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Me Hols/ Back from Berlin / Tonights radio/ feeling

Posted by homoludo on Aug 07 2010 Posted by homoludo on August 7th, 2010 filed in !Kaboogie, juke, mini ludos, mixtapes, music video, Photography, radio, recession, spacecraft, stuff, video, zombies
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Been away for pretty much six weeks , lots of stuff. Berlin which was hot in the first das gaff.

hot in berlin

Highlights of which included hanging out with these wacky  atompunk sound artists.

And watching Prince Kong kissing babies.(pics to follow)

Within ten minutes of walking into said second gaff(above) , I found a Cd  of this Seeed Berlin anthem(below) which I’d lost a while ago and been looking for.Which correctly boded well for our stay there. Highlights of this stay included getting into Berghain on this visit (didn’t dig my beard, hat and dark glasses last time, the squares) and watching Richie !Kaboogie convert to HiNRG disco( no pics ’cause they’re banned in Berghain for that very reason) and tile graff artist Dj Tile cutters  exploits, in which he repeatedly failed to get into any clubs(‘cept one in the end).

In other news, with me on the radio show at 10.30 tonight and streaming here  is ( ex renowned D&B dj and now renowned Grime Dj)   Dj Bpm, an Irish Dj based in London. She blew up the K club(next -Lorn) on Thursday and did this great mix for us a while ago.

Also expect some of the tunes from this mix which is blowing my mind as I write.

Mike Paradinas Footwork/Juke Mix by Mike Paradinas (A.K.A. Μ-Ziq) on Mixcloud




Also I meant to blog this ages ago(but was on me hols), but if you haven’t heard Dj Gaz le Rock’s punk and garage show on 2xfm you’re missing out on some of the best radio RTE have put out in ages.

2fm Loving Room Floor 19 sept 2010 by Dj Gaz Le Rock Finally here’s the third installment in the ‘Wallets Full of Blood’ – Irish economic crash zombie movie series – ‘Roscommon Death Trip’ ’The injustice of time – rendered obsolete.’Rain falls on the snow. The Contagion has taken hold. Ghosts from the old Dead Republic are emerging everywhere as the day of judgement approaches.On Black Tuesday a guilt ridden political functionary runs from his job burying bodies in the city. He is tortured by voices of reproach as he journeys towards home. He recounts the history of his dealings with Fingers – a boss ‘who made the old boss look like Mother Teresa’.Meanwhile, back in the city, amid the spiraling negativity, Fingers and his acolytes lay the foundations for a new Easter Rising.

Ikonika mix for xlr8

Posted by homoludo on May 13 2010 Posted by homoludo on May 13th, 2010 filed in mixtapes
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Go and check this mix Ikonika is very much super killing it right now.

01 Jahcoozi ­ “Read the Books (Ikonika Remix)” (BPitch Control)
02 Martyn ­ “MiniLuv”
03 Braiden ­ “The Alps”
04 Optimum ­ “Storm Riddim”
05 Ikonika ­ “Dckhdbtch”
06 DVA ­ “New World Order” (DVA)
07 Kingdom ­ “Pathfinder” (Scion)
08 Endgames ­ “Ecstasy (Jam City Refix)” (Night Slugs)
09 Lil Silva ­ “A Million” (Night Slugs)
10. Blondes ­ “Spanish Fly (Brenmar Remix)”
11. Ikonika ­ “Aqueous Cream” (Hum&Buzz)
12. Ramadanman ­ “Glut” (Hemlock)
13. Optimum ­ “Chaos”
14. Ikonika ­ “Psoriasis” (Hyperdub)
15. Pony Pony Run Run ­ “Walking On A Line (French Fries Dub)”
16. Caribou ­ “Leave House (Ikonika Remix)” (City Slang)
17. Guido ­ “Mad Sax” (Punch Drunk)
18. Girl Unit ­ “Wut”
19. Addison Groove ­ “Nautilus”
20. J.O.H vs. The-Dream ­ “J.O.H Is A 10”

Eomac’s All irish mix

Posted by homoludo on Jan 12 2010 Posted by homoludo on January 12th, 2010 filed in !Kaboogie, free music, Irish producers, mixtapes
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Eomac come correct with a selection of current Irish beats and basses.

Eomacs All Irish promo mix


DECEMBER: ‘All Irish Promo Mix’ Tracklisting:
1. !Kaboogie Chant
2. Without AnyThought – SUNKEN FOAL – [Planet Mu]
3. Beauty – DEVIANT – [Alphabetset]
4. New Edit – EOMAC – [unreleased]
5. Tzur Men – T-WOC – [Alphabetset]
6. Crossroads – PRINCE KONG – [All City/Alphabetset] / Field Station Teufelsberg – MUTTERMAL – [Digitalbiotope]
7. Woke Up – MANUS GOAN – [unreleased]
8. Digi87 – A-FORCE – [unreleased]
9. Dek Rudder – BLUEFOOD – [!Kaboogie]
10. Sines And Symbols – AUTOMATIC TASTY – [Acroplane]
11. Mind, Body, Spirit – SHANE O’ DONOVAN – [unreleased]
12. Commaspace – CIGNOL – [forthcoming Alphabetset]
13. Longtime – SPECTAC – [DEAF ’09 CD2]
14. Konnektquartet – HERV – [Go Away]
15. Battle Swine – DECOY – [Neuromantek]
16. Guilty Feet Got No Rhythm – ED DEVANE/REDMONK/THATBOYTIM – [Takeover]
17. Black Ops – UNINERVES – [Mantrap]
18. Lady Gaga’s Balls – EOMAC – [forthcoming Mantrap]
19. Improper Hinge – KACHANSKI – [Mantrap]
20. Playtime – ED DEVANE – [forthcoming !Kaboogie] / Stringaling (loop) – 2-BIT – [!Kaboogie]
21. Stamina – PRINCE KONG – [Acroplane]
22. Hot Butter Interlude – T-POLAR – [unreleased]
23. Badman Banker – THE BANKER – [forthcoming !Kaboogie]
24. Word Of The Kings – SUNIL SHARPE – [unreleased]
25. Grinding Teeth – SWARM INTELLIGENCE – [unreleased]
26. Unexpected Error – LAKKER – [!Kaboogie]
27. Lost – THE NIHILIST – [!Kaboogie]
28. Rave Please – FILARIA – [Acroplane/Alphabetset]
29. Bdmsoi – SHANE O’ DONOVAN – [unreleased]
30. !Kaboogie Chant

More of his mixes here

Terror Danjah -This is Lucky me mix +Scratcha DVA

Posted by homoludo on Oct 10 2009 Posted by homoludo on October 10th, 2009 filed in funky, grime, mixtapes

More quality music from This is lucky me



Grimmmm – D.O.K – Zip Files Vol 2
untitled – Big-E-D Zip – Files Vol 2
Dirt Bag – Dj Silencer – Wow Bass
Jeeper Creeper – Terror Danjah & Scratcha DVA
Morph – Terror Danjah – Zip Files vol 2
Zumpi Huntah – Terror Danjah – Industry Standard 4 – Planet Mu
Trojah – Terror Danjah – Zip Files Vol 1
Suck Out – Loudmouth Melvin – Zip Files Vol !
Code Morse – Terror Danjah & D.O.K – Gremlinz – Planet Mu
Scotch Bonnet – Terror Danjah – Zip Files Vol 2
Jack Daniels – Rude Kid – Are U Ready Vol !
Big Man Ting – Terror Danjah ft Frisco, Jammer, Tempa T – Hardrive Vol 2
Do It – Joker – Purple City
Just Realised Terror Danjah ft Fumin (Splash) – Hardrive Vol
Splash – Terror Danjah – Gremlinz – Planet Mu
Menace – Terror Danjah – Zip Files Vol 2
Sidechain – Terror Danjah – Industry Standard – Planet Mu
Untiltled – Terror Danjah – Zip Files Vol 2
Creepy Crawler – Terror Danjah – Zip Files Vol 2
Buzz Light Year – DaVinChe – Paperchase
Stop Start – Terror Danjah – Zip Files Vol 1
We Told U – Terror Danjah (Original Dub Mix) – Zip Files Vol 2
Zumpi Huntah (Swindle Remix) – Zip Files vol 1 – Planet Mu
Space – Treble Clef – Zip Files vol 2
Teleport – D.O.K – Zip Files Vol !
Warning – D.O.K – Dokument Chapter !
sense – Macabre unit
???? – P Jam – Dice Recordings
Nissi – TNT
N95 – Dj Sir Spyro
Jam Hot – Geenus – Dump Valve
Best Crawler – Terror Danjah & Rude Kid – Are U Ready EP/Zip files Vol 2
Golly Gosh (Re rub) – Sticky – Sticky Situation
???? – J Sweet – Sweet Beats
Blackberry Hype – maxwell D (Terror Danjah special)
Buss It – Dj Perempay
Reloadz – Terror Danjah – Gremlinz – Planet Mu
War Head – Dj Krust – V Recordings
Bambattaa – Shy Fx – Ebony Records
Cash Till Roni Size – Dope Dragon
Burial Letivcus – Philly Blunt/ V Recordings
Code Red
Special Decication – Dj Nut Nut

Scratcha DVA – Crazy legs mix



Scratcha didn’t publish a tracklist of mix but here‘s an interview with him about producing and workin’ with Terror.

Eprom-Stoopid good

Posted by homoludo on Aug 18 2009 Posted by homoludo on August 18th, 2009 filed in mixtapes
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Got this Eprom mixtape from here. It’s stoopid good noiseporn.


It doesn’t seem to be loading in the player-if not just click on the download link to listen.


EPROM – Sweatboxxx
EPROM – 64 Bytes (Remix)
EPROM – Busted
EPROM – Bubble
EPROM – Tocatta
EPROM – Shoplifter
EPROM – Lick Out
EPROM – Phaseknocker
EPROM – Throbbin’ Hood
EPROM – Untitled
EPROM – Ghost Hunter
EPROM – Untitled

over 9000 vocal drops to make sure you don’t rip the tracks

2bit- Can’t please everyone mix

Posted by homoludo on Jun 17 2009 Posted by homoludo on June 17th, 2009 filed in free music, mixtapes, music
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2bit has a nice bouncey  mix up over at his site– it includes one of my fav tunes from the last couple of months -Bruce stallion’s 150 bpm monster -1992- which weirdly for such a fast tune reminds me of strings of life- come to think of it, maybe that’s the point. In fact the end of 2bit’s mix has that early nineties feel.

Bruce stallion -1992



click to go to mix

Irish fact or science fiction?- WALLETS FULL OF BLOOD: ZOMBIE BANKER BLUES

Posted by homoludo on May 08 2009 Posted by homoludo on May 8th, 2009 filed in mixtapes, music, recession, science fiction, the future, video, zombies
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More zombie banker madness.

This time- The  auditor tells the tale. He’s hiding out in one of the few sanctuaries which remain, he spills the beans on the inhuman practices which led to the collapse, how- Scientists, troops and more auditors arrive from abroad to investigate the total collapse of a small Republic.

They’re looking for ‘Fingers’. His actions had hastened the spiral of the country into a bottomless liquidity trap. They want to interrogate him.
Large screen here.

Alone in the bunker the Auditor dances a zombie jig –

Zombie Sex Fiend mix


Mash of the Week 18# Gutterspliff

Posted by homoludo on May 01 2009 Posted by homoludo on May 1st, 2009 filed in !Kaboogie, mash of the week, mashes, mixtapes, music

GutterSpliff – being The Bankers mash of

Gutter Music – Starkey
Spliff Dub – Zomby (Rustie Rmx)
Shit Daddy – Neil Landstrumm ft. Carlton Killawatt
If Ya Cant Beat Em – Reso

The Banker -GutterSpliff

[audio:/Gutter%20Spliff.mp3 ]


The Banker is also a tasty producer. Here’s a mix of his own dubstep productions.

No Introducion mix

1. Bun Dat – The Banker
2. Screwz – The Banker
3. Early Dub – The Banker
4. Voices – The Banker
5. Nightmare – The Banker
6. Capital – The Banker
7. Skint – The Banker
8. The Fat Goose – The Banker
9. Ghosts – The Banker
10.Goldfish – The Banker
11.Wump – The Banker
12.Python – The Banker
13.Dinky – The Banker
14.Ripper – The Banker


New Orleans Bounce

Posted by homoludo on Mar 11 2009 Posted by homoludo on March 11th, 2009 filed in mixtapes, music, twoc
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 Twoc sent me this amazing Bounce mix

Makes me want to elevate my arms and wave them about uncaringly.

Triggerman dragrap label

Rico Uno and Mr. 604 Presents….
Bring Dat Beat Back!
Old School NOLA Bounce Vol. 1



1. Bounce To Tha Trigga Man Intro
2. Da Sha Ra – Bootin Up
3. 2 Blakk – Second Line Jump
4. Lil Elt & DJ Tee – Get The Gat
5. PxMxWx – Blame It On Tha ‘Bounce’
6. Ruthless Juveniles – Run Dat Shit
7. Ricky B – Shake Fa Ya Hood
8. Warren Mayes – Get It Girl
9. Willie Pucket – Hit Her Wit Dat Work
10. Magnolia Shorty – Monkey On Tha Dick
11. KC Red – Shake On That Stick
12. DJ Jubilee – Back That Ass Up
13. Partners N Crime – We Don’t Love Them Hoes
14. Cheeky Blakk – Twerk Something
15. DJ Jubilee – Get It Ready
16. DJ Jubilee – Jubilee All (Stop Pause)
17. DJ Jimi Feat. Juvenile – Bounce (For The Juvenile)
18. Juvenile – Powder Bag
19. Partners N Crime – Heroin (Baby)
20. Dog House Posse – Victim of the Dope Game
21. Mobo Click Feat. Final Approach – Dime Bag
22. Partners N Crime – Thank You Miss Lilly
23. Lady Red – Smokin’ Dat Weed
24. Partners N Crime – N.O. Block Party
25. Pimp Daddy – Got To Be Real
26. Big Daddie & Bossman – Ya Heard Me II
27. Lil’ Slim – Ho’s I Used 2 Sweat II
28. Willie Pucket – Hot Boy Kreeper
29. Kilo – Who Dat Call The Police
30. Joe Blakk – It Ain’t Where U From
31. DJ Jimi – Where They At?
32. Magnolia Slim – You Got It
33. Josephine Johnny – Oooh Sh*t Girl
34. Hot Boy Ronald – Walk Like Ronald
35. Ninja Crew – We Destroy
36. Willie Pucket – Tear It Down
37. Magnolia Slim – Kick It For Dem Hoes
38. Partners N Crime – Bitch Get Off Me
39. Mia X – Da Payback
40. Ms. Tee – Creepin
41. Cheeky Blakk – Fuck Bein’ Faithful

Da Sha Ra – Bootin Up – at the start of the mix samples ‘”I Feel Like Funkin’ It Up” by my fav New Orleans brass band. Had one of the best dances in my life at one of thier gigs in Tipitina’s. I’ll stick up the original when I get home.

Philip Frazier of the rebirth brassband

Durrty old town – Goodz in Dublin

Posted by homoludo on Mar 01 2009 Posted by homoludo on March 1st, 2009 filed in grime, mixtapes, music, Uncategorized
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Durrty good ultrasound album cover

Durrty Goodz joining us in Dublin on the 20th of this month in Twisted pepper. Pleased to say, also on the bill is Taz Buckfaster Gaybriel heatwave. Here’s Durrty on a Taz Buckfaster(who hopefully will be joining us at a later date)  tune from his new Ultrasound album,which is a taster for the album proper(check out more 2 da floor from it for a hilarious piss take of electro grime, while being a really good electro grime track!)

Durty goods – Destruction


And just for extreme nastiness, here’s one off Giggs’ Walk in the park mixtape(I hope he’s ok with me putting it up- listen to see why I’m bothered)

Giggs -Saw