PCPRadio 24/11/07 Dj Xela / Sarantis

Posted by homoludo on November 28th, 2007 filed in radio shows

This weeks show features the new Sarantis and few of his classics. A few Ragga hip hop tunes from french proto-mash up producer Dj Xela.

dj xela
Finishing up with a Dubstep deck edit of Britney’s “Toxic”. Which btw I’m looking for the instrumetal of, if anybody want’s to get rid of it. It’s used as a riddim in grime. Or at least by Prancehall in his Anger is a gift mix




1. Dj Blaqstarr -Shake it to the Ground feat Rye Rye
2. Starkey – Prism
3. Sarantis- Outlaw dub
4. Sarantis- Feat Warrior Queen – Who am I ?
5. Sarantis- Feat Bunnington Judah – Why dem fight?
6. Sarantis- Buffalogal Version
7. Turbulence – Notorious -Homoludo Dubstep edit
8. Jay z -Excuse me miss – rustie remix
9. Dj C – Gone a Jail kid – Kid606 remix
10 Kid606, DJ Rupture & Sister Nancy — Little More Oil
(Taking Over Venezuela To Fuel Our Suvs Mix)
11. Aaron Specte Look out fi Liar (intro)
12. hey-O-hansen – Fire
13. Dj Xela – Cutty Rank feat General Levy “Weh dem watch we for”
14. Dj Xela – General I.k. – Piosonous
15. Dj Xela – Mad Lion feat Edley Shine – Crazy
16 Dj Xela – Suppa Cat Feat Jagged Edge -Girlstown
17. Dj Xela – Dancehall Queen rmx
18. South Rawkas Crew – Carry feelings
19. Slick Rick – Mona Lisa (cheers Dj Halfdutch)
20. Ove naxx- Jungle Riot-
21. Lethel Bizzle – Babylon’s burning- xxxChange remix
22. Bash steet kids – Power of Darkness(moving shadow)
23. Caspa – Fat headed slags
24. The Steets – Push things fwd (intro)
25. kosh- Brassic
26. Omni Trio – Renegade Snares
27. Britney Spears – Toxic – Homoludo Dubstep edit for Twoc

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  1. 2BiT Says:

    Heh, giving those Xela tracks another airing eh? ain’t heard them inna minute ;P
    playin bassline n britney. jeez :/ tho i’ve been rinsin some of the _less_ girly bassline stuff meself.
    aaaanyways. congrats on bein a blogger.
    seeya for mulled wine!

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