Mash of the Week 13# MARIJUANANA feat Ritchie Spice.mp3

Posted by homoludo on February 28th, 2009 filed in !Kaboogie, mash of the week, music

 Mash of the week 13

Bluefood with a nice weighty mash  of Ritchie Spice’s Marijuana. I’ll include more details when I have them.




Speaking of triffids- this attacked me in my back garden last summer.

3 Responses to “Mash of the Week 13# MARIJUANANA feat Ritchie Spice.mp3”

  1. Dj Gregory-G Says:

    Thats really lousy you just ruined a great sond

  2. homoludo Says:

    He’s used the vocal, don’t think he touched the original music. Does that count as ruining the sound?

  3. 2BiT Says:

    he hasn’t fit the vocal to the riddim tho 🙁 and it’s a BIG riddim!
    Top tip if yer mashing ‘pellas: get the original (with beat) and use that as yer vocal alignment guide.

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