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Posted by homoludo on November 20th, 2010 filed in Irish producers, radio shows, Sixfoot Apprentice

This weeks show starting off with Aul Wan’s grim tale of penury and loneliness which suits what’s going on in Ireland this week. Other Irish tunes in my bits include tropical drum and bass from Welfare, top Irish electro from Negatron , Speed and Acid munching experimental techno anthem Brain Your Melt from Ed Devane amongst others. Sixfoot’s set includes mad Italians Adriano Celentan making up what sounds like English to them, Exillon’s remix of Cat Power doing Moonshiner and J Dilla getting all ‘Now that’s what I call music’ with his versioning of the ‘Safety Dance’.


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1. AUL WAN – Aul Wan’s Grim Rap – Def Record 2009 –
2. GIGGS – The Hardest- Let ‘Em Have It – XL
3. WELFARE – Supa Trupa –unreleased- IRE
4. BIG BOI – The Train Part II [Ft. Sam Chris]- The Son of Chico Dusty – Def Jam
5. TODDLA T- Boom DJ From The Steel City – Skanky Skanky 1965
sixfapp 6. CAPTAIN MOONLIGHT – ‘The Final Curtain’ – ‘Agroculture Part 3 – The Lough’ self-released IRE
7. ADRIANO CELENTANO – ‘Prisencolinensinaincuisol’ – ‘Nostalrock’ – Clan Celentano Records
8. SLEPCY – With Charles Bukowski – The Ride’ – ‘We Are The Newest Battle Models’ – Cock Rock Disco Records
9. FM BELFAST – I Can Feel Love – ‘How To Make Friends’ – World Champion- Records
10. OL’ DIRTY CHANCER – ‘My Own Fault feat. Sebi C’ – ‘Don’t Dwell – It’ – Community Skratch Music IRE
11. J. STAR – ‘Music Time’ – ‘Cut Ups, Bruck Ups, and Muck Ups Volume 1’ – Large Hole Records
pcp 12. DYNAMIX II – Bass Generator -1985 To Present Rephlex
13. NEGATRON- Collider – Unreleased IRE
14. NEGATRON- In Da House – Unreleased IRE
15. ED DEVANE -Brain Your Melt Featuring Scurvy Lass -Molten Membrane -Mantrap IRE
16. ED DEVANE -Doomtime Featuring Scurvy Lass- Molten Membrane – Mantrap IRE
17. T-POLAR – Cooper_track – Unreleased IRE
18. MAJOR GRAVE – Dilettantism – Standard ep 2. Standard IRE
19. FRANKIE BINGO -Cold Without You Original Mix -www.soundcloud.com/frankiebingo IRE
sixfapp 20. HOUSE OF PAIN – ‘Jump Around Jantsen Remix’ unreleased
21. CAT POWER – Moonshiner -Exillon- Remix’ unreleased
22. DJ MEK – ‘Look Out He’s Irish -unreleased IRE
23. J DILLA – ‘Safety Dance’ – ‘Donut Shop’ – Stones Throw Records
24. BOGDAN RACZYNSKI – ‘Untitled 8’ – ‘Alright!’ – Rephlex Records)

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