“Between the optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll. The optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist the hole!”

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The ruination of Dubstep by dirty K sniffin’ crusties – Discuss.

Intersting Dissensus forum discussion on same

“I also went to a squat party in west London over the weekend and heard dubstep rinsed on the main system, something that’s now a regular event at squat raves. This has been building for more than a year now, but in the last few months dubstep has properly crossed over into the free rave scene.

It seems to me that this has come from two different angles. The rig owners, having often spent tens of thousands on their soundsystems, are unsuprisingly eager to play music that shows off thier pride and joy in the most devastating light. Certainly I’ve never heard dubstep sound as physical and overwhelming as it did on saturday, played on maybe the best free party rig in the country – a rig that would destroy all bar a tiny handful of London’s club soundsystems.

But from the punters point of view, it seems that people have suddenly woken up to the amazing syncronicity between dubstep and ketamine, which I guess was totally unintentional on the part of dubstep’s originaters. But K and dubstep were born for one another, just like extacy and acid house… and watching dubstep’s sudden boom in squat raves has really reminded me of the lightbulb that went on over people’s heads in 88-92 when they first took Es to house music…”

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  1. 2BiT Says:

    Link doesn’t seem to work 🙁
    s’pose K makes sense in terms of the ‘staggering/wonky’ beats of dubstep and the gloopy basss/halfstep ting…
    However it strikes me that alot of the folks central to the dubstep scene would be more influenced by weed than K. can’t imagine how hard it would be to write a beat with K inside! and as far as squat raves go, seems like there’s quite a few punters for whom the drugs are more important than the music, not an ethos that most steppers would support! not that i’m sayin ‘drugs are baaad, m’kay’ ;P

  2. admin Says:

    Should be working, was in work

    I tend to agree – there’s the basic fact that
    E makes a person enjoy dancing for hours and K makes a person fall over and see aliens. Though in small amounts this is not the case. I picture what he describes as people in big venues tripping off the bass from a big system and the sense of space it brings. Fair enough.

    What’s really interesting about the forum (and one like it at dubstep forum
    discussion though, is the clash of the club and free party scenes and the attitudes of each to the other. I tend to enjoy the best of both. Equaly at home in a spangly mini skirt or a ditch.
    What gets my attention though is how London/Bristol/Brighton centric a lot of it is, their (justified?) sense of possession. more on this…
    …The discussion throws up some interesting things; 1) the ghosts of drum and bass/jungle/hardcore and how they haunt dubstep – how people make it, think about it and dj it. People are already talking about dubstep being dead (and echoing the post mortem on dnb, which seems to polarise between those who think being too hard and not sexy enough for the chicks killed it and less common, those who think faux jazziness and ‘intelligence’ did it)
    2)The relation of house to Dubstep. Rarely mentioned this, same as it’s ofter ignored in techno. And it l
    looks like four x four is well on it’s way back. Dubstep, Bassline, Funky etc. I’m feeling it too, though was enjoying the non 4×4 experiments and hope they don’t get swamped. I’m (literally) dusting off my old bleepers -if the pulse is back might as well keep it nasty…more later…

  3. Gerry Big Brother Records Says:

    Here’s the tracklisting for that cd you picked up from Big Brother Records. Thank’s for the mention on the wireless.

    Keep on keepin on!


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    7. Emperor Machine – Labocatocs [Vincent Markowski’s Polski Re-Rub] (DC Recordings)
    8. Greg Wilson – Two Sides Of Sympathy (Edit The Edit)
    9. Tony Allen – Kilode (Carl Craig remix) [Honest Jon’s Records]
    10. Justus K̦hncke РAdvance (Kompakt)
    11. ESG – There was a time (Soul Jazz)
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  4. a-force Says:

    dub on a proper rig is full on… when that bass catches u in the gut… watchout! ;>

    personally i think there’s space for all these scenes/genres/styles and some interesting crossover potential too…

    good discussion over on blackdowns blog on this too:


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