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!Kaboogie presents Murderbot, Scratcha DVA and T woc

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Lots going on this weekend on the !Kaboogie front, with Murderbot and T woc tonight in the K club. We’re at another new venue -The Sweeney Mongrel fomally known as Le Cirk from 8.30 on. Sibin at the weekend with Scratcha DVA and loads more. Also I’m  doing the Gramophone disco at Vantastival , a camper van and scooter festival! Hope to see you somewhere!

The Clangers dva

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from the comments box on the last radio show. (also been getting weird pro Mao comments about the Billy Brag vids, weird/class)

marlaw-pipi(missing my babie)

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Summer’s on the way…

From Big Monster Love.

PCPRaidio Noid the Droid

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Last weeks show starting with a few from the new Ikonika album which has made of a total convert of me. Check the mix between Heston and Scratcha dva’s Ganja- a mix made in heaven, specifically Clangers heaven, with the Clangers singing duets, (aside -ever notice how hauntology is often just nostalgia for the sounds of children’s TV? Literally the nanny state ((more aside – rave kind of started in this mode of nostalgic play with Charley)) ) . A couple of funky bangers follow then into Noid the Droid’s excellent eclectic excursion, enjoy. (the last tune is one of the best from Starkey in while and is linked for download and excuse the ((not many)) stereo drops )

The Clangers -Music of the Spheres

PCPRaidio Noid the Droid


1. Continue- Ikonika
2. They are still losing the war- Ikonika
3. Heston- Iknonika
4. Ganja – Scratcha DVA
5. Wile out – zinc feat Miss Dynamite- Geeneus edit
6. U cheated –Deadboy
7. Vampire – Deadbeat

Noid the Droid

Noid the Droid

8. Project 255 gv deeptech- dj jus ed
9. Max upot – Ugandan methods
10. You’ve got the love -Florence and the machine – -xx remix
11. Formanverwandler -Dyzyklus 2
12. Transom- David grubbs
13. Piper- Johnny L
14. Maintain – Computer j – mike slott remix
15. One eye open – Paul white
16. Whole wide world – Flying lotus and declime – feat Patty bling
17. Reply version – Prince jazzbo
18. Party and bullshit- B.I.G.
19. Special -Dabrye feat guilty simpson
20. Das booty – Ebola
21. Serious brainskin- Von Sudenfed

22. ?
23. J & W Beat – Floating points.
24. Jah Live – Rod Azlan – Starkey remix

Dublin – Drumcorps – Tonight- Stop

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Aaron Spectre stuck here tonight and doing an impromptu gig in the twisted pepper with Noid the Droid, Manus Goan and T woc in support.

An ill wind, every cloud etc etc. stop.

Distal – Boss of the south

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Tune !
DISTAL – Boss of the South by Distal

PCPRaidio Funky Technoid

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Last weeks radio show, starting off with an interesting  remix for cash of Rox from Terror Danjah getting on a charty dubstep/grime sound as does the Untold K$$sha remix later in the show. A highlight of Bloc was Loops Haunt mixing his own and others tunes on serato and the bass sound in Rubber Sun Grenade is a ‘ how did he do that moment’ . Into some UK funky then,  my attempt to capture some of the style Kode 9 and Martyn were rockin’ at this years Bloc: A UK funky base with slick US and European house and techno stylings on top, one of which had truncated Harold Faltermeyer style synths on and made me want a rum and coke and feel like Eddie Murphy’s Beverly hills cop on the dance floor. I’m on the hunt for the track list.

There are some stereo to mono drops as the mixer was acting up somewhat leading to me spending a lot of time holding leads against the back of the  mixer, so please excuse and I lay the blame for the bag of clocks falling down stairs that is the Booty la la mix there also(good when it works, honest!).



Geiom_feat_Marita_-_Sugar_Coated_Lover_(Brackles & Shortstuff_refix)
Beezy-Dejavoodoo (Geeneus Remix)
You’ve Got the Love (The XX Remix)
K$$sha_Tik Tok_Untold_rmx dub