Mash of the Week 18# Gutterspliff

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GutterSpliff – being The Bankers mash of

Gutter Music – Starkey
Spliff Dub – Zomby (Rustie Rmx)
Shit Daddy – Neil Landstrumm ft. Carlton Killawatt
If Ya Cant Beat Em – Reso

The Banker -GutterSpliff

[audio:/Gutter%20Spliff.mp3 ]


The Banker is also a tasty producer. Here’s a mix of his own dubstep productions.

No Introducion mix

1. Bun Dat – The Banker
2. Screwz – The Banker
3. Early Dub – The Banker
4. Voices – The Banker
5. Nightmare – The Banker
6. Capital – The Banker
7. Skint – The Banker
8. The Fat Goose – The Banker
9. Ghosts – The Banker
10.Goldfish – The Banker
11.Wump – The Banker
12.Python – The Banker
13.Dinky – The Banker
14.Ripper – The Banker


4 Responses to “Mash of the Week 18# Gutterspliff”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Just a general query, last night you played a track at about 11pm. It was mixed through other stuff for about fifteen mins. Sounded like something from a fairground, continuously revving up then falling off. I also heard you play it at the Raffertie gig. Sorry for the crap description.

  2. homoludo Says:

    mmm, that was a repeat. I was away that night and I’m don’t know what one they put out- so hard for me to know, but I have a good idea of what I played at the Raffertie gig. It could be this -

    if not let me know, I should be able to track it down.

  3. Matthew Says:

    That’s it! Totally addictive,never heard anything quite like it. I’ve been trying to find it since that Raffertie gig, finally decided on the direct approach. Thanks.

  4. homoludo Says:

    agree – stoopid good, and part of the new wave where many of the best tracks out there are free(free!). Will be doing a longer post on how this changes the nature of dj’ing. Check the blog that the track comes from – the blog is actually my album of the year so far and I keep finding that tracks from it a filling up my sets.

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