Juke it to the Ground

Posted by homoludo on November 23rd, 2007 filed in music, video

Dj Blaqstar ‘Shake it to the Ground’ remixes are excellent also.

It’s kind of a Juke track, which is a dance craze coming out of but not confined to Chicago.

Click on the pics to see the vids.

The tune this links to ain’t half bad either.
juke dance

It’s seem to be that they’re gettin’ into ravin’. The style is not that unlike the dancin’ in Prodigy videos or when one was on one ‘back in the day’. You know those moments when you go up a gear and start dancing to the 16ths, 32’s etc? Only obviously better ’cause they’re American.

Also check out new Euro dance craze, ‘Jump Style’


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