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Mantua fundraiser –

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This will be a good party. Theres’ a Rustie set a few posts below and more from him in various playlists/shows over the last year.

mantua fundraiser flyer


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This tune is ok.


Day N Nite

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Big tune – Kid Cudi -Day N Nite remix ft. Collie Buddz


The mixtape (linked above) ain’t bad either.


Mash of the Week 5 – Welcome to Jamrock

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 Here’s one from from A-Force called Dubrock. It’s as much a reversioning as a mash.

Dubrock (320)

Built from –
Welcome to jamrock (damien marley / world jam riddim) vs troca-aplica (dj sany pitbull)

Interestingly he tagged the mp3 as

name: Dubrock
artist: mash
album: !kaboogie
genre: bass

Note he’s called the artist Mash, he’s concious of sampling ethics and is going to post about they’re relationship to mashes on his blog soon. I’m looking fwd to that post, though, if you ask me it’s elastic honour among thieves and nickin’ things is great. A Force lent me this great book on the subject-

Making beats -sample based hip hop

NCAD Christmas ball – Gramophone disco.

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 Doing a Gramophone Disco room at the National College of Art and Design tomorrow night(17th Dec). Often one the best parties in Dublin.

Tickets from the union there. (I’ll expand this post later)

Rustie -Dublin

Posted by homoludo on Dec 12 2008 Posted by homoludo on December 12th, 2008 filed in !Kaboogie, flyers, gigs, mixtapes, music
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Hurrah! managed to book Rustie for Dublin on the Saturday the 27th of December in McGrudders. Perfect night for some freaky Sub Aqua action -  everybody itching to get out of the house etc. He’s playing in the !Kaboogie room at a Mantua fundraiser there. More later…

Here’s a set of his from a couple of years ago.
Rustie – gutterish
1. Mark One – Slang (Tectonic)
2. DJ Marsta – Gridlock 4×4 (A.R.M.Y Bullet)
3. DJ Mentat – What’s Happ’nin’ instrumental (?)
4. Otto Von Schirach – Trick Snitch (Touchin’ Bass)
5. Rick Ross – Hustlin’ Remix instrumental (Def Jam)
6. Loefah – Mud (DMZ)
7. Wiley – Flat Derik (Dump Valve)
8. ??? – B2 (D&G)
9. Matty G – For The Smokers (Argon)
10. DJ Nessbeth – Respect (4 Player)
11. Mrk 1 – Empire (Tyke)
12. Newflesh – Wherever We Go Space Engine Mix Instrumental (?)
13. Juelz Santana – Oh Yes (Def Jam)
14. Es-pee-dee & DJ Distro – A2 (B.P.S.I Records)
15. Ripper Man – Rubble (White)
16. Stacs Of Stamina – Roll Wonder Refix (Werk)
17. Wonder – What Geeneus Rmx (Dump Valve)
18. Mondie – Straight feat. All In One (White)
19. Spac Hand Luke – Sidthug (Rephlex)
20. The Dexorcist – Connect One (Control Tower)
21. Slew Dem – Da Firing Range (Slew Dem)
22. B.I.G – Spit Your Game Remix (Bad Boy)
23. Dj Urban – Bang That Shit Up (Kne’ Deep)
24. Nephets – Bounce Lady (Pro-Jex)
25. Dizzee Rascal – Give U More Feat. D Double E (Xl)
26. Feadz – Go On Beef (Bpitch)

Mash of the Week 4 – Blimey – Notoriously gorgeous

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Mash of the week going well so far- here’s a lovely one from Notoriously gorgeous. It’s of Beirut -Nantes, Appleblim – Vansan  and Anthoy rother -Don’t stop the beat. Weirdly christmassey…



Mash of the Week 3 – Lil Head 330

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Here’s some Turbo Crunk from the man Six Foot Apprentice

six foot apprentice

Built from  Lil Jon – ‘What You Gon Do?’ vs Math Head – ‘Parasites’ vs Quarta 330 – ‘Sunset Dub’



The demons behind the music industry

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Essential Flying Lotus

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A great mix from Flying lotus here, justifying the hype and if done on tables as I’m pretty sure it is, [who cares] it’s great and amazing, and an instant classic. (update:also interesting to see how it’s dividing opinion on the bbc site-very polarised opinion = somethings up.)



Flying Lotus BBC Essential mix 29 Nov 08

flying lotus

Alice Coltrane ‘Galaxy In Turiya’
Charlie Hayden+ Egberto Gisomonti / Gonjasufi ‘Testament’
Flying Lotus ‘Massage Situation (Stripped)’
Dimlite ‘Sun Sized Twinkles’
Flying Lotus ‘Robertaflack Ft. Dolly’
Flying Lotus ‘Robertaflack (Mike Slott Reflunk)’
Ahu ‘I Know All The Bitches (Bullion Remix)’
Heralds Of Change ‘Amuse’
Carlos Y Gaby ‘Happy Summer Solstice’
Pudge ‘Yung Infamous’
Dorothy Ashby ‘Myself When Young’
Nosaj Thing ‘Bach’
LL ‘Turf Day’
Flying Lotus ‘Infinitum (Dimlite Remix)’
Clark ‘Springtime Epigram’
Burial ‘Shutta’
Blank Blue ‘Blank Blue (Flying Lotus Remix)’
Daedelus ‘I’m String Struck’
MHE ‘Untitled’
Daedelus / Madvillain ‘Experience/Accordion (Flying Lotus Live
Hudson Mohawke ‘Zoo0000oom’
Rustie ‘Black Block Remix’
Teebs+Jackhigh ‘Idea 1 (Clutch)’
Matthewdavid ‘Tallahassee Tapes’
Martyn / Flying Lotus ‘Vancouver+Pet Monster Shotglass’
Fulgeance ‘Chico (Dorian Concept Remix)’
Joker ‘Solid State’
Rusko ‘Moanerz’
Daddy Kev ‘Invite8’
Ras G ‘Star Messenger’
Madlib ‘Unreleased Gem’
SAMIYAM ‘Cheesecake Backslap’
Knowledge ‘Dawn’
Flyamsam ‘Princess Toadstool’
Sa-Ra ‘Hollywood’
Muhsinah / Flying Lotus ‘With Me/ Melt’
Flying Lotus ‘Dissecto’
Flying Lotus ‘Breathe’
Mike Slott ‘Home’
Flying Lotus ‘Sangria Spin Cycles (Ambient Mix)’
Danny Breaks ‘Cosmic Dust’
Flying Lotus ‘Beginners Falafel (Free The Robots Remix)’
SAMIYAM ‘Falafel Cannon’
Flying Lotus ‘Beginners Falafel’
Slum Village ‘Players (Instrumental)’
Flying Lotus ‘Cackle’
Flying Lotus ‘Raise It Up’
Osborne ‘Definition Of A Breakdown’
Baron Zen ‘Burn Rubber (Dam-Funk Remix)’
Mono/Poly ‘Needsdeodorantbitch’
Chocolate Star / Nelly Furtado ‘Stay With Me/Promiscuous’
Gonjasufi ‘Suzie Q’
Kiing Midas ‘Lost (Flying Lotus Live Remix)’
Rusko / Flying Lotus ‘Terminal3’ / ‘Tea Leaf (Dancers Live Remix)’
Daedelus ‘Hours Minutes Seconds (Beat Invitational Version)’
Kode9+Flying Lotus ‘Kryon’
Zomby ‘Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix)’
Busta Rhymes ‘What Up’
SAMIYAM ‘Crystal Lake’
Weather Report ‘River People’
SAMIYAM ‘Flintstone Car’
Flying Lotus ‘Backpack Caviar’
Radiohead ‘Reckoner (Flying Lotus Remix)’
Bjork ‘All Is Full Of Love’
Broadcast ‘Winter Now’
Portishead ‘Elysium’
Linda Perhacks ‘Hey Now Who Really Cares’
Flying Lotus ‘Infinitum (Exile Remix)’
Flying Lotus ‘Live Set Practice Run’