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Shit Blogger

Posted by homoludo on Feb 03 2011 Posted by homoludo on February 3rd, 2011 filed in !Kaboogie, flyers, free music, gigs
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It starting to feel like going to confession when I blog (apart from putting up radio shows) – ‘forgive me father,  it’s been twenty years since my last confession…’ etc. This post is to round up a few gigs that are on at the moment. A lot of good stuff , local and international on this week. And a shout(lovely dj slang) out to everybody in Galway for making Bap to the Future a great night, during the gig and after. Boom shaka laka.

Tonight the Kclub with the Standard crew. It’s a night showing our appreciation of City Discs, a top Dublin record shop which is closing. I feel obscurely guilty about this as I’ve seriously reduced the number of records I buy over the last 18 months ie. since I began using serato. I was a major vinyl loyalist, but no longer  in fact I’ve been heard to gleefully shout ‘fuck vinyl!’. If dj’s stop buying vinyl the games is up.Which is sad but there ya go.

And tomorrow night the launch of  Big Monster Love‘s album ‘Game Over’. It’s available here. Support on the night come from Moutpiece and Brian Kelly.

There’s a bunch more (such as Ramadaman and Mosca on Saturday) but put them up later.

PCPRaidio – Noize agus brittle sticks

Posted by homoludo on Oct 03 2010 Posted by homoludo on October 3rd, 2010 filed in free music, Irish producers, radio shows
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WARNING:Feeling wordy.

This weeks’ show/the way music feels to me this week.

I should mention here that I rarely play the same tune twice on my radio shows as for me the nature of music/listening has changed/accelerated and my neophilia is such that most new music quickly loses it’s flavour (a bit like when you take a new potato out of the ground, it’s best eaten quickly as the sugars quickly become less sweet, less complex). In  Gibson’s choice observation/aspiration  from his new book Zero History “It’s about atemporality. About opting out of the industrialization of novelty. It’s about deeper code.” . The flip-side of this is being caught in the moment – acutely temporal, a desirous  machine tuned to run on novelty(though we will run on other fuels).

Anyway, starting off with noise/electronics from Elah and Sutekh’s Bach/midi based yummy sounds. Salem’s Cocteau Twins recalling music has been called goth crunk, the sound, poised  between aggression, melancholy and hopefull bliss seems of the type that comes to the fore in a recession. Seefeel’s new tune Fault chimes similarly,  as do tunes from Balem Acab, cavern and Ed Devane. Fresh post drum and bass stylings from D:bridge and new material from Ramadaman and Mount Kimble, Twoc and others bring this rattlebag of wintry discontent onto a cold dancefloor. Linked tunes can be downloaded.

Glitch log – Earth hum on the Elah and cyclic redundancy check error on the cd containing the show leading to an estimate of 10146 days to copy the file to my laptop. Not top and tailed so a little of the previous and following shows at begining end.

PCPRaidio – Noize agus brittle sticks



Artist   – Title -   Album
1.    Elah -    Circle two: Coastal Rotation for Dune Loop
2.    Sutekh-   Bitter Tails- On Bach
3.    Salem-    Frost-     King Night
4.    Seefeel-  Faults-    Faults
5.    Balam Acab-Dream Out-See Birds Ep
6.    cavern-   DARDA-     community scratch music 09   (irl?)
7.    Ed Devane-Arcane-    Molten Membrane (irl)
8.    Synkro-   Letting Go (d-Bridge Remix)
9.    Commix-   Belleview (dBridge Belle-Reviewed Remix) -Re:Call To Mind EP Part 1
10.    Ramadanman-Pitter-   Modeselektion Vol. 01 Part 1
11.    Mount Kimble-Blind_Night_Errand- Crooks&Lovers
12.    Twoc-      The Fez  VIP (original forthcoming rudimentary records) (irl)
13.    Mount Kimble -Carbonated-Crooks&Lovers
14.    Turn-      XXXY-     Every Step Forward EP
15.    Fis T -    Deep_Mover
16.    Fis T-     Night_Hunter
17.    White label(irl)
18.    Sarsparilla-The Count-Rapidfirebuzzer ep. (irl)
19.    Killer-Salem-         King Night
20.    Mount Kimble-Before_I_Move_Off-Crooks&Lovers

PCPRaidio Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor

Posted by homoludo on Jun 03 2010 Posted by homoludo on June 3rd, 2010 filed in free music, radio shows

 Brain derived neurotrophic factor

Show recorded a couple of weeks ago(note to self -put them up quicker). Starting off with some hip hop tempo neon flavoured electro from Intra:mental, then mainly a big bunch of uk funky featturing lots of Julian Bashmore , who’s mad it on these days. Linked tunes can be downloaded.



1.    Instra mental_-_Let’s_Talk
2.    Kowton_-_Hunger
3.    Basic_Soul_Unit_-_Jak’d_Freq_(A_Made_Up_Sound_-_Acid_bonus)
4.    MJ_Cole_-_Thekla_Riddim
5.    Sekta_feat_Spoek_Mathambo_-_Peterpan_(Julio_Bashmore_dub)
6.    West_Norwood_Cassette_Library_-_What_It_Is_(Brackles_mix)
7.    Malente_&_Dex_-_Habibi_(Julio_Bashmore_Hamilli_remix)
8.    MJ_Cole_-_Volcano_Riddim
9.    Jamtech_Foundation_-_Too_Fast_(Julio_Bashmore_remix)
10.    Seiji 2-Elevator
11.    MJ_Cole_-_Phoenix_Riddim
12.    Debruit_-_Nigeria_What_
13.    Buraka_Som_Sistema_-_Restless_(Julio_Bashmore_remix)
14.    Geeneus – Night
15.    Rudi_Zygadlo_-_Filthy_Logic_(Raffertie_remix)
16.    Seiji Yesman
17.    Martyn_-_Right_Star!
18.    Instra_Mental_-_Futurist
19.    Geazah_-_Timetravel
20.    Ikonika_-_Continue_
21.    Ikonika_-_They_Are_Losing_The_War
22.    Ikonika_-_Look_(Final_Boss_Stage)
23.    Rod Azlan  Jah Live (Starkey Remix)
24.    Bassnectar_-_Boombox_(Bassnectar_remix)

PCPRaidio Noid the Droid

Posted by homoludo on Apr 22 2010 Posted by homoludo on April 22nd, 2010 filed in free music, radio shows

Last weeks show starting with a few from the new Ikonika album which has made of a total convert of me. Check the mix between Heston and Scratcha dva’s Ganja- a mix made in heaven, specifically Clangers heaven, with the Clangers singing duets, (aside -ever notice how hauntology is often just nostalgia for the sounds of children’s TV? Literally the nanny state ((more aside – rave kind of started in this mode of nostalgic play with Charley)) ) . A couple of funky bangers follow then into Noid the Droid’s excellent eclectic excursion, enjoy. (the last tune is one of the best from Starkey in while and is linked for download and excuse the ((not many)) stereo drops )

The Clangers -Music of the Spheres

PCPRaidio Noid the Droid


1. Continue- Ikonika
2. They are still losing the war- Ikonika
3. Heston- Iknonika
4. Ganja – Scratcha DVA
5. Wile out – zinc feat Miss Dynamite- Geeneus edit
6. U cheated –Deadboy
7. Vampire – Deadbeat

Noid the Droid

Noid the Droid

8. Project 255 gv deeptech- dj jus ed
9. Max upot – Ugandan methods
10. You’ve got the love -Florence and the machine – -xx remix
11. Formanverwandler -Dyzyklus 2
12. Transom- David grubbs
13. Piper- Johnny L
14. Maintain – Computer j – mike slott remix
15. One eye open – Paul white
16. Whole wide world – Flying lotus and declime – feat Patty bling
17. Reply version – Prince jazzbo
18. Party and bullshit- B.I.G.
19. Special -Dabrye feat guilty simpson
20. Das booty – Ebola
21. Serious brainskin- Von Sudenfed

22. ?
23. J & W Beat – Floating points.
24. Jah Live – Rod Azlan – Starkey remix

PCPRaidio Home Improvements

Posted by homoludo on Feb 18 2010 Posted by homoludo on February 18th, 2010 filed in free music, radio shows
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First time I’ve prerecorded my show in ages and did it at home for the first time. Highlights include crystalline psych bass from James Blake’s Harmonimix project, some of the most blasting and interesting music I’ve heard in ages from Franck Vigroux, which to me points to a way of making music without trying to sound like you’re from London, Bristol or Brighton(much as I love em all). Other faves are Thrill Kill Kults’ paean to drugs and booze, some nasty upcoming releases from !kaboogie and more psych bass from Kelpe and Slugabed. Linked tunes downloadable.



1.       Destiny’s child- Bills -Harmonomix bootleg

2.       Rafferty-String Theory

3.       Little Jinder- Youth Blood (Bok Bok Remix)  

4.       DeVille ft Violet -Click

5.       Skillioso – Hard Back

6.       Harmonomix Amilli

7.       Get_Wild_feat__Big_Daddy_Kane_Bassbin_Twins_Remix

8.       MCs_Can_Kiss_Starkey_Bootleg

9.       Kelpe_Shipwreck Glue (Architeq Version)

10.   Smashing_Your_System__feat__Sensational__Original_Mix

11.   Feadz and Uffie Pop_The_Glock_Original_Mix

12.   Cheasleauen – Off The Glass

13.   Cheasleauen – Off The Glass (Slugabed RMX)

14.   Mike_Slott_-_Gardening

15.   El Guincho -Antillas -Prins Thomas mix

16.   Franck Vigroux – jon jo

17.   The Thrill Kill kult – A Daisy chain 4 Satan

18.   Franck vigroux    80808

19.   Mad EP -Bass Crunchers forthcoming on !Kaboogie

20.   Kansas City Prophets -Cams feat Linton Kwesi Johnston – forthcoming on !Kaboogie

21.   Space_Boots_Slugabed_Remix

22.   Rafferty – 7th_Dimension (excerpt)

23.   Toddla T- Boom DJ From The Steel City 

Also we are moving the !k club to the Cavern from tonight on – bigger system, later bar, curvy roof!.

Eomac’s All irish mix

Posted by homoludo on Jan 12 2010 Posted by homoludo on January 12th, 2010 filed in !Kaboogie, free music, Irish producers, mixtapes
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Eomac come correct with a selection of current Irish beats and basses.

Eomacs All Irish promo mix


DECEMBER: ‘All Irish Promo Mix’ Tracklisting:
1. !Kaboogie Chant
2. Without AnyThought – SUNKEN FOAL – [Planet Mu]
3. Beauty – DEVIANT – [Alphabetset]
4. New Edit – EOMAC – [unreleased]
5. Tzur Men – T-WOC – [Alphabetset]
6. Crossroads – PRINCE KONG – [All City/Alphabetset] / Field Station Teufelsberg – MUTTERMAL – [Digitalbiotope]
7. Woke Up – MANUS GOAN – [unreleased]
8. Digi87 – A-FORCE – [unreleased]
9. Dek Rudder – BLUEFOOD – [!Kaboogie]
10. Sines And Symbols – AUTOMATIC TASTY – [Acroplane]
11. Mind, Body, Spirit – SHANE O’ DONOVAN – [unreleased]
12. Commaspace – CIGNOL – [forthcoming Alphabetset]
13. Longtime – SPECTAC – [DEAF ’09 CD2]
14. Konnektquartet – HERV – [Go Away]
15. Battle Swine – DECOY – [Neuromantek]
16. Guilty Feet Got No Rhythm – ED DEVANE/REDMONK/THATBOYTIM – [Takeover]
17. Black Ops – UNINERVES – [Mantrap]
18. Lady Gaga’s Balls – EOMAC – [forthcoming Mantrap]
19. Improper Hinge – KACHANSKI – [Mantrap]
20. Playtime – ED DEVANE – [forthcoming !Kaboogie] / Stringaling (loop) – 2-BIT – [!Kaboogie]
21. Stamina – PRINCE KONG – [Acroplane]
22. Hot Butter Interlude – T-POLAR – [unreleased]
23. Badman Banker – THE BANKER – [forthcoming !Kaboogie]
24. Word Of The Kings – SUNIL SHARPE – [unreleased]
25. Grinding Teeth – SWARM INTELLIGENCE – [unreleased]
26. Unexpected Error – LAKKER – [!Kaboogie]
27. Lost – THE NIHILIST – [!Kaboogie]
28. Rave Please – FILARIA – [Acroplane/Alphabetset]
29. Bdmsoi – SHANE O’ DONOVAN – [unreleased]
30. !Kaboogie Chant

More of his mixes here

Sydney Samson – Riverside (Breakage Remix)

Posted by homoludo on Dec 06 2009 Posted by homoludo on December 6th, 2009 filed in dubstep, free music, scenexscience
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and here’s a 192 version-

Sydney Samon -Riverside (Breakage Remix)



via the ever on the money Scenexscience

Mash of the week 25# Fog -Cast no Shadow

Posted by homoludo on Dec 04 2009 Posted by homoludo on December 4th, 2009 filed in !Kaboogie, free music, mash of the week
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stem cells

Here’s a simple but effective (in effect not technique) mash of Dj Shadow’s ‘Stem’ done by Fog using his own beats.

Fog -Cast no Shadow



This is Lucky me

Posted by homoludo on Oct 02 2009 Posted by homoludo on October 2nd, 2009 filed in free music

In the absense of a mash of the week(back on it soon), here’s a quality bundle of 10 tunes(320) from this is lucky me , Glaswegian label/management for the likes Hudson Mohawk, Irish boy done good, Mike Slott and Rustie. They play with other Glasgow hard nails at the Ballers social club ….. Enjoy the lazers, jazz kits and bleary synths and sit back and imagine you could pull off a mullet.

Claude Speeed -Don’t ever antagonize the horn



The Blessings – Go Girl



Mike Slott – 23 Halfs



Get the full bundle 

Mash of the week 22# Oh Superman it is so Simply Plastic Star Sora

Posted by homoludo on Aug 28 2009 Posted by homoludo on August 28th, 2009 filed in !Kaboogie, free music, mash of the week, music
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Back on the mash band wagon for the new year(still think in school terms)

This weeks mash comes from Solen who had my favourite Irish record of last year-Block/Lord.  It’s classy stuff and you can tell they’ve been in Berlin over the summer.

Solen-Oh Superman it is so Simply Plastic Star Sora

It’s a mash of Laurie Anderson’s Superman(one of my fav tunes to mash) and Donnacha Costello/Byetone/AlvaNoto


Here’s the cover of their last single an amazing image of the Dublin’s Ballymun flats.