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artist                 song                      label                    album

1.    Aromatic toasty     Beannach mhór                     unreleased                            IRl
2.    Aoki Takamasa     MND-SNG01        Stroboscopic Artefacts    Monad ix
3.    Aoki Takamasa     MND-SNG02        Stroboscopic Artefacts    Monad ix
4.    Pangea                        Fatalist              Hemlock    hex/fatalist ep
5.    Aoki Takamasa     MND-SNG04       Stroboscopic Artefacts    Monad ix
6.    SULLY                    Let You                Keysound Recordings    Carrier
7.    Actress                   C.L.A.W             download             twitter tracks
8.    Regis                      Blinding Horses    Blackest ever Black    In A Syrian Tongue EP
9.    Lando Kal              Run It            Rush Hour Records                Manoeuvre/ Run it
10.    Rustie                    Hover Traps            warp                     Glass Swords
11.    Johnny Oakley & 16 hertz     Live excerpt ( COLONY Corsica studios)    unreleased        IRL
12.    Raffertie             Twitch (It Grows & Grows)    Ninja Tune    Visual Acuity ep
13.    LL COOL J          Going Back to Cali              Def Jam    Walking With A Panther
14.    DISTAL               Coke Bottle                                     Boss of the south ep
15.    DJ Q                   The Last Dance                  Boy Better Know    Tropical 2
16.    Royal T              Cool Down                          Boy Better Know    Tropical 2

SIXFOOT APPRENTICE – Raidió Na Life – 08/10/2011

17.    CATSCARS – Wish I Had (from ‘Construction’ on White Plague Records) IRL
18.    COCO BRYCE – Stuntin (from ‘Royal Bootlegs’ on Myor Records)
19.    VIBESQUAD – Numbskull (from ‘Orphan Alien Pt 1’ on Vibesquad’s bandcamp site)
20.    ZEN DEATH SQUAD – Motherfucker (from Zen Death Squad’s website)
21.    T-WOC – Sams Brake (from ‘Jetstar EP’ on Alphabet Set’s bandcamp site) IRL
22.    NOX & YOLANDI VISSER – Gimme My Fucking Diamonds (KONEKTA Remix) (from Konekta’s soundcloud site)
23.    VIBESQUAD – Shine (from ‘Orphan Alien Pt 1’ on Vibesquad’s bandcamp site)
24.    NOUVEAUNOISE – Believe (from ‘Sequence Consequence’ on Nouveaunoise’s bandcamp site) IRL
25.    ILL GATES – Contact (from ‘The Ill Methodology’ on Muti Music)

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