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PCPRaidio _Strings_n’tings

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Last weeks show, from Sixfoot and I. I may fix up and annotate later if I get a chance. Or I may not.


Download or click for mobiles

artist                           song                          label

Old Apparatus     1-Side_A_Track_1    Deep Mehdi
Chasing Voices    Acidbathory
Shakleton            King_Midas_Sounds_Death_Dub_Remix
Shakleton             Deadman
Factory_Floor 3    woodenbox
disrupt     Citadel Station                                Jahtari
Nicolas Jarr    -Colomb
Tyler the Creator-Yonkers                            XL
Maayan Nidam    Better Stop
The Deeep    Mudd (Grand Am Version)

Sixfoot Apprentice –

1. STIG OF THE DUMP – “Rhite Whino” (from “The Homeless Microphonist” on Beer & Rap Records).
2. MATTHEW DAVID – “International” (from “International EP” on Brainfeeder Records).
3. MATTHEW DAVID – “All You’ll Never Know” (from “International EP” on Brainfeeder Records).
4. MELJOANN – “Reptilian” (from “Squick” on Boy Scout Audio). IRE.
5. PROFESSOR NALEPA vs IT’S NOT OVER QUEBEC – “Unrest” (from “Acid Crunk Volume 3” on Muti Music).
6. LORN – “Toilet” (from “Acid Crunk Volume 3” on Muti Music).
7. RUBBERBANDITS – “Ba Mhaith Liom Bruíon Le D’athair” (from “I Wanna Fight Your Father EP” on Lovely Men Records). IRE.
8. RíRá – “Bla Bla Blarney” (from “Demo Straights: Unreleased & Underplayed” on Maddaxxe Records). IRE.
9. SERT ONE – “Past, Present, Future” (from “The View From Above EP” on Melted Music). IRE.
10. SERT ONE – “Orbit” (from “The View From Above EP” on Melted Music). IRE.
11. MOTHS – “Blisters” (from Moths Bandcamp site). IRE.

Gigs Diary

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 Spring is in the air….. Just had it pointed out to me that I haven’t posted here in over a month. To prove I’ve not been idle or off scamming tech start up grants, here’s what dilettantism I’ve been at the last while, up to and including tomorrow night. This week in the Kclub we’re joined by All City artist and top east coast(U.S.)   hip hop wonk Knxwledge. Also on the bill is Dublin’s Marcus( Ignored Playaz) , who, with his no nonsense approach to quality booking and value, has given Dublin’s UK bass gig scene(trips off the tongue that) the kick in the arse it needed. That Boy Tim returns to make up for his too brief set last time. Full info and sound clips etc here.

I was going to put up the flyers for the gigs I played last week; Music Hall Ragga master General Levy and Jittebug’s Hideout at the Ormand Wine bar, but can only find pesky Facebook thumbnails. I have been noticing this recently, it’s one thing for Dublin council to ban flyers , it’s another for people to self edit via facebook so thoroughly that only illegible 10k thumbnails are available ie.-see Kittler’s Protected Mode for more on this

Off to the Doctor will continue this when I get back.

Other stuff I was up to was a warehouse party with no music made after 1960, ‘cept a class early morning session with punk funk, moody bass and 80’s 12″‘s with djackulate scratchin over it.

Started gettin’ ready for top dub n’ circus fest Boomtown which looks like a lot of fun. Check out the line up here

and did a fun , cheesy pr/gig thing for the Electric Picnic. Below pics that ran in most of the Irish rags.

And at the moment music wise, really feeling –

 Old Apparutus

Have to go battle the doleful forces of free money, back later and finish this.

Also a couple of radio show which I’m uploading now.