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Posted by homoludo on February 3rd, 2011 filed in !Kaboogie, flyers, free music, gigs

It starting to feel like going to confession when I blog (apart from putting up radio shows) – ‘forgive me father,  it’s been twenty years since my last confession…’ etc. This post is to round up a few gigs that are on at the moment. A lot of good stuff , local and international on this week. And a shout(lovely dj slang) out to everybody in Galway for making Bap to the Future a great night, during the gig and after. Boom shaka laka.

Tonight the Kclub with the Standard crew. It’s a night showing our appreciation of City Discs, a top Dublin record shop which is closing. I feel obscurely guilty about this as I’ve seriously reduced the number of records I buy over the last 18 months ie. since I began using serato. I was a major vinyl loyalist, but no longer  in fact I’ve been heard to gleefully shout ‘fuck vinyl!’. If dj’s stop buying vinyl the games is up.Which is sad but there ya go.

And tomorrow night the launch of  Big Monster Love‘s album ‘Game Over’. It’s available here. Support on the night come from Moutpiece and Brian Kelly.

There’s a bunch more (such as Ramadaman and Mosca on Saturday) but put them up later.

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