Da ta da da da da daaaah! -Kaboogie Records 3!

Posted by homoludo on September 23rd, 2010 filed in !Kaboogie, !Kaboogie Records

Lots going on. Should have posted this on monday. But here ya go KGB03 is out! Here are kind words from Wayne&Wax and and Harmless noise.

!Kaboogie Record’s third release is out this week (20th) with tracks from Mad EP, Ed Devane, Sarsparilla and the Banker…

KBG003 A2 Mad EP – Bass Crunchers (Rapidfirebuzzer EP) by kaboogiemusic
KBG003 A1 Ed Devane – Playtime (Rapidfirebuzzer EP) by kaboogiemusic  Check out the other 2 tracks here.

GHT002 Eomac – Shufflesteppa / A-Force – Orere3000 (clip) by Ghetto QuietlyOut now, pick up a copy here
And the third installment of T-Woc‘s Delayed Responses series is out the week after (27th) UK and Worldwide or available now in Dublin stores (pick up a copy here).
the window Delayed Responses Vol 3 (clip) by t-woc
Dirtdigger – Delayed Responses Vol 3 (Clip) by t-woc

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  1. Nay Says:

    Oh hi. Nice site, thanks for the link…gonna get shtuck into those t0-woc tracks now!

  2. Nay Says:

    Silly 0 on my keyboard :/

  3. homoludo Says:

    Cheers Nay, not as nice as yours though!

  4. Cormy Says:

    Nay’s sound IRL too, the auld internet is tiny these days. 🙂

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