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PCPRaidio – Kid Kameleon and Tinker

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kid Kameleon
As part of thier European tour, Kid Kameleon and Tinker stopped off at the K club last Thursday and on Saturday came in to the show with me and dropped this set of excellent and eclectic sonics. I’ll try and catch Tinker and get her selections filled in.

Prince Kong feat Lady Grew – Ghetto Cropee
Debruit -KO Debout

Kid K

1. Om Unit – The Corridor (Shigeto Remix)
2. Mexicans With Guns -  Obsidian
3. Flying Lotus -  Pie Face
4. Downliners – Sekt From Under Spinning Lights
5. Nabo – 4 Minutes
6. Coco Bryce – Dis Cam Belie
7. Shigeto  – And We Gonna (Samiyam Chopsticks Remix)
8. Kirby Ditko -  Headfirst
9. Teebs-  Why Like This
10. Shen-  Lessons
11. Arp 101-  Warriors Galactic
12. Kelpe -  No Film
13. Quarta330 -  Ahirskew
14. Killing Skills -  Van Dijck Brown
15. Om Unit -  The Corridor
16. AEED-  More Time
17. Dam Mantle -  (Magical) Dark Ride, Trip To The Dungeons (feat Prof.I.See)
18. Take-  Begin End Begin (Take’s Retrospective Remix)

Tinker (fill in blanks)
Kid K again.

19. Alix Perez Untitled
20. Spiders Spiders
21. Andy Stott Drippin’
22. Pavel Ambiont Spiral Flow
23. Ramadanman Pitter
24. Dam Mantle Broken Slumber
25. Desto Ice Cold
26. Robot Koch Dough ft. Addiquit (Salva Remix)
27. Eskmo The Melody
28. Teleseen Mandrake

PCPRaidio – Kid Kameleon and Tinker



TINKER_vs_KID_KAMELEON -!Splat (a promo mix done for their Kclub appearence)

Jimmy Edger – One Twenty Detail (!K7)
Bruises – Rush Rush Rush (Unreleased)
Blawan – Iddy (Hessle)
Ghost Mutt – Thoroughbred (Donky Pitch)
Mad EP – Bass Crunchers (!kaboogie)
Ramadanman – Pitter (Modeselektion)
SRC – Goomba VIP (Butterz)
Planet Soap – Camillion [+verb rebubble] (forthcoming Car Crash Set)
Calle13 – Atrevet (Sharps Squiggle Remix) (Saedos)
Nabo – 4 Minutes (Hobby Industries)
The Plain Ensemble – DangerFive (Unreleased)
EPROM – Rubber Sheets (Self Released)
DJ Food – Dark Lady [808 State] (Ninja Tune)
Eskmo – Let Them Sing (Planet Mu)
Slugabed – knsdf (Self Released)





PCPRaidio Noid the Droid 2

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some text

PCPRaidio Noid the Droid 2

1.    Tropics – Soft Vision(Planet Mu)
2.    Automatic Tasty – We were Robots (Forthcoming D1) [Irl]

**Noid The Droid**
3.    XX – Do You Mind (Young Turks)
4.    Instra:mental – Let’s Talk ([nakedlunch]) [Irl Label]
5.    Bun B feat. The Ying Yang Twins – Git it (Rap-A-Lot 4 Life)
6.    Dorian Concept – Trilingual Dance Sexperience (Affine Records)
7.    Andy Stott – Choke (Modern Love)
8.    Babe Rainbow – Pop Common (Warp)
9.    Kowton – Basic Music Knowledge (Idle Hands)
10.    Kassem. Mosse & M. Mup – We Beat This Thing (Mikrodisko)
11.    Actress - Machine and Voice (Nonplus)
12.    Knxwledge – Bibibamp (All City) (Irl Label)
13.    Factory Floor – A Wooden Box (Blast First)
14.    Maching Drum – Let Me F*ck It (Lucky Me)
15.    Wajeed – The Dragon (Fat City)

**Back 2 Back-me first**
16.    Julio Bashmore – Footsteppin’(Ten Thousand Yen)
17.    Skudge – Convolution (Aardvarck Remix) (Skudge)
18.    Doc Daneeka – Copz(PTN)
19.    Funkineven – Heartpound (Eglo)
20.    Seiji –Weedkiller(Seiji Music)
21.    Nochexxx – Ritalin Love (Ramp)
22.    Marcus Price and Carli – Var E Naaakan (Girl Unit remix)
23.    Kowton – Countryman (Keysound)
24.    Alex Smoke –Make my day (Actress remix)
25.    Mount Kimble – Carbonated(Hotflush Recordings)
26.    Blackout – Blackout (Blackout)
27.    Naphta – Soundclash1 (Ghost relick)(Ruff Revival)[IRL}

T-woc – Meccano

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T-woc’s  – Meccano, off Delayed responses 3.  Nuff big tunes coming from T-woc’s direction at the mo, check the Fez in my last mix for an idea or the quality and lots more on the way.

PCPRaidio – Noize agus brittle sticks

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WARNING:Feeling wordy.

This weeks’ show/the way music feels to me this week.

I should mention here that I rarely play the same tune twice on my radio shows as for me the nature of music/listening has changed/accelerated and my neophilia is such that most new music quickly loses it’s flavour (a bit like when you take a new potato out of the ground, it’s best eaten quickly as the sugars quickly become less sweet, less complex). In  Gibson’s choice observation/aspiration  from his new book Zero History “It’s about atemporality. About opting out of the industrialization of novelty. It’s about deeper code.” . The flip-side of this is being caught in the moment – acutely temporal, a desirous  machine tuned to run on novelty(though we will run on other fuels).

Anyway, starting off with noise/electronics from Elah and Sutekh’s Bach/midi based yummy sounds. Salem’s Cocteau Twins recalling music has been called goth crunk, the sound, poised  between aggression, melancholy and hopefull bliss seems of the type that comes to the fore in a recession. Seefeel’s new tune Fault chimes similarly,  as do tunes from Balem Acab, cavern and Ed Devane. Fresh post drum and bass stylings from D:bridge and new material from Ramadaman and Mount Kimble, Twoc and others bring this rattlebag of wintry discontent onto a cold dancefloor. Linked tunes can be downloaded.

Glitch log – Earth hum on the Elah and cyclic redundancy check error on the cd containing the show leading to an estimate of 10146 days to copy the file to my laptop. Not top and tailed so a little of the previous and following shows at begining end.

PCPRaidio – Noize agus brittle sticks



Artist   – Title -   Album
1.    Elah -    Circle two: Coastal Rotation for Dune Loop
2.    Sutekh-   Bitter Tails- On Bach
3.    Salem-    Frost-     King Night
4.    Seefeel-  Faults-    Faults
5.    Balam Acab-Dream Out-See Birds Ep
6.    cavern-   DARDA-     community scratch music 09   (irl?)
7.    Ed Devane-Arcane-    Molten Membrane (irl)
8.    Synkro-   Letting Go (d-Bridge Remix)
9.    Commix-   Belleview (dBridge Belle-Reviewed Remix) -Re:Call To Mind EP Part 1
10.    Ramadanman-Pitter-   Modeselektion Vol. 01 Part 1
11.    Mount Kimble-Blind_Night_Errand- Crooks&Lovers
12.    Twoc-      The Fez  VIP (original forthcoming rudimentary records) (irl)
13.    Mount Kimble -Carbonated-Crooks&Lovers
14.    Turn-      XXXY-     Every Step Forward EP
15.    Fis T -    Deep_Mover
16.    Fis T-     Night_Hunter
17.    White label(irl)
18.    Sarsparilla-The Count-Rapidfirebuzzer ep. (irl)
19.    Killer-Salem-         King Night
20.    Mount Kimble-Before_I_Move_Off-Crooks&Lovers