in a krew called Ccru (Cybernetic Culture Research Unit). Based in Birmingham and founded by Sadie Plant and abetted by Nick Land(“professor of delirial engineering” ).

Here’s an excerpt from a ten year old interview about them re-uped by K-punk.

Still nominally affiliated to the famously poststructuralist Philosophy Department of Warwick University, England, the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit is a rogue unit. It’s the academic equivalent of Kurtz: the general in Apocalypse Now who used unorthodox methods to achieve superior results compared with the tradition-bound US military. Blurring the borders between traditional scholarship, cyberpunk sci-fi and music journalism, the CRRU are striving to achieve a kind of nomadic thought that to use the Deleuze & Guattari term—“deterritorializes” itself every which way: theory melded with fiction, philosophy cross-contaminated by natural sciences (neurology, bacteriology, thermodynamics, metallurgy, chaos and complexity theory, connectionism), academic writing that aspires to the future-shock intensity of jungle and other forms of post-rave music.

They used of K’s as in kyber punk as opposed to cyber punk, Kode in place of code. This usage of K was to distinguish themselves from the US version of Cyber, tainted by the suspicion that it’s all just a cover for building an infinite world in which to play with an infinitely real Barbie playmate . Tainted also by the psychedelic light movement, Necropronte, Wired etc. They were into numerology and a practice called hyperstition(hyperdub?).

Kode 9 is long rumored to be writing a book on sound as weapon, though no doubt distracted by his success at the moment. The track that contains the most hints as to this is ‘Backwards’, available in one of my back shows. This vid is also worth checking out.

This is scribbled while cooking dinner and getting ready to go the the gig – the rice is roiling so see you later ….

PCPRadio Spedupstep

Posted by homoludo on Mar 09 2008 Posted by homoludo on March 9th, 2008 filed in dubstep, hardcore, radio shows, spedupstep


This weeks show is based around the fact that one can mix pretty much anything with Dubstep. This elasiticity is what I like about it. So it’s a mix of one dubstep tune followed be something that isn’t and it doesn’t get more not dubstep then Kirsty McCall. It’s also about messing it up. In the last part I’m playing dubstep at 45, which I started doing ’cause it’s hard to buy good tunes in the 200bpm region. I’ve grown to like the sound and the idea that it’s a way out of the orthodoxy that can quickly grow up around a genre. It’s Ok most of the way, but there are some slips as I was tired from a six O’Clock start, college, and a beery evening with the lesbians after the International womens day march.



1. Conquest – Forever
2. Kirsty McCall – Mambo de luna -Mint royal remix (breakbeat pop)
3. G Squad – Assumptions -Skream remix
4. Luck and Neat – Irie – Beatfreaks remix(Speed garage)
5. Forsaken – Erstwhile rythym
6. Robert Hood -Minus(techno)
7. Skream -Chest Boxing
8. On Demand – Controlling remix(old hardcore)
9. I Don’t give a Dub
10. Tango and Ratty – Final Conflict(old hardcore)
11. Aaron Spectre- Music is a weapon
12. 4 hero – Journey to the light(old hardcore)
13. Trc – I need love ft Zoe(bassline)
14. Warrior Queen – Poison Dart – Skream remix
15. Various productions – Pitman(???)
16. Various productions – Monster(Electro Bassline/??)
17. Warrior Queen – Almighty father(dubstep)
18. Sticky ft Miss Dynamite – Boo!(Speed Garage)

SpedUpStep Section

19. Mundo & Lifted Mc – We bring murder
20. Movado -Dying (version)
21. Matt Green – True Lies
22. Dj Blaqstar – Shake it to the Ground (screwed)
23. Skream – Lightning (was skipping and couldn’t get it in)
24. Dizzy Rascal – Sirens Chase and Status remix
25. Vex’d – Fire
26. Vex’d – Pop Pop
27. Scuba – Respirator
28. Missy Eliot- Work it -instrumental
29. U-Roy and Francois keravokian- Rootsman

PCPRadio Dropping Bombs! 1 March 08

Posted by homoludo on Mar 04 2008 Posted by homoludo on March 4th, 2008 filed in Bassline, dubstep, radio shows

New Dubstep Dj Gon is this week’s guest. Great set of fresh tunes.

sxxet listxtoxxxfollowxxtomorrow.

Saturdays show starts off with a great tune biggin’ up Ghana and it’s expat dj’s/producers and peeps. Check out the great soccer qoute a minute or so in (available from word the cats blog). Then a mini bassline set – For which I learnt ableton. Took about forty minutes to learn and do. Scarily easy(cept for a couple of skips from the render – nerds , how is this avoided?). Then Gom starts dropping bombs. Check out the Santo gold tune amongst others.

1. Sway – Blackstar

2. Mini Bassline set feat fourTunes from EJ
a) Haters vox.
b) UFO
c) Temperature Vox.
d) Temperature inst.

Gon kicks off

3. Bird Peterson- Wu tang ain’t

4. Mike Lennon -When science fails rusko remiix

5. Rob Sparx- resc remix

6. Mark Ashton – roots dyed dark -skream rmx

7. compound – One ting

8. The seafront -Quest

9. Kromestar-Hungry bully ep

10. Santogold -Creator

11. Ghislain Poirier -Blazen’ – Modeselector remix

12. Sarantis feat taurus – 3 course meal

13. Dubchild -mount Zion -protocol remix

14. Unknown- war vol 2

15. Unknown
We start two on two off, with me first.
16. Solvent – Think like us – Bombaman remix

17. Soundcorp -Toll remix(1992)

18. Juju – red dot

19. Hijack – Dalek

20. Unknow white -Funk dub

21. Luck and Neat – Irie –beatfreaks remix

22. nyiabeny -bionical

23. Digital – riffle riddim

24. Smiley Culture vs White Boi and komonasmuck -Bless Roots – Homoludo blend



Slavin’ Away

Posted by homoludo on Feb 29 2008 Posted by homoludo on February 29th, 2008 filed in difference, dubstep, music
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Very feeling this, so I thought I’d put it up for those of you stuck in offices, only hours away from dumping homofaber.

Fiery furnaces – SlavinAway(BassClefRemix)


worker dead at desk for five days article

walking stick cosys

Also check this, those of you stuck for knitted walking sticks.

PCPRadio 9 feb 08-Brass Attacks!

Posted by homoludo on Feb 15 2008 Posted by homoludo on February 15th, 2008 filed in brass, dubstep, radio shows
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Brass attacks #1

brass fittings

This weeks show starts with some of my favourite brass band tunes. Had the best dance I’ve had in years when I saw the Rebirth brass band in Tipitina’s in New Orleans, a couple of months before the planned forced relocation of the population- when I was there people were telling me it was coming anytime now and their requests for water proofing would never be answered.

Got turned on to the brilliance of post-Quincy Jones, post hip-hop brass there, perfectly exemplified by ‘Casanova’ from the Rebirths below. Could feel my hair blowing back in the wind of brass. Dj Halfdutch chose the Hot 8’s version of sexual healing in my end of 07 show(check it – at the start of one the of the January shows). Brass’s rise in people’s minds and use in music from Winehouse to punk to indie is very noticeable these days. The Tuba bass sound has a lot of colour and power and a tuba powered top class brass band have to be heard to be believed.

Later in the show a couple of tunes from Mc Beezy’s new mixtape, who along with Durty Goodz just keeps bringing it. The rest features class irish dubstep taken from the new !Kaboogie cd and the new Twoc Vinyl (see side bar). Other highlights for me are the mix out of Bombaman’s remix in to some old hardcore from 4 Hero( the mutability of dubstep fascinates me at least as much as the music itself) and then back into some crisp work from Bassclef. Also pneumonia from Fog has to be heared.Posted this show late as homoludo and homofaber were having a bit of tussle, which wasn’t resolved till late in the week.

1. The Young blood brass band – Tuba solo
2. The Rebirth brass band – Cassnova
3. The Hot 8 brass band – Fly away
4. The Dirty Dozen brass band – Caravan
5. Tom waits – Hang on St Christopher
6. Fog – Wallpapersinkorswim
7. Fog – Pneumonia – coldcut mix

8. Mc Beezy – Mr Cunstable
9. Mc Beezy – Mr Dingaling
10. Hatcha and kromestar- White noise
11. 2Bit – EXP5
12. Twoc -Old and grey
13. Forsaken – Boat noodles
14. Road kill vs Hijack– Never sleep
15. Solvent – Think like us – Bombaman remix
16. 4 Hero – Journey from the light
17. Bassclef-808
18. A-Force – Kiki
19. Ed devane- Dubcore maximus
20. Bassclef- 1471
21. Symarip – These boots are made for walking



“Between the optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll. The optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist the hole!”

Posted by homoludo on Jan 08 2008 Posted by homoludo on January 8th, 2008 filed in dubstep, K, writing

The ruination of Dubstep by dirty K sniffin’ crusties – Discuss.

Intersting Dissensus forum discussion on same

“I also went to a squat party in west London over the weekend and heard dubstep rinsed on the main system, something that’s now a regular event at squat raves. This has been building for more than a year now, but in the last few months dubstep has properly crossed over into the free rave scene.

It seems to me that this has come from two different angles. The rig owners, having often spent tens of thousands on their soundsystems, are unsuprisingly eager to play music that shows off thier pride and joy in the most devastating light. Certainly I’ve never heard dubstep sound as physical and overwhelming as it did on saturday, played on maybe the best free party rig in the country – a rig that would destroy all bar a tiny handful of London’s club soundsystems.

But from the punters point of view, it seems that people have suddenly woken up to the amazing syncronicity between dubstep and ketamine, which I guess was totally unintentional on the part of dubstep’s originaters. But K and dubstep were born for one another, just like extacy and acid house… and watching dubstep’s sudden boom in squat raves has really reminded me of the lightbulb that went on over people’s heads in 88-92 when they first took Es to house music…”

dark smiley