Zizek, Cumbia. Some surplus enjoyment.

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Here’s a couple of tracks. They feel second gen cumbia( given that gens come now in six monthly installs, everybody ADHD now), all digi-ed up and sheeny.

zizek the movie poster

They’re both from people in the Zizek crew, who a while back, I was delighted to see existed just for the name alone(see earlier post on Dj’s with degrees). It’s a pleasure to realise they’re music is so good.

This is a re-up from word the cat

Daleduro – Bombon Asesino



The ep is on vinyl and can be got with streams of the other tunes on it here.

For those of you who don’t know Zizek; he’s the bad boy fun guy who explicates lacanian theory with classic sf, movies and both Marxes. He’s got surplus, He’s like the real ting. ref:#329 backlash immanent.

Zizek crew gig poster

The second tune I heard on Rupture’s show(genius steals). He’s interviewing Ghislain Poirier, who I’m playing with in May. I was checking it in between listening to Prince Kongs new tune(!) and making uilleann pipe tracks (be afraid). Rupture finished with this-

Cumbia Bichera by El Remolon



It’s nice as you can hear and even more nice is that the ep it’s on is available free in Hi-fi  on this cool creative commons site.
The Label hosting the ep – Pueblo Nuevo are worth checking also.

Later – The Bad boy Badiou beats crew Vs. The Cuture industry.

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    uilleann pipes are fantastic & seamus ennis is (one of my) hero(s). keep droning.

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