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PCPRaidio_Dj Bpm

Posted by homoludo on Aug 24 2010 Posted by homoludo on August 24th, 2010 filed in grime, radio shows
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Here’s a show from a couple of weeks ago when I was joined in the Studio by DJ Bpm after her appearence that week at the Kclub.  It’s a classy mix of grime and dubstep. We go back to back about half way in, though I realise only during and after that the tracks I have brought sound kinda like dissin’ tracks , wasn’t,  honest.



1.    Goblin – Coki
2.    Its War (white label promo)-  Footsie & Tubby
3.    The Devil Within – Spooky
4.    The Next Hype – Tempa T/ Scratcha DVA remix
5.    So What-  Wonder (unknown remix)
6.    Freaks – Virgo
7.    Thunderclapz E.P-  Thunderclapz
8.    Sad Song – Virgo
9.    Thunderclapz E.P – Thunderclapz
10.    Anthem – Virgo
11.    Get The F U p- Ill Bill Bachelor
12.    Filth – Skream

Back to back from here on in with me coming in with –

13.    Kill All A’ Dem (VIP Mix) – Scratcha DVA
14.    The Rattle Snake – War Tech
15.    TERROR_DANJAH_-_Sidechain
16.    Mozart 3000 (Carmina Buranda) – Carl Orff remix by Cotti and Kromestar
17.    Bad Breed    T-Camp
18.    Werewolf – Spooky (Iron Gates remix)
19.    Jammer_-_Better_Than_(Lorn_remix)
20.    Signs V.I.P – Heavyload
21.    Riverside (Breakage Remix)            Sidney Samson
22.    Rebz_-_War_Skank_(feat_Trilla)
23.    Shove It – Deftones (Unknown remix)
24.    Skream_-_Midnight_Request_Line
25.    On and On – Erykah Badu (unknown remix)

Me Hols/ Back from Berlin / Tonights radio/ feeling

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Been away for pretty much six weeks , lots of stuff. Berlin which was hot in the first das gaff.

hot in berlin

Highlights of which included hanging out with these wacky  atompunk sound artists.

And watching Prince Kong kissing babies.(pics to follow)

Within ten minutes of walking into said second gaff(above) , I found a Cd  of this Seeed Berlin anthem(below) which I’d lost a while ago and been looking for.Which correctly boded well for our stay there. Highlights of this stay included getting into Berghain on this visit (didn’t dig my beard, hat and dark glasses last time, the squares) and watching Richie !Kaboogie convert to HiNRG disco( no pics ’cause they’re banned in Berghain for that very reason) and tile graff artist Dj Tile cutters  exploits, in which he repeatedly failed to get into any clubs(‘cept one in the end).

In other news, with me on the radio show at 10.30 tonight and streaming here  is ( ex renowned D&B dj and now renowned Grime Dj)   Dj Bpm, an Irish Dj based in London. She blew up the K club(next -Lorn) on Thursday and did this great mix for us a while ago.

Also expect some of the tunes from this mix which is blowing my mind as I write.

Mike Paradinas Footwork/Juke Mix by Mike Paradinas (A.K.A. Μ-Ziq) on Mixcloud




Also I meant to blog this ages ago(but was on me hols), but if you haven’t heard Dj Gaz le Rock’s punk and garage show on 2xfm you’re missing out on some of the best radio RTE have put out in ages.

2fm Loving Room Floor 19 sept 2010 by Dj Gaz Le Rock Finally here’s the third installment in the ‘Wallets Full of Blood’ – Irish economic crash zombie movie series – ‘Roscommon Death Trip’ ’The injustice of time – rendered obsolete.’Rain falls on the snow. The Contagion has taken hold. Ghosts from the old Dead Republic are emerging everywhere as the day of judgement approaches.On Black Tuesday a guilt ridden political functionary runs from his job burying bodies in the city. He is tortured by voices of reproach as he journeys towards home. He recounts the history of his dealings with Fingers – a boss ‘who made the old boss look like Mother Teresa’.Meanwhile, back in the city, amid the spiraling negativity, Fingers and his acolytes lay the foundations for a new Easter Rising.