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Tropical Heatwave

Posted by homoludo on May 29 2008 Posted by homoludo on May 29th, 2008 filed in flyers, gigs
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Friday night in Dublin, Traffic Abbey St. Come celebrate the sunner with some party vibes. All profits go toward purchasing new turntables for Raidió Na Life. And in a sustainable fasion the old ones are going to the youths, I teach mixing to , in the YMCA Aungier St.

Loud, saturated garb welcome!

tropical heatwave fundraiser flyer

PCPRadio Bassline Bits

Posted by homoludo on May 23 2008 Posted by homoludo on May 23rd, 2008 filed in Bassline, music, radio shows
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Here’s ya go, some Bassline bits for you , check particularly Resistance it’s monster.

And dubs- Ghislain Poirier tonight.



  1. Rustie – Response
  2. Dexplicit – Resistance
  3. T Camp – Bad Breed
  4. Dexplicit – Lollipop bass
  5. Mr B – Game over
  6. Dj Panther-Bully Boys
  7. Dexplicit – Juicy Fruit
  8. Dexplicit – White(the one with the kung fu sample)

  1. Trc Feat Teresa – Burgastyle
  2. Bass Boy – Fried Macrul
  3. Adotr Vs Dopestalla – Run U
  4. Ds1 ft Mint – u like it don’t ya ?
  5. Dre – Now wasup?
  6. Hey-o-Hansen- Fly away
  7. Various Productions – Where I belong
  8. Crystal Distortion – ??
  9. Neil Landstrumm – Assasin Master
  10. DZ- Strong on ya
  11. Neil Landstrumm – Give them Fire
  12. Santogold – Creator
  13. Various Production – Monster
  14. ?????
  15. Dre – Motherfucker Dance
  16. Kode 9 –
  17. Burial –

Call it…

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Soviet starwars poster

Some more wonky related info. Sasha Frere-Jones writing in the New Yorker about producers in Ghislain Poirier’s circle, joins the lets name game, coming up with lazer bass. Dj C runs a poll as to what it should be called with Starkey/Dev 79’s choice seeming to come out on top. All grist to the mill anyway, come along to the Electronic Resistance gig tonight and I’ll play ya some.

ps. No show upload so far this week as my f&(*%$£”! connection or software or something is acting up – will try to post one up from a caff. later.

Some Wonky gigs

Posted by homoludo on May 11 2008 Posted by homoludo on May 11th, 2008 filed in flyers, gigs, starkey
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Get your secretary to update your diary.

electronic resistance flyer

Some wonky gigs over the next while. Next week, playing with the Electronic resistance crew -the continuous beats wing of Seomra Spraoi, the only crew in Dublin who make a concerted effort to create autonomous zones in the city; a thankless and difficult task.

The bankholidy weekend after that – Starkey! A gig close to my heart as I was pleased to manage to book him for little ol’ McGrudders, on a tour where he’s playing fabric on the Friday night. And just when I needed some hype for the gig, this comes along – wonky n’all

An article about a(n attempted) new genre called wonky, conveniently the genre is pretty much the type of sounds I play; Starkey, Rustie, Quarta330, Zomby, grime like Trim and MC Beezy, bassline etc and general messed up bass heavy stuff with bleepy distorted midrange business – DIE PACMAN!.

Handily enough, I won’t have to jump so much as step daintily on to this one.

Anyway, some links to good recent Starkey sets from his show, seclusiasis radio on Subfm and an older show of mine featuring a clutch of his tunes.

April Subfm Set Playlist

May Subfm set Playlist

1st Subfm set Playlist

Starkey special -featuring a lot of his tunes.

And from his bio ‘Starkey is the mayor of Starkville, which is entirely inhabited by Starkbots, the robots he created. Starkbots are fueled by street bass gritty beats with melodic tendencies.

Performing as Starkey for only three years, Starkey is co-owner of Slit Jockey Records, a member of Philadelphia’s Seclusiasis and NYC’s Trouble & Bass crews. In 2005, Starkey won both the North American and Mid-Atlantic Laptop Battles, in Seattle and Washington D.C. respectively. He was also awarded the Choice Award for “Best UK Grime DJ in Philly” along with Dev79. Starkey has had a string of vinyl, cd and digital releases on labels such as Peace-Off/Ruff (France), Nonclassical (UK), Dead Homies (US), Starksound/Rag&Bone (UK) and LoDubs (US), and many others.

starkey flyer

And the week before that (forgive the wonky chronology)

Ghislain Poirier flyer

Playing with Ghislain Poirier on the 23rd. He’s a kind of bass Odysseus, blown on the winds of global ghetto tech hip hop and dancehall projects. Hate to think what his wife will say when he gets home.

Here’s a good set of his from a few months ago – Bastard Bass

Dj Halfdutch is playing also. Great party Dj who can get as nasty as she wants. Check out her podcast for new Irish indie mag State. Some lovely blends, check the first couple from Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan into Pharoahe Monch into Pablo.

Also, thanks to everybody who braved the sewer gasses of fibbers last week and made playing bagpipes drones as 303’s such fun.

Folkcore poster

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Here’s  the poster for the Folkcore gig, that firewall prevented me from posting yesterday. Should veer amusingly between the sublime and the ridiculous and I imagine the craic shall be 90.

folkcore poster


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folkcore poster  Homoludo playing at this gig on Sunday evening. Promises to be interesting, with folk and psychedelic folk band upstairs: Dj’s and electronic artists downstairs, giving their interpretations. Homoguitar and I are bringing bagpipe drones, a big sitar and a distortion peddle.

PCPRadio Richie K

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This weeks guest is Richie Kaboogie, in for a couple of scoops and an aul mix.

Charlton Heston as moses

The set starts of with Cork’s Stump and their tribute the recently deceased libertarian hero Charlton Heston. Going from there into a breaky, somewhat psychedelic mix(I will fix up the track list later, am in an airport).The second section is me and Richie Mixing up some dubs

1. Stump – Lights, Camera, Action!
2. Booka shade City nights (Neon Dub)
3. Cardo pusher
4. Mouse on mars
5. thingy
6. mouse on mars
7. pete

Me and Richie
8. Oris jay – megatection
9. Distance – v
10. Emalkay – reaggae one
11. Dubchild – heavy artillery
12. orien
13. heavy Artillery Flip
14. Dz – Slum dub
15. Drop the lime-Mandeer hunted
16. Dexorcist- Propulsion151
17. Rum dog – roddell
18. Taz buckfaster – Bumba
19. Phokus ft. Tinchy & Dirty Danger – Dem all shot
20. Scottie B – Midnight request line refix
21. Zomby – spliff dub (rustie remix)
22. Emalkay – Crunk inspace
23. jackyl and hyde this is the underground
24. Skream – Tek a pill
25. Hot cakes
26. Warrior queen – Almighty father
27. Benga and walsh – Addicts
28. Flamin’ hotz -Juggernaut
29. Kromestart feat leebra – Curuption
30. Skream – Ringo