PCPRadio 11/11/07 Starkey Special

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This weeks show was a Starkey special, with most of the tunes coming from the Philly Grimester. His podcast mix for Xlr8 is well worth checking out. As is his radio show with Dev79.


He has Dubstep luminaries as guests on a regular basis and this week had a hilarious feature on ‘Squee’, a new style of music to which Finnish people drunkenly stumble to quote Dev79 ‘rythmic drukeness’. More on that anon.

Also on show was an excerpt from blogariddims 29 podcast- Lower end spasm or “Grimespasm” . This is my favourite mix from the excellent the Irish podcast series Blogariddims



1. Starkey feat Lupe Fiasco – Push kick
2. Starkey – Pins – akti2 remix
3. Starkey- xlr8 Podcase excerpt for about twenty minutes, track it down
4. Starkey -Pins flip
5. Sizzla – Born in a system (accapella)
6. Starkey – let you go – Mathead remix
7. Quatra 330 – Sunset dub
8. Skepta- reggae
9. 69 Allstar -Blogariddims 29 – grimespasm excerpted and cut together about five tracks
10. Starkey – Let you go – Dev 79 remix
11. Hater Billingsly – Crank that fracture
12. Starkey – Let you go
13. Sizzla – Born in a system (accapella)
14.Niche Vol 1 – Bassline compilation excerpted the last few tracks
15. U Wot U Wot – B6/GSA
16. unknown – unknown
17. Why – T2 feat. Danika
18. It’s Just The Way – JTJ Productions
19 Ingz & Snapz – Back2Back
20. Relay feat. Murkleman, Skepta, Chronik, Sickman & Angery – Slew Dem

Btw, this is what a young homoludo looks like.

a young homoludo

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