PCPRadio 9 feb 08-Brass Attacks!

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Brass attacks #1

brass fittings

This weeks show starts with some of my favourite brass band tunes. Had the best dance I’ve had in years when I saw the Rebirth brass band in Tipitina’s in New Orleans, a couple of months before the planned forced relocation of the population- when I was there people were telling me it was coming anytime now and their requests for water proofing would never be answered.

Got turned on to the brilliance of post-Quincy Jones, post hip-hop brass there, perfectly exemplified by ‘Casanova’ from the Rebirths below. Could feel my hair blowing back in the wind of brass. Dj Halfdutch chose the Hot 8’s version of sexual healing in my end of 07 show(check it – at the start of one the of the January shows). Brass’s rise in people’s minds and use in music from Winehouse to punk to indie is very noticeable these days. The Tuba bass sound has a lot of colour and power and a tuba powered top class brass band have to be heard to be believed.

Later in the show a couple of tunes from Mc Beezy’s new mixtape, who along with Durty Goodz just keeps bringing it. The rest features class irish dubstep taken from the new !Kaboogie cd and the new Twoc Vinyl (see side bar). Other highlights for me are the mix out of Bombaman’s remix in to some old hardcore from 4 Hero( the mutability of dubstep fascinates me at least as much as the music itself) and then back into some crisp work from Bassclef. Also pneumonia from Fog has to be heared.Posted this show late as homoludo and homofaber were having a bit of tussle, which wasn’t resolved till late in the week.

1. The Young blood brass band – Tuba solo
2. The Rebirth brass band – Cassnova
3. The Hot 8 brass band – Fly away
4. The Dirty Dozen brass band – Caravan
5. Tom waits – Hang on St Christopher
6. Fog – Wallpapersinkorswim
7. Fog – Pneumonia – coldcut mix

8. Mc Beezy – Mr Cunstable
9. Mc Beezy – Mr Dingaling
10. Hatcha and kromestar- White noise
11. 2Bit – EXP5
12. Twoc -Old and grey
13. Forsaken – Boat noodles
14. Road kill vs Hijack– Never sleep
15. Solvent – Think like us – Bombaman remix
16. 4 Hero – Journey from the light
17. Bassclef-808
18. A-Force – Kiki
19. Ed devane- Dubcore maximus
20. Bassclef- 1471
21. Symarip – These boots are made for walking



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