Mash of the Week 7

Posted by homoludo on January 11th, 2009 filed in !Kaboogie, mash of the week, mashes, music

Here’s Dawn Cauldron, a nice skanky blipy one from Mr Redmonk.

A Mash of Dawn Penn’s ‘No No No’ and Ghost Cauldron’s ‘Whole World’ featuring Apani B Fly.



I’ll stick up the 320 tomorrow.

Also, if you’re into mashes, think they’er great or think they’re shit, check this piece of writing about Girl Talk, it will get you thinking.I’ll be posting my thoughts on it later in the week.

Also hot news from the practice room,Homoludo have expanded to three. Evil Easter Egg Man called in, rocked up and freaked the the fuck out!Brang on the drang Scotch Egg!

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  1. Sixfoot Apprentice Says:

    awesome mash by redmonk there…..

    really lookin forward to the homoludo 3-piece set!!!!!!

    and about that article, i aint really big on music academia, too much analysis for my liking. i rather just let be be what it is. which is usually one word… good, bad, shite, amazing, whatever. but the main bit of the article that got my attention and got me thinkin was the bit about pop and hiphop/rap acts basicly ‘fishing’ for a remix from the off. this bit….

    “All major rap singles, for instance, come with an instrumental and a vocal a cappella; the verses are mostly all the same length, about 16 bars; the choruses are all more of less the same length of time too. It is understood within the architecture of pop and hip-hop music these days that the song is waiting, begging even, to be mashed up.”

    good point.

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