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Round up

Posted by homoludo on Nov 07 2008 Posted by homoludo on November 7th, 2008 filed in !Kaboogie, Bassline, calypso, funky, grime, Irish bands, mixtapes, radio, starkey
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  This week I’m mostly…

Blackdowns October rinse show with two Irish tunes, featuring one from Dublin jungle stalwart Naphta remixed by Grevious angel and ‘Ancient memories’ from my mucker 2 Bit. He used to do my radio show with me before moving on to make cyborg pensioners. The show also features  Starkey’s remix of Silverlink ft Badness and Jammer’s “Message is Love”  which is massive as usual from the Starkbot.

Dusk + Blackdown Rinse FM Oct 08 tracklist:
Download the show here until the Rinse podcast arrives.
Maddslinky ft Juiceman and Simba “Doing My Thing” (Laws of Motion)
Nude “Digitize” (Shelflife)
So Solid “Oh No” (Independiente)
Hatcha “Bashment” (White)
Skepta ft JME and D Double “Serious Thugs” (Dice Recordings)
Menta “Snakecharmer” (Road)

DOK “Crossover” (unreleased)
Zomby “Hokus Pokus” (unreleased)
DOK “Big Bang” (unreleased)
Joker “Nicole” (unreleased)
DOK “Timberdok” (unreleased)
Kotchy “One For the Money (Starkey remix)” (unreleased)
Silverlink ft Badness and Jammer “Message is Love (Starkey remix)” (unreleased)
Gemmy “Rustie Tin” (unreleased)
Gemmy “Jaeden’s Dream” (unreleased)
Skream “Clap” (unreleased)
Grievous Angel “Harpy” (unreleased)
Slugabed “ODB” (Stuff records unreleased)
DOK “When Will I Be Famous” (unreleased)
Guido “Way You Make Me Feel” (unreleased)

Naptha “Soundclash VIP (Grievous Angel mix) (unreleased)
Zomby “M25” (unreleased)
Erika Badu “Tyrone (Kulture refix) (unreleased)
Skream “I Love the Way You Loved Me” (unreleased)
DJ Mujava “Township Funk (Skream unofficial remix)” (unreleased)
Pangea “Memories” (unreleased)
LV “Don’t Judge” (unreleased)
2 Bit “Ancient Archive” (unreleased)
Grievous Angel “Darkness” (unreleased)
Brackles and Shortstuff “Melvin Blue” (unreleased)
Kowton “Countryman” (unreleased)

Starkey’s remix  also features in the very very excellent current Lower end spasm sub fm mix(linked in the side bar), their blog  is a good place to check the best of London flavas and a kind of barometer of how four four beats and house are influencing/ making a come back in the sound . Also on their blog, check the marcus nasty funky mix  from last month for a demo of how good funky can be.

BOK BOK – Sub.FM Night Slugs Show 1.11.08

01 – DJ MOBI – Mdantsane Funk
02 – HITTY – Back To Me ft SIMONE
03 – DJ MYSTERY – Changes
06 – CONAN LIQUID – One Time (For Your Mind)
07 – HOT CITY – Hot City Bass
08 – ROSKA – Our Father
09 – JOKER & RUSTIE – Play Doe
10 – ZOMBY – Polka Dot
11 – WAIFER – Gunman Skank
12 – DROP THE LIME – New York City Massacre
13 – SILVERLINK ft JAMMER & BADNESS – The Message Is Love (STARKEY remix)
15 – L-VIS 1990 – The Night Slug
16 – EGYPTRIX – Use Magic To Kill Death
17 – CALL OF DUTY – Russian Ganster Dub
18 – BASS BOY – Get A Reload VIP
19 – RUSTIE – Tempered
20 – NASTEE BOI – Dirtyah
21 – TAZ BUCKFASTER – Robogrime
22 – YOUNG DOT – What remix
23 – BOK BOK – No Need To Front 2009
24 – PANTHA – Damn Thing ft GRINSTAR
25 – NROTB – Take Me Up (MATH HEAD remix)
26 – L-VIS 1990 – Mutant
27 – TRC – Hush Baby
28 – RAMADANMAN – Humber
29 – DJ MA1 ft SOPHIA – I’m Right Here (JC remix)
30 – BURAKA SOM SISTEMA ft DJ ZNOBIA – Luanda/Sisboa
31 – DECKSTAR – Doing Things Differently
33 – BOK BOK vs L-VIS 1990 – That Girl Right There refix
32 – CRAZY COUSINZ – Bongo Jam (L-VIS 1990 remix)
33 – LITTLE JINDER – Polyhedron (SUPRA1 remix DTL VIP)
34 – STARKEY – Strike Now VIP
35 – MATT SHADETEK – Craziest Riddim remix
36 – PANGAEA – Router

In other news – after the success of the !Kaboogie audio workshop at the DEAF(sic) festival(sic) we’re starting a series of audio and media workshops next week before the !K club. Details on this later.

In other news-

Flicked onto one of those reality cop shows recently and saw two U.K. police hassleing two (eastern?) guys cause they were carrying a little scrap they’d tatted(like a foot or two). The police accused them of not bathing and needing to brush thier teeth!!??

Voice over: “Officers John and Mark struggle to deal with the smelly foreigners….”

Who was commiting an offence here?

And here’s a crazy calypso cover about it.

Thiaz Itch – Lord Kitchener – New York Subway


Thanks to Ed for this one- available free here

Photos from Starkey Sunday night.

Posted by homoludo on Jun 04 2008 Posted by homoludo on June 4th, 2008 filed in gigs, Photography, starkey
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Here’s some pictures from the Starkey gig on Sunday night. Which as you can see was topically tropical and savage. Thanks to Gon(pictured below) for the great photography. A link to the full slide show is at the bottom of this post.

Starkey Conducts

starkey salute



Lazer Bass Wings

Lazer bass wings

More Starkey



More Steppas

More Steppas


Me and A-ForcePCP and A-Force



Richie !Kaboogie

Richie !kaboogie

More Lazers

more lazers

Kavi(projections) and Gon

Gon and Kavi

Major GraveMajor Grave and kavi

Lion Step

lion step

Link to Gon’s full slide show

Some Wonky gigs

Posted by homoludo on May 11 2008 Posted by homoludo on May 11th, 2008 filed in flyers, gigs, starkey
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Get your secretary to update your diary.

electronic resistance flyer

Some wonky gigs over the next while. Next week, playing with the Electronic resistance crew -the continuous beats wing of Seomra Spraoi, the only crew in Dublin who make a concerted effort to create autonomous zones in the city; a thankless and difficult task.

The bankholidy weekend after that – Starkey! A gig close to my heart as I was pleased to manage to book him for little ol’ McGrudders, on a tour where he’s playing fabric on the Friday night. And just when I needed some hype for the gig, this comes along – wonky n’all

An article about a(n attempted) new genre called wonky, conveniently the genre is pretty much the type of sounds I play; Starkey, Rustie, Quarta330, Zomby, grime like Trim and MC Beezy, bassline etc and general messed up bass heavy stuff with bleepy distorted midrange business – DIE PACMAN!.

Handily enough, I won’t have to jump so much as step daintily on to this one.

Anyway, some links to good recent Starkey sets from his show, seclusiasis radio on Subfm and an older show of mine featuring a clutch of his tunes.

April Subfm Set Playlist

May Subfm set Playlist

1st Subfm set Playlist

Starkey special -featuring a lot of his tunes.

And from his bio ‘Starkey is the mayor of Starkville, which is entirely inhabited by Starkbots, the robots he created. Starkbots are fueled by street bass gritty beats with melodic tendencies.

Performing as Starkey for only three years, Starkey is co-owner of Slit Jockey Records, a member of Philadelphia’s Seclusiasis and NYC’s Trouble & Bass crews. In 2005, Starkey won both the North American and Mid-Atlantic Laptop Battles, in Seattle and Washington D.C. respectively. He was also awarded the Choice Award for “Best UK Grime DJ in Philly” along with Dev79. Starkey has had a string of vinyl, cd and digital releases on labels such as Peace-Off/Ruff (France), Nonclassical (UK), Dead Homies (US), Starksound/Rag&Bone (UK) and LoDubs (US), and many others.

starkey flyer

And the week before that (forgive the wonky chronology)

Ghislain Poirier flyer

Playing with Ghislain Poirier on the 23rd. He’s a kind of bass Odysseus, blown on the winds of global ghetto tech hip hop and dancehall projects. Hate to think what his wife will say when he gets home.

Here’s a good set of his from a few months ago – Bastard Bass

Dj Halfdutch is playing also. Great party Dj who can get as nasty as she wants. Check out her podcast for new Irish indie mag State. Some lovely blends, check the first couple from Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Jordan into Pharoahe Monch into Pablo.

Also, thanks to everybody who braved the sewer gasses of fibbers last week and made playing bagpipes drones as 303’s such fun.

PCPRadio 11/11/07 Starkey Special

Posted by homoludo on Nov 16 2007 Posted by homoludo on November 16th, 2007 filed in music, radio, radio shows, starkey
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This weeks show was a Starkey special, with most of the tunes coming from the Philly Grimester. His podcast mix for Xlr8 is well worth checking out. As is his radio show with Dev79.


He has Dubstep luminaries as guests on a regular basis and this week had a hilarious feature on ‘Squee’, a new style of music to which Finnish people drunkenly stumble to quote Dev79 ‘rythmic drukeness’. More on that anon.

Also on show was an excerpt from blogariddims 29 podcast- Lower end spasm or “Grimespasm” . This is my favourite mix from the excellent the Irish podcast series Blogariddims



1. Starkey feat Lupe Fiasco – Push kick
2. Starkey – Pins – akti2 remix
3. Starkey- xlr8 Podcase excerpt for about twenty minutes, track it down
4. Starkey -Pins flip
5. Sizzla – Born in a system (accapella)
6. Starkey – let you go – Mathead remix
7. Quatra 330 – Sunset dub
8. Skepta- reggae
9. 69 Allstar -Blogariddims 29 – grimespasm excerpted and cut together about five tracks
10. Starkey – Let you go – Dev 79 remix
11. Hater Billingsly – Crank that fracture
12. Starkey – Let you go
13. Sizzla – Born in a system (accapella)
14.Niche Vol 1 – Bassline compilation excerpted the last few tracks
15. U Wot U Wot – B6/GSA
16. unknown – unknown
17. Why – T2 feat. Danika
18. It’s Just The Way – JTJ Productions
19 Ingz & Snapz – Back2Back
20. Relay feat. Murkleman, Skepta, Chronik, Sickman & Angery – Slew Dem

Btw, this is what a young homoludo looks like.

a young homoludo