Durrty Goodz and Gaybriel Heatwave tonight

Posted by homoludo on March 20th, 2009 filed in !Kaboogie, gigs, video

Getting Durrty Goodz and Gaybriel Heatwave over tonight for the best of grime, dancehall and bashment .

For an idea of Goodz’ amazing flow and sound  check this live recording he did on Kiss fm


And his piss take of the electro grime fad

Durrty Goodz- More 2 da floor


Playing on the night with him is Gaybriel Heatwave. He played the Noting Hill carnival with Goodz and they often collaberate. The heatwave blog is one of the best online for Dancehall nuggets and news.

Like this

Collie Buddz -Herb Tree


Also tonight, I’m mashing  my knickers up in preparation for playing with Girltalk tonight in ALT. Just heard I have a way longer set than I thought and will be feeding the animals after Girl Talk’s set. See you in either venue.

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  1. halfdutch Says:

    gutted i missed durrty goodz… heard it was great!

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