PCPRadio Dropping Bombs! 1 March 08

Posted by homoludo on March 4th, 2008 filed in Bassline, dubstep, radio shows

New Dubstep Dj Gon is this week’s guest. Great set of fresh tunes.

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Saturdays show starts off with a great tune biggin’ up Ghana and it’s expat dj’s/producers and peeps. Check out the great soccer qoute a minute or so in (available from word the cats blog). Then a mini bassline set – For which I learnt ableton. Took about forty minutes to learn and do. Scarily easy(cept for a couple of skips from the render – nerds , how is this avoided?). Then Gom starts dropping bombs. Check out the Santo gold tune amongst others.

1. Sway – Blackstar

2. Mini Bassline set feat fourTunes from EJ
a) Haters vox.
b) UFO
c) Temperature Vox.
d) Temperature inst.

Gon kicks off

3. Bird Peterson- Wu tang ain’t

4. Mike Lennon -When science fails rusko remiix

5. Rob Sparx- resc remix

6. Mark Ashton – roots dyed dark -skream rmx

7. compound – One ting

8. The seafront -Quest

9. Kromestar-Hungry bully ep

10. Santogold -Creator

11. Ghislain Poirier -Blazen’ – Modeselector remix

12. Sarantis feat taurus – 3 course meal

13. Dubchild -mount Zion -protocol remix

14. Unknown- war vol 2

15. Unknown
We start two on two off, with me first.
16. Solvent – Think like us – Bombaman remix

17. Soundcorp -Toll remix(1992)

18. Juju – red dot

19. Hijack – Dalek

20. Unknow white -Funk dub

21. Luck and Neat – Irie –beatfreaks remix

22. nyiabeny -bionical

23. Digital – riffle riddim

24. Smiley Culture vs White Boi and komonasmuck -Bless Roots – Homoludo blend



3 Responses to “PCPRadio Dropping Bombs! 1 March 08”

  1. Reddy Says:

    Were you using Ableton with any midi controllers? Its deadly isnt it, it seems to make anything and everything work – like an alchemists fools gold of music. Or maybe I just have my ear phones up too loud when playing with it. Have you found any good plug ins for it?

  2. homoludo Says:

    I’m only getting into it. Just ‘Cause some stuff these days only comes out on digi. In a way I don’t like it ’cause it makes reduntant ten year of learning to mix. But having said that it’s possibilities are very interesting- the way to go, I think, is to use it as itself – not to imatate a seventies inspiration(mixing vinyl).

  3. a-force Says:

    some good plugins over at http://www.dontcrack.com (pc and mac)

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