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Posted by homoludo on November 15th, 2008 filed in Bassline, dubstep, grime, Irish bands, music, radio shows

Jimmy Sabater

This weeks show – starts ofwith some celebratory soul for the times that are in it. Other tunes of note – Irish bleepness and dubness from Mike Slott and 2bit. A mash of Panda bear, lots of crunky mashes, grime, bassline and the haunting ‘nightmares keep me awake’ from Jinder.

  1. Jimmy Sabater – The times are changin
  2. The voices of east harlem – Right on be free
  3. Mike Slott- Three deluxe


  1. Panda Bear/ Starkey mash – Listen In/ Good Girl/Carrots
  2. 2BiT- Ancient Archive
  4. MIKIX THE CAT- Freeze (Starkey remix)
  5. Starkey- Just A freind
  6. Dj murk – datz me
  7. Dev 97 – Real talk
  8. Peter Gunn and Small change- Pacman’s on some syrup 
  9. The Moutain
  10. Peter Gunn and Small change- shut up creep
  11. Dj murks -baby bvoy
  12. Midnight Kryptonite
  13. Dj murks- Dark and grey
  14. Smasher – back in the day – vocal
  15. Dabrye – Air feat mf doom -kode 9 remix
  16. Dev 79 – yes siirr


  1. Little Jinder – Eat my fears – Drop the lime remix
  2. Drop the lime _I_Love_NY
  3. Mikix the cat- Outlaw
  4. Starkey -  blow your  mind
  5. Slimthug bang bang

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