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Digital playtime and Computer love

Posted by homoludo on Jun 10 2010 Posted by homoludo on June 10th, 2010 filed in flyers, gigs, theory
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Two strangely similar but very different gigs this weekend. Brother Ludo and I playing as Homoludo on the bill with Subversus this Friday in support of  Basek (mix to check) at mad chiptune and video game night Gamepak. Also playing elsewhere in the venue  that night are Martyn, who with Kode 9(link to a good review of his dissapointing book, Sonic Warfare) played my fav set at Block this year) and Dj Yoda…which is nice. And on Sat I think I’m playing at some diy media party thing also but will post when I know more.

Gamepak flyer june 2010

And (again) on Sunday, Big Monster Love, sings of history in the digital age and love as social networking in Bewley’s Grafton street.

Big monster love flyer Bewleys

PCPRaidio Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor

Posted by homoludo on Jun 03 2010 Posted by homoludo on June 3rd, 2010 filed in free music, radio shows

 Brain derived neurotrophic factor

Show recorded a couple of weeks ago(note to self -put them up quicker). Starting off with some hip hop tempo neon flavoured electro from Intra:mental, then mainly a big bunch of uk funky featturing lots of Julian Bashmore , who’s mad it on these days. Linked tunes can be downloaded.



1.    Instra mental_-_Let’s_Talk
2.    Kowton_-_Hunger
3.    Basic_Soul_Unit_-_Jak’d_Freq_(A_Made_Up_Sound_-_Acid_bonus)
4.    MJ_Cole_-_Thekla_Riddim
5.    Sekta_feat_Spoek_Mathambo_-_Peterpan_(Julio_Bashmore_dub)
6.    West_Norwood_Cassette_Library_-_What_It_Is_(Brackles_mix)
7.    Malente_&_Dex_-_Habibi_(Julio_Bashmore_Hamilli_remix)
8.    MJ_Cole_-_Volcano_Riddim
9.    Jamtech_Foundation_-_Too_Fast_(Julio_Bashmore_remix)
10.    Seiji 2-Elevator
11.    MJ_Cole_-_Phoenix_Riddim
12.    Debruit_-_Nigeria_What_
13.    Buraka_Som_Sistema_-_Restless_(Julio_Bashmore_remix)
14.    Geeneus – Night
15.    Rudi_Zygadlo_-_Filthy_Logic_(Raffertie_remix)
16.    Seiji Yesman
17.    Martyn_-_Right_Star!
18.    Instra_Mental_-_Futurist
19.    Geazah_-_Timetravel
20.    Ikonika_-_Continue_
21.    Ikonika_-_They_Are_Losing_The_War
22.    Ikonika_-_Look_(Final_Boss_Stage)
23.    Rod Azlan  Jah Live (Starkey Remix)
24.    Bassnectar_-_Boombox_(Bassnectar_remix)